Once you have created a profile, our app will provide with matches based on personality, gaming preferences, in-game motivation, and current location. Once a match is found, both players will be connected to a chat where they can discuss the games they both want to play. You can see each other’s profile information and understand why you are matched.
“Match” is a screen where you receive matches according to your gaming preferences. You can choose to skip or message your matches. You may also use distance and age filters to help you find exatcly what you're looking for. A good example might be a board game party you're about to throw, selecting those who are less then 5 miles from your current location.
All conversations with your matches are located in the “Connections” section.
This test reflects your in-game motivation that helps us find you a perfect match to play with. This test checks what you value in games the most, like story, challenge, fellowship, graphics, etc. It is known to game designers as the Aesthetics of Play, but we are the first to apply it to gamers directly.
We have created a test that is based on Myers-Briggs personality framework (which, in its turn is close to Socionics and Jungian Typology). It's a psychological test that reflects your personality traits and can tell which games your type tend to prefer and which people you will connect well with.
We are supporting all types of platforms, whether you like to play tabletop games or video games on a PC, console, or mobile. As long as you love to play we will support your platform.
You can get better matches by providing us with some information about yourself in the “Profile” section of the app, including your personality type, your in-game motivation, your preferred platforms and genres as well as adding games you like most.