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ENFJ – Engaging Mobilizer


💡 Highlights

  • Personality Type: ENFJ (Sages, Ambassadors, Diplomats, Protectors, Givers, Teachers, Protagonists).
  • Strengths: unique blend of intellectuality with practicality, friendliness to others with an inner passion for change, a pronounced attraction to others, a preference for people-related activities, strong intuition, the ability to read between the lines and notice imperceptible connections, understanding the non-obvious causes of events and anticipating consequences.
  • Preferences: thirst for active action but without being overly assertive, confidence, honesty, tactfulness, charisma, ability to influence people positively, love crowded places to feel the energy of people around, following one’s appearance, speaking with listeners in mind.
  • Leadership skills: ability to be strong politicians and leaders.
  • Passions: creativity, interesting storyteller and conversationalist.

ENFJs (also known as Protagonists, Ambassadors, Sages, Hamlet, EIE) stand at an interesting crossroads of intellectualism and practicality as well as friendliness towards others and willingness to battle for change. It is these contradictions that create the ENFJ’s greatest strengths and weaknesses.

They are ENFJ’s are “people” people, first and foremost. ENFJ’s find more fulfillment in activities that relate to people. Even in the impersonal knowledge-based fields, this type can often be found in, an ENFJ would rather be an economist than a geologist. Their intuitions are strong and can read patterns beneath the surface that most others miss. This causes them to notice explanations of events and trajectories of where things are going. If there is danger ahead or a better future, the ENFJ will feel they have to initiate action, and as with most activities, there is usually resistance somewhere. The ENFJ’s strong empathy allows them to clearly see the field as it appears, so they are able to overcome this resistance by stepping on as few toes as possible.

The ENFJ’s desire to make things happen, yet non-pushy attitude, yield them to be strong politicians and leaders. Their confidence, honesty, and tact culminate in a type that is charismatic yet capable. This can be seen in how they befriend the strangers they encounter in everyday life. Drawing energy in this way, they like to frequent populated areas like cafes where they can people watch and feel the group energy. Aware of their own impressions on others, ENFJ’s are clean and orderly and take care of their appearances. They speak to their audiences in mind. This, combined with their creativity, make them entertaining speakers and storytellers.

Games ENFJs Like

Recommended Genres: MMO’s, roguelikes, social games, action-adventure, eSports, and real-time strategy games.

Recommended Platforms: Tabletop, computer, mobile, Wii

Recommended Games: DotA 2, Mafia, Werewolf, Coup, League of Legends, Left for Dead 2, Minecraft, Total War: Warhammer, XCOM 2, Darkest Dungeon, Helldivers, Settlers of Catan, Cranium, Monopoly, Runewars, Twilight Imperium, Warhammer 40k

  • Like card games, especially strategic social ones
  • Prefer cooperation in strategy games
  • Enjoy playing warriors (especially other NF’s)
  • Like playing mages less
  • Like open world games less

The ENFJ’s love of people brings them to many in-person functions, such as board games and card games. Often found in their senses, to pick up social cues, ENFJ’s appreciate the tactile nature of tabletop games more than other intuitive types. They excel most at social strategy games like Mafia and Werewolf.
With a strong love of camaraderie, and with a disdain for hurting others, ENFJ’s like cooperative strategy games. If they must compete, they prefer Euro-style games in which poorly performing players aren’t eliminated.

Ironically, it would seem, ENFJ’s love playing warriors. This is due to their directness, interest in the physical world, and security with being the center of attention.

ENFJ’s are direct – they want clear goals. This manifests in many ways including a preference for straightforward attacking, not wanting many superfluous abilities as mages have, and a dislike for games without goals. Open world games have weaker plots and social hooks which ENFJ’s react strongly to.

Why Be Friends With an ENFJ

1. They proactively watch out for you

Expect the unexpected. ENFJ’s are not only considerate of others but thoughtful as well. They go above and beyond sacrificing their own time and resources to help out their friends.

2. They give deep and honest social advice

Ever-aware of other people’s emotional states, it is easy for ENFJ’s to provide smart relevant input about social situations. This even extends to the ease they can give you the advice, so it doesn’t come across the wrong way.

3. They’ll tell you what’s up

ENFJ’s are both aware of the current social environment and pay attention to changes over time to get a feel for what’s coming. They’ll fill your life with all sorts of useful tips about navigating culture and society.

4. They keep in touch

When you’re feeling down, the ENFJ will lift you up. When you feel forgotten, they’ll dial you in.

How to Make Friends With an ENFJ

1. Go places together

ENFJ’s enjoy being out and about in public places and being in groups. They’re more likely to say yes if there are more people.

2. Leave out old traditions

Be careful using precedent as logic while convincing an ENFJ. Even though ENFJ’s acclimate strongly to shared value systems, they aren’t traditionalists. They see life from their own perspective based on recent facts and observations.

3. Be accurate

ENFJ’s value statistical thinking. Repeating false or unfounded news “hype” is a great way to turn them off. What will interest them more is why that kind of news is getting spread in the first place.

4. Show them your unique perspectives

ENFJ’s love genuineness and the multiplicity of ways people coexist in the world. It is easy to open up to them with your original thoughts and ideas. The honesty and information will fascinate them, and they will come back for more.

Advice for ENFJs on Making Friends

1. Be considerate of your own needs

Being so caught up in thinking about others, it’s easy to lose or forget yourself. To make others happy in a sustainable way, you need to be happy yourself.

2. Own up to being mean

You hate hurting other people’s feelings. Sometimes it’s necessary though for your own, other’s, or even the world’s sake. The mean thing is actually to delay or twist facts to overly justify your reasons for doing what you know you need to do.

3. Don’t look down on others

From where you’re sitting, it’s easy to think poorly of people for following mainstream media or acting out in socially inappropriate ways. Finding people simultaneously enchanting and revolting, it is important for everybody’s sake to keep up compassion and understanding for the true wisdom in their ways.

4. Deal with the impersonal

You don’t enjoy working on impersonal activities like website administration or taxes. This is especially true for young ENFJ’s. It is good to cultivate relationships, friends or otherwise, who excel in these areas to optimize your life. Even though they don’t primarily flow on the same wavelength as you, they will expand your world.

Famous ENFJs

  • Margaery Tyrell
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Barack Obama
  • Sean Connery
  • Francois Mitterand
  • Michael Jordan
  • Johnny Depp
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Ben Affleck

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