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#1 Destiny 2 LFG App Your Ultimate Destiny 2 LFG Team Finder

GAMETREE puts you in touch with like minded Destiny 2 players. Find some friends on GameTree and conquer raids together!
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Find A Destiny 2 Team Of Friends

Stop playing with strangers

  • Stay In Touch With Your Friends

    Dive into GameTree's Destiny 2 team finder. Whether you're LFT or looking to join fellow Guardians on PC, PS4, or Xbox, find your squad and amplify your cooperative raids and challenges.
  • Organize Games In Advance

    Prepare with our Destiny 2 LFG matchmaking. From intense raids to casual team-ups, GameTree connects you with players and clans. Simplify your gaming strategy and always be raid-ready.
  • Curated Hangouts

    Elevate your Destiny 2 experience in our curated hangouts. Whether you're seeking team tryouts or strategy chats, GameTree's community promotes teamwork, connecting Guardians for memorable sessions.
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Unique Algorithm

GameTree's unique algorithm goes beyond just pairing Guardians. We dive deep into your preferences, ensuring you connect with like-minded Destiny 2 players, making your raids and events even more synced and strategic.

Personalized Matchmaking

Dive into a Destiny 2 LFG experience tailored just for you. Our personalized matchmaking considers your playstyle, preferences, and platform, be it PC, PS4, or Xbox, ensuring your team-ups are both effective and enjoyable.

Game Recommendations

Beyond Destiny 2, GameTree offers game recommendations tailored to your tastes. Dive into new adventures, genres, or challenges, ensuring every gaming moment is as thrilling as a Destiny raid.


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Looking For A Group To Play Destiny 2 With Has Never Been Easier


What our users say

Finding My Destiny Family
"Ever since I joined GameTree, not only have I found teammates, but I've discovered friends who share the same passion for Destiny 2 as I do. It's more than just gameplay – it's the late-night chats, strategy discussions, and the genuine camaraderie."
Jake T.
Content Creator
More Than Just Teammates
"GameTree has transformed my Destiny 2 experience. Beyond just teaming up for raids, I've bonded with individuals who've become close friends, making every session feel like a gathering of pals, both in and out of the game."
Pro Streamer
From Guardians to Genuine Friends
"Using GameTree, I've connected with Destiny 2 enthusiasts who've become more than just teammates. We discuss game lore, share laughs, and genuinely enjoy each other's company. It's not just about the game anymore; it's about the friendships formed."
Miguel S.
Game Developer

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How Do I Find A Destiny 2 Team?

With GameTree, finding a Destiny 2 team is a breeze. Simply sign up, input your preferences and playstyle, and our platform will connect you with like-minded Guardians. From there, you can easily communicate, team up, and embark on epic raids and events together.

How Do You Join A Team On Destiny 2 ?

To join a team on Destiny 2 through GameTree, you'll first be matched with potential friends or players based on your preferences. Once matched, you can chat and setup game sessions. Accept the session invite, and you're all set to join forces and tackle the challenges of the Destiny 2 universe together!

Is Destiny 2 Team Finder By GameTree Free To Use?

Absolutely! GameTree's Destiny 2 Team Finder is free to use, allowing all Guardians, whether new or veteran, to find and connect with potential teammates without any cost. We're passionate about building the Destiny 2 community and believe everyone should have access to great team-finding tools.

How Does GameTree Destiny 2 LFG App Work?

GameTree's Destiny 2 LFG app uses a unique algorithm to match you with players who align with your gameplay style, preferences, and objectives. Simply set up your profile, indicate your interests and playstyle, and the app will do the rest. You'll be presented with potential teammates and groups, and from there, you can chat, connect, and dive into the world of Destiny 2 together.

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