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INFJ – Insightful Supporter


💡 Highlights

  • Personality Type: INFJ (Lawyers, Diplomats, Observers, Lyricists, Idealists).
  • Strengths: accurate understanding and absorption of other people’s emotions, understanding what is going on in their minds, ability to look far into the future, especially regarding people and culture, structural understanding of problems and all possible points of view, high social abilities, quick and accurate processing of information for best results.
  • Preferences: solving problems by determining where to “push” the person in dispute, valuing harmony over naturalness, wearing a mask of ease, associating solutions with personality.
  • Passions: striving to make everyone happy despite INFJs’ misunderstanding of others due to the high level of understanding of others.

INFJs (also known as Advocates, Diplomats, Observers, Lyricists, Idealists, IEI, Yesenin), often cited as having the rarest type, are primarily defined by their accurate understandings and ability to absorb the emotions of others. This ability is in contrast to some other types who match other’s experiences to their own rather than feel them directly.

INFJs are highly aware of and fascinated by, the patterns going on in their minds, and then the patterns of those patterns, and then seeing those patterns in others. This rare pattern recognition, combined with their awareness of the feelings of others, allows them to see far into the future, especially concerning people and culture. They can easily pick out where people who are arguing actually agree because INFJs solve problems by understanding issues from many frameworks and perspectives.

Of all the types, the INFJ is most able to glimpse a social situation and assume lots of information with a high degree of accuracy, as well as meta-accuracy as to their own accuracy. This awareness of others leads to a greater concern with understanding others than being understood themselves. Combined with a value of harmony over authenticity, INFJs have laid-back demeanors as they do not strongly associate their decisions with their personal identity. They are most content when everybody is happy.


Games INFJs Like

Recommended Genres: MMOs, RPGs, simulation, indie, adventure, puzzle

Recommended Platforms: Tabletop, computer, mobile, Wii

Recommended Games: Trivial Pursuit, Mafia, Werewolf, Coup, League of Legends, Left for Dead 2, Minecraft, Sims, Cranium, Charades, Runewars, Twilight Imperium, Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Lineage II, Mass Effect, Fallout, Witcher III, Dragon Age, Portal 2, Pandemic, Eldritch Horror, Gloomhaven

  • Prefer singleplayer
  • Most honest in games
  • Love playing support
  • More likely to play mages
  • Play attacking roles the least
  • Dislike FPS and stealth games

They care about interesting worlds, stories, and dynamics in games more than winning. These qualities are most present in singleplayer games, so INFJs love to play them.  

When it comes to multiplayer, INFJs take on support roles. They are charged by the direct emotions and well-being of others. They are also the least likely type to lie, cheat, or betray while playing games, often playing a diplomatic peacekeeper. As such, they are also least like to take on aggressive attacking strategies. Their love of abstract information often results in them playing mages, especially in control, utility, and healing capacities.

With a preference for gaming outside of real-time and straightforward honest approach to diplomacy, it’s no wonder this type shies away from FPS and stealth games.

Why Be Friends With an INFJ

1. Socially Insightful

If you don’t like drama, the INFJ is for you. With clear understandings of social landscapes and a strong desire for harmony, they are unlikely to cause drama. Additionally, they can broker, and even prevent other conflicts.

2. Down for Many Activities

The INFJ’s love of learning, combined with their low level of identity investment into their decisions, yields a type that is easily down for all sorts of activities. They are happy to support their friends and will find joy in new experiences.

3. Well-Rounded Intelligence

Though they prefer things that have to do with people, INFJ’s are good at many other kinds of thinking like statistical and philosophical. All these levels add to how well they can understand and watch out for you.

4. Great Listeners

When you’re feeling down, the INFJ will lift you up. When you feel forgotten, they’ll dial you in.

How to Make Friends With an INFJ

1. Make the First Move

It’s not that INFJ’s aren’t social, it’s just that they do not like to infringe on others. Be the initiator, they will thank you for it.

2. Be Genuine

Being 100% genuine is the core of true charisma. This is especially true around INFJ’s as they can see through people’s facades the most of any type due to high levels of emotional attunement and logical contextual awareness.

3. Go Deep

INFJs are interested in a wide variety of subjects, to which they will apply seemingly unrelated principles and viewpoints from other areas in life and the universe. These conversations will sit with them for a while.

4. Let Them Help You

Helping out their friends, especially in-person or with direct feedback, not only helps build a relationship, but also energizes the INFJ. They will also appreciate you not asking too much because they dislike telling people “no”.

Advice for INFJs on Making Friends

1. Get Your Alone Time

The way you experience others is raw and requires real-time face-to-face contact. Make sure to get enough alone time to process and recharge so that when you are with new friends you can bring your best self forward, and enjoy it.

2. Measure Relationships as a Two-Way Street

Because of your dislike of telling people “no”, and willingness to help others, it’s easy to let vampires into your life who disproportionately take more from you than they give. Be very careful of who you spend your time on.

3. Speak Out for Your Needs

Sometimes you can get caught in a state of doing more for others than for yourself. Trust that if others knew this, they would not ask for your help. Know too, that helping others too much is a form of selfishness.

4. Set the Tone

Because of your easygoing nature and ability to absorb energies, it’s easy for you to be content in the background. People are less sensitive to the offense than you think and will be happy to hear more of the great things that come into your mind- ideas, observations, and jokes alike.

Famous INFJs

  • Daenerys Targaryen
  • Aristophanes
  • Chaucer
  • Goethe
  • Robert Burns
  • Mother Teresa
  • Martin Luther King
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mel Gibson
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Nicole Kidman

What’s next?

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