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Meet The GameTree Team!

Welcome to the GameTree Team page! Here, you can meet the passionate individuals who dedicate their time and creativity to continuously evolve and improve the GameTree platform. Our team members, including many more behind the scenes, are committed to advancing GameTree’s ideas, adding new features, refining the app, and expanding our community. Let’s meet some of our key team members:


Dana Sydorenko – CEO, Co-Founder

Dana Sydorenko, co-founder and CEO of GameTree, is a distinguished leader with a rich background in high-pressure environments, notably as the former CEO of Nika-Text Plus, a top military equipment supplier in Ukraine. Her education encompasses a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from the National University “Odessa Law Academy” and an MBA from the Kyiv School of Economics.

At GameTree, Dana is dedicated to transforming the gaming landscape, aiming to connect gamers worldwide and foster meaningful friendships. Her strategic and analytical prowess, sharpened during her tenure as a paramedic in Ukraine’s army (2014-2015), empowers her to navigate complex challenges with ease.

An enthusiastic gamer herself, Dana’s firsthand understanding of the gaming community drives her commitment to enhancing the overall gaming experience. Her leadership has been pivotal in scaling GameTree, focusing on team development and global community building.

Recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills, Dana has been featured by Forbes Ukraine. Her journey from supporting soldiers with essential equipment to leading GameTree illustrates her adaptability and determination to make a significant impact in both the gaming and entrepreneurial worlds.

Favorite Games: Elden Ring, Heroes of Might & Magic

John Uke

John Uke – Co-Founder and Visionary Leader at GameTree

John Uke, co-founder of GameTree, stands out as a visionary tech entrepreneur and gaming aficionado. His journey, rooted in a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship from Babson College and Business Administration from the University of San Diego, reflects a deep commitment to innovating in the gaming world. At GameTree, John has been instrumental in creating a platform where gamers can not only discover new games but also connect with others who share their interests.

His fascination with the intersection of gaming and personality psychology has led to the development of GameTree’s unique personality-based matching feature, backed by his extensive 13,000 hours in research and community engagement. John’s creation of Success Cards showcases his knack for inspiring entrepreneurs, while his workshops on personality analysis highlight his ability to help others understand themselves and improve team dynamics.

John’s expertise extends to coaching elite professionals in self-management, further enhancing the team’s capabilities at GameTree. His dedication to fostering connections and enriching gaming experiences is a testament to his leadership and passion in the realms of gaming, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

Favorite Games: DOTA 2, Dungeons & Dragons, Game of Thrones.


Polina Fortunyeva – Product Manager

Polina Fortunyeva, the proficient Product Manager at GameTree, brings a wealth of expertise from the internet industry to the gaming world. With an impressive background that includes a Master’s degree in IT from the National Aviation University (2001-2006), Polina’s skill set is extensive and diverse.

Her proficiency in product management is marked by a strong emphasis on online sales, marketing strategy, and Amazon sales and marketing. Polina’s adeptness in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and logistics makes her an invaluable asset to the GameTree team. Her experience and knowledge have been crucial in shaping the marketing strategies and sales approaches for GameTree, ensuring the platform’s growth and success in a competitive market.

Prior to joining GameTree, Polina honed her skills through significant roles in product and project management in various companies, giving her a broad perspective on different market dynamics and consumer needs. At GameTree, she applies her deep understanding of digital marketing and e-commerce to enhance the platform’s reach and engagement, contributing significantly to its position as a leading name in the gaming community.

Favorite Games: The Witcher series.


Joel – Design & Product Strategy

Joel focuses on aligning design and business priorities so that we can invest our time in the questions and projects that will bring the most value to our users and stakeholders. With a decade of design operations experience at companies like Nike, Amazon, and Meta, Joel also provides guidance throughout our design process, ensuring we share the clear communication and expectations necessary for our work to remain scalable and predictable.

Favorite Games: FarCry


Michael – Backend Development

Michael is a crucial member of the GameTree team, specializing in backend development. His expertise lies in enhancing the robustness and efficiency of the GameTree app, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience. Michael’s technical skills are pivotal in maintaining the app’s stability and scalability, allowing for continuous improvement and growth.

An avid gamer, Michael’s favorites include the high-action and immersive worlds of “GTA” and “Mafia,” as well as the competitive spirit of “FIFA.” This diverse range of gaming interests gives him a unique perspective on user experience, which he skillfully integrates into his development work.

His role in the GameTree team is integral in ensuring that the platform remains cutting-edge and user-friendly, catering to the varied needs of the gaming community. Michael’s contributions are essential in driving the technological advancement of GameTree, making it a go-to platform for gamers around the globe.

Favorite Games: GTA, Mafia, FIFA.


Becca – Community Manager

Becca serves as the vital voice of GameTree, skillfully managing communications and engaging with the gaming community. In her role as Community Manager, she embodies the spirit of the platform, fostering a welcoming and interactive environment for gamers. Her expertise lies in nurturing relationships, ensuring that community feedback is heard and valued.

A passionate gamer herself, Becca’s favorite gaming franchise is “Silent Hill,” reflecting her deep connection to immersive and compelling storytelling in games. This personal passion for gaming enhances her ability to relate to and understand the GameTree community, making her an indispensable part of the team.

Her enthusiasm and dedication to the gaming community are key in maintaining the vibrant and supportive atmosphere that makes GameTree a unique and inclusive platform for gamers worldwide.

Favorite Games: The “Silent Hill” franchise.


J Dubravin – Marketing and Gaming Expert at GameTree

Ievgen ‘J’ Dubravin brings a unique blend of passion for gaming and extensive marketing expertise.

J’s journey in the gaming industry is marked by significant achievements. He proudly served as the Lead Team Manager for Natus Vincere, Ukraine’s premier esports organization, managing the Dota 2 team. His co-founding of, a game review and tournament casting studio, further highlights his entrepreneurial spirit. Following its acquisition by RuHub, J transitioned to roles in social media management and content creation, eventually becoming Media Director.

An avid gamer, J’s love for PC games ranges from classics like Warcraft 2 and Diablo to modern RPGs and multiplayer games. His extensive involvement in the gaming world includes casting various Dota 2 tournaments, contributing to The International Dota 2 events, and presenting at numerous esports events globally.

At GameTree, J’s insights and experiences are invaluable in understanding and engaging with the gaming community, contributing significantly to the platform’s growth and success.

Favorite Games: X-COM series, Civilization series, and most RPGs.

…and many more!

GameTree is made possible by the efforts of many people, and we cherish each and every member of our team. Our team’s diverse gaming preferences reflect the varied experiences and perspectives we bring to GameTree, united by our love for gaming and commitment to our community.