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ESFP – Enthusiastic Improviser


đź’ˇ Highlights

  • Personality Type: ESFP (Performers, Promoters, Artists, Artists).
  • Strengths: fun, upbeat, charming, spontaneity, ability to entertain, acting ability, storytelling, enjoying people, food, places and experiences, vitality.
  • Preferences: playful, slightly mischievous sense of humor, carefree, open-minded, warm and friendly demeanor, surrounding oneself with luxuries (pleasant colors, smells, things), constant busyness (sports, social activities, hobbies, events), insatiable need for new and unique experiences, constant movement.
  • Leadership skills: popularity among peers due to warm demeanor.
  • Passions: gaining energy and enthusiasm from constant activity and new experiences.

ESFPs (also known as Performers, Promoters, Artisans, Artists, Entertainers, SEE, Napoleon) are fun, vivacious, charming and spontaneous. Their ability to delight goes well beyond being the ultimate party guest. Natural storytellers and performers, ESFPs will never miss the opportunity to entertain – whether that be at home, school, or work. No other personality type seizes the day quite like ESFPs. Enjoying people, food, places, and experiences at the highest level, ESFPs have an irresistible joie de vivre. They possess a playful, slightly mischievous sense of humor that is lighthearted and open. That, along with their warm and friendly demeanor, makes ESFPs particularly popular among their peers.

Their senses play a critical role in their lives and so, ESFPs love to surround themselves with luxury – pleasing colors, smells, and textures. This translates into all areas of their existence – from their looks to the way they decorate their homes.

ESFPs like to keep busy all the time. Be it sports, social gatherings, hobbies, or other activities – the ESFP is not one to stay on the couch for long. Their insatiable need for new and special experiences provides them with the energy and enthusiasm needed for keeping constantly on the move.

Games ESFPs Like

Recommended Genres: Racing, Shooters, Platformers, Party

Recommended Platforms: Wii, Mobile, Console, PC

Recommended Games: Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Cards Against Humanity, Charades, Cranium, Call of Duty, Half-life, CS:GO, Grand Theft Auto 5, Donkey Kong, Forza, Mario Kart

  • Enjoy party games the most
  • Strongly prefer multiplayer

ESFPs prefer multiplayer games that can showcase their team working abilities.

They prefer active games that will get them moving – therefore party games are an ESFP favorite. ESFPs enjoy being the center of attention maybe even more than they enjoy playing the actual game, so games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or Dance Dance Revolution make for natural choices.

Why Be Friends With an ESFP

1. Open minded

ESFPs live for new and exciting experiences that satisfy their senses. If you’re on the lookout for someone spontaneous and open minded – look no further. Every adventure gets automatically more exciting when there’s an ESFP involved.

2. Entertaining

Having fun, and making sure everyone else is entertained, is the ESFP’s bread and butter. No other type will cheer you up faster after a rough day. ESFPs are the backbone of any groups’ morale, keeping the spirits up and running, and making sure everyone sees the glass as half full.

3. Dynamic

Energetic and enthusiastic, it seems like ESFPs run on a supply of endless batteries. Their vivacity is contagious and will provide the drive needed to finish any task, while also having fun in the process.

4. Practical

Certainly, their cheerful and spontaneous nature might make ESFPs seem impractical, but that can’t be further from the truth. Down to earth and reliable, ESFPs are keen observers of their environment and are highly grounded in reality.

How to Make Friends With an ESFP

1. Be fun

ESFPs are all about having a good time, so turn that frown upside down if you want to catch their attention. The way to an ESFPs heart is through some lighthearted banter and witty humor. And good food.

2. Be open to new experiences

Make sure you are open minded and ready to experience new things as often as possible. ESFPs love visiting new places, trying new food, and experiencing new cultures, and they will expect their friends to be on the same wavelength. Thus, they make for perfect traveling buddies.

3. Be social

ESFPs are social butterflies and can be seen at parties flying from one group to another, spreading cheer and laughter everywhere they go. They don’t enjoy being alone and they might get bored if they’re not socializing enough. If you want to befriend an ESFP, make sure that you enjoy spending time with people.

4. Appeal to their senses

ESFPs rely heavily on their senses and really know how to live in the moment. With refined taste in art, food, and fashion, it’s not hard to please an ESFP as long as you appeal to their senses. Take ESFP fine dining or invite them to an art gallery and they will gladly return the favor.

Advice for ESFPs on Making Friends

Not that ESFPs need much help with that but here are some tips:

1. Entertain

You know how to work entertainment magic, so use it to its full potential when making friends.

2. Let people know the real you

While you are very open and talkative, you also like to keep discussions lighthearted by avoiding shaky territories like deeply personal stories or negative events. To some that can make you seem a tad superficial. Let your opinions be heard, even if they might prove to be unpopular.

3. Introspection

Although the outside world is so thrilling and full of wonders, it still is important to remember to introspect from time to time. Doing it allows you to better know and understand yourself and will give you a much-needed break from being constantly on the go.

4. Accept others as they are

Your boundless joy and enthusiasm might be exhausting for more introverted types, but that doesn’t mean you can’t befriend the very same people. Pay attention to their needs and you will be able to win them over in no time.

Famous ESFPs

  • Oberyn Martell
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Elvis Presley
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Bill Clinton
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Magic Johnson
  • Katy Perry
  • Justin Bieber

What’s next?

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