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INTP – Expansive Analyzer


💡 Highlights

  • Personality Type: INTP (Thinkers, Logicians, Philosophical Innovators, Architects, Critics).
  • Strengths: Excellent theories and ruthless logic, energetic intellect and curiosity, ability to distinguish the major from the minor, developed sense of intuition, extensive knowledge in many fields, desire to improve everything around them, generation of many theories.
  • Preferences: guidelines instead of rules, solitude instead of teamwork.
  • Leadership skills: understanding of processes and complex systems, focus on the goal rather than small details.
  • Passions: educating and training others, developing strategies and complex plans, thinking about how to improve performance.

INTPs (also known as Thinkers, Logicians, Philosophers, Innovators, Architects, Critics, LII, Robespierre) are known for their splendid theories and relentless logic. Their vigorous intellect and never-ending desire to understand the world made them responsible for many scientific discoveries. It should be noted that it is sheer curiosity that drives them, not clearly defined life goals.

They can easily discern the main from the minor. One of the trumps of this type is that they have an extremely strong intuition; a good helper and advisor in many situations. Their wealthy inner kingdom keeps limitless possibilities that are reflected in their desire to improve everything around them. In their opinion, even the best designs, concepts, and ideas can be further improved. Their minds never stop and so INTPs have many theories and ideas about everything in life. Even thinking itself is an art to the INTP, to whom metaknowledge abounds.

INTPs prefer guidelines to rules so often dislike working in groups. As a leader though, they have accurate visions tempered by a loose sense of humor. Their appreciation of knowledge ensures they will reveal their own knowledge to enlighten others. They also like creating strategies and plans because of the designing and thinking entailed. Their biggest passion is to just sit down and think about what could work better.

Games INTPs Like

Recommended Genres: MMO’s, roguelikes, eSports, and strategy games.

Recommended Platforms: Tabletop, computer, mobile

Recommended Games: Skyrim, Batman Arkham, GTA, Warcraft, League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, Minecraft, Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect.

  • Play the most games
  • Most want to be pro gamers
  • Love RPG’s the most
  • Love open-world games the most
  • Can gladly play alone

INTPs love the intellectual challenges offered by games, and so spend much time playing them. Many are thrilled by the idea of doing so for a living.

The depth and interconnectedness INTPs understand in all things causes them to enjoy open world RPG’s especially. In these, they appreciate the artists’ plots and the infinite flexibility they themselves have in exploring them, uninterrupted.

INTPs are remarkable detectives exploring things with great interest and satisfaction. Every game is a strategy game to them, so they feel less compelled to explicitly “strategy games” than one would imagine. Because they enjoy refining their ideas, they have the patience to master skills and support their more gung-ho friends.

Refining their ideas requires space to investigate, so they can often be found thinking about games even while not playing them. Loving to be absorbed by this complexity-inducing thinking, they are drawn to puzzles and mobile games that can be interacted with away from their gaming systems. Distractions from other gamers cause INTPs to prefer digital games.

Why Be Friends With an INTP

1. They give valuable advice

INTPs will gladly listen to you, laying aside all their affairs. They will illuminate your world by pointing out logical fallacies that are invisible to yourself, then bring their vast knowledge to attack the root of your problems. After a while, they will come to understand your behavior thoroughly and offer you even deeper insights about yourself and the challenges you face.

2. You can trust them your greatest secrets

INTPs understand what a promise means, but that isn’t something they value much. Even though, if they promise to keep your secret – be sure, they have marked this information as irrelevant and already forgotten it days ago.

3. They can help you fight off laziness

INTPs biggest life challenge is their fight versus their own external laziness. They can help you achieve the same by showing some of the tricks they have learned throughout their journey.

4. You will learn how to relate to life philosophically

INTPs know that in addition to the known conditions, circumstances, and laws in the world there are hidden invisible laws that affect the real course of events. This vision is what makes most INTPs resemble wise easy-going wizards. Modeling their thinking will allow you to achieve magical heights that are otherwise unattainable.

How to Make Friends with an INTP

1. Be optimistic

Even though they may be too shy or busy thinking to seek them out, INTPs dream of cheerful atmospheres with heartfelt laughter, delight, and joy. Show them positive emotions and tell your jokes and funny story to show you don’t take life too seriously.

2. Make your joint pastime interesting

While intellectual conversation around a table is a safe bet, the INTPs will really appreciate being show something new – a foreign language, dance classes, or even the pool! An INTP will appreciate your imagination, and you will appreciate their excitement of the new activity.

3. Take care of them unobtrusively

Lost in their minds, INTPs can neglect their health. To show you care to ask how they feel, treat them to something tasty, and even remind them that it’s time to eat. Any actions of this kind will be much appreciated by any INTP, especially while paused between levels.

4. Do not push them

INTPs are critical to brutishness and cheap tricks. They will not be controlled by volitional pressure. Any attempt to put illogical pressure on them will inevitably lead to conflict.

Advice for INTPs on Making Friends

1. Get out more

At events, the chances of finding friends are significantly greater. Be sure the events are around your interests since it is important to you that your friendships are based on shared attitudes, interests, preferences.

2. Do not forget about your friends

It is typical for you to have a lot of work and often might not even notice how the day runs by. Try to maintain contact with your friends, at least for a few minutes, to stay present in their lives and not be forgotten.

3. Allow friends to be near and care about you

It often happens that you rely only on yourself, rejecting the help of others. Try to let your friends and colleagues help you. You will see that it makes life much easier, both for you and them. Allowing this makes them feel necessary and important for you.

4. Try to be more uninhibited and explicit in communicating

Try to let people understand what is going on inside of your brain (electrical impulses) and your heart (blood flow). When there is a problem don’t hold inside until you figure it out but talk through it. Other people can be more helpful than you think – even without a thorough understanding.

5. Be aware of people

Your reactions to some issues are very sharp and impersonal, which can give the impression of a strict and cold-blooded person. Before making potentially critical thoughts public, consider the emotions of the people around you.

Famous INTPs:

  • Varys
  • Albert Einstein
  • David Cronenberg
  • Sigourney Weaver
  • Paul Allen

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