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ISFP – Sensuous Protector


đź’ˇ Highlights

  • Personality Type: ISFP (Artists, Chameleons, Adventurers, Composers, Guardians).
  • Strengths: radiating warmth, non-judgmental toward others with stable values, desire to help the weak, self-sufficient, down-to-earth, strong attraction to people, self-expression through immersion in emotions.
  • Preferences: ability to believe in the mystical and be superstitious, love of adventure and value of time at home, seeing people as works of art, interest in the emotional side of people, helping others without wanting to control their emotions, willingness to do anything for loved ones.
  • Passions: born psychologists, understanding of other people’s emotions.

Behind the twinkle in their eyes, ISFPs (also known as Artists, Chameleons, Adventurers, Composers, Chosen Ones, Reluctant Heroes, Guardians, Dreiser, ESI ) embody many contradictions. They emanate warmth but are quiet and shy. They don’t judge others but harbor impenetrable values of their own. They heroically self-sacrifice for underdogs, yet are staunch survivalists. They can be mystical and superstitious but are very much rooted in the real world. They love to adventure but deeply treasure their time at home.

Despite their contradictions, ISFPs clearly have strong affections for people and treasure what makes them unique. In terms of themselves, they dive deep into their emotions and express what’s there through well-presented personal style. Indeed, many of the most famous celebrities are ISFPs. It is usually the case, though, that ISFPs are dressing more for themselves than for others.

When it comes to other people, ISFPs view them much as they view themselves: as works of art. ISFPs have a keen interest in people that, combined with their focus on emotions, lend ISFPs to be natural therapists. One way this is true is in how they truly accept others as they are. For example, ISFPs can enjoy the energy of a room without feeling the need to control the people in it. This ISFP approach is the embodiment of the saying “live and let live”. One might believe being non-judgmental leads to ISFPs having large inner-circles of friends, but in their personal lives, they actually strongly prefer quality over quantity.


Games ISFPs Like

Recommended Genres: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Party, Puzzle, RPG

Recommended Platforms: Wii, Computer

Recommended Games: Papers, Please, The Stanley Parable, Mountain, Divinity: Original sin 2

  • Play support roles
  • Like stealth games
  • Play archers the most

Being appreciative of others while avoiding the spotlight themselves, it is no wonder ISFPs are disproportionately serving in support roles in games. Avoiding the spotlight,  hmm… maybe this is also why ISFPs enjoy stealth games more than other personality types. It is a great place to shoot arrows from, with low personal risk and plenty of time to aim shots, resulting in ISFPs also being the type most likely to play as archers.

Why Be Friends With an ISFP

1. Pleasantly Surprising

ISFPs do their own thing, rarely sticking to traditions, schedules, or even social conventions. They can help you tackle problems from new angles or even just add a bit of freshness to your life with their own brand of quirkiness.

2. Observant

Despite what we may think, it’s hard for us to be truly self-aware because we are constantly biasing our views by our own intentions and stories. An ISFP friend will pay attention to you: your habits, mannerisms, and more, and help you discover new things about yourself. They are great listeners who may take you more seriously than you take yourself. Their observational skills extend beyond people into the physical world as well where they can offer even more keen insights.

3. Honest

You don’t have to guess where you stand with an ISFP because they are true to themselves, and others. As such, dishonesty and lying are great destroyers to the ever-important authenticity that ISFPs worship.

4. Practical

ISFPs will plan ahead, even on your behalf, when doing activities. They are also good at conserving resources, navigating their environments, and… things in general. Especially if you are a more intuitive type, it is good to have an ISFP friend who will help you catch the things you miss.

5. Unconditional Love

If you lose an arm, your money, or are otherwise outcasted by society, you can expect the ISFP to stick by your side. Now that’s true friendship. They will even push you to do the things that are true to yourself, but you may otherwise be too afraid to try.

How to Make Friends With an ISFP

1. Be Careful With Criticism

ISFPs take their individual identities very seriously, so be careful when giving any friendly advice or feedback, because they may view it as a personal attack on who they are as a person. It is safer to reinforce positive behavior or lead them to their own conclusions than to say things that can be perceived as being outright mean.

2. Appreciate Their Uniqueness

ISFPs are generally more humble than other types and don’t want to be sucked up to. They still hate to be stereotyped, looked over, or considered average. They will be more responsive when you don’t take a one-size fit all approach.

3. Be Relaxed and Optimistic

ISFPs tend to worry more than other types and see the ways things can go wrong. While this makes them thoughtful and prepared, they really enjoy the contrast friends can bring by not worrying and having an optimistic outlook.

4. Skip the Small Talk

You will do best with an ISFP by being vulnerable to them. They love going deep and finding out who you are: your fears, your fantasies, your loves, and hates. By opening up with small talk, the ISFP will get bored and tune out. By starting off deep, you may get them to reciprocate, and the seed of a great friendship will form.

Advice for ISFPs on Making Friends

1. Be Careful of Social Protocols

Certain types, especially ESFJs and ISFJs, like when social standards are clear and harmonic. To befriend these types of people try to follow general social standards and not do anything too weird or unpredictable.

2. Have an Agenda

As a very perceptive type, it’s easy for you to get swept up in the moment appreciating the things around you. Sometimes this is at the cost of having strategic long-term thought towards your own goals though. When it comes to making friends, it’s important to keep it in mind as a goal and make plans accordingly.

3. Depend on Others

You likely don’t mind other people depending on you, but when it comes to depending on others, most ISFPs prefer to have a degree of autonomy over their own lives. Depending on others though is great for making friends; it gives you an excuse to hang out and makes the other person feel important for you.

4. Be Seen

Appreciating others is fun, but it can be scary to let your own uniqueness be visible given how much it matters to you and the kind of pain criticism can bring. Don’t be afraid though; to make friends you need to be noticed, and by just putting yourself out there you will quickly find out which people are the good ones.

Famous ISFPs

  • Arya Stark
  • Michael Jackson
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Lady Gaga
  • David Bowie
  • Ulysses S. Gran
  • Nero
  • Paul McCartney
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Princess Diana
  • Marilyn Monroe

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