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Welcome to a comprehensive guide about the interconnection between personality psychology types and gaming. We combined most of the common knowledge from the web and our own research and tried to fit it in a compact form of a wiki. In our sincere belief, knowing more about yourself and people around you will help to decrease toxicity in the gaming community and help our readers and app users understand human nature better.

Each personality type page contains useful information about a person of that type, including a general description, game recommendations (yes, each type has its own preferences in gaming), information on why you should befriend this type, how to find points of contact with it and what this type should do to be more successful in finding friends.

The information on this site is based on Myers-Briggs Typology – the most popular psychology framework in the world built upon Jungian cognitive functions theory. We’ve incorporated data from studies around the web as well as our own surveys and app usage statistics to ensure the facts in this Wiki are as accurate as possible. For educational purposes, we highly recommend you to not only check your own type but try to understand every single one of it. We are all unique and different, we invest an unequal amount of time in gaming and have different levels of commitment in games. So before you start we hope you will be tolerant to those who take games seriously and for those who do not.

This site is created by GameTree team and is still under development so go ahead, determine your type, read what’s already published or download our app and use your personality knowledge to find your tribe.

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