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ESTJ – Efficient Driver


đź’ˇ Highlights

  • Personality Type: ESTJ (Caretakers, Executors, Protectors, Managers, Bodyguards).
  • Strengths: practicality, consistency, responsibility, leadership skills, awareness of what is going on, integrity, expectation of stable and fine-tuned performance from others, seriousness, authority, intolerance of cheating and laziness.
  • Preferences: guided by one’s own experience rather than random action, reliability, responsibility, orderliness, support for tradition and social norms, persistence, self-confidence, effective management of time, resources and people.
  • Leadership skills: skillful leadership, community organizing, bringing people together to overcome challenges and organize events.
  • Passions: defending rules in the name of fair play, skilled organization, hard work.

ESTJs (also known as Supervisors, Executives, Sentinels, Managers, Enforcers, LSE, Stierlitz) are factual, practical, structural, and decisive managers. Aware of their surroundings, these principled thinkers don’t work alone, and they expect their work ethic and stability to be reciprocated. They are the quintessential no-nonsense embodiment of authority and don’t tolerate cheating or laziness in others. If there’s anyone who will defend the rules to keep things fair- it’s them.

They go by experience, not speculation, and definitely not make-believe, which makes them reliable and responsible, gaining them the reputation for being model citizens. ESTJs thrive on order and continuity, traditions and social norms. They are among the most trustworthy and dependable of all the types.

Headstrong and self-confident, they manage time, resources, and people efficiently and make outstanding corporate managers and executives. They take pride in being skilled community organizers, working hard in bringing people together to overcome challenges or celebrate local events.

Games ESTJs Like

Recommended Genres: Strategy, Simulation, Action

Recommended Platforms: Computer, Wii, Tabletop

Recommended Games: Wii Fit, Brain Age, Capitalism, Monopoly, Civilization

  • Like self-improvement games
  • Prefer warrior class the mos
  • Prefer attacking
  • Prefer single player despite being extroverts
  • Play by the rules
  • Dislike open-world games

ESTJs are less drawn to fantasy, RPGs, and open-world adventure games. They don’t usually engage in “trivial pursuits” – those that have no other end goal other than having fun and blowing off some steam. However, even they aren’t immune to the charms of video gaming and enjoy self-improvement games like Wii Fit, business simulators like the Capitalism games, chess simulators, or Brain Age. They tend to prefer games with clear rules and boundaries, and although they are extroverts, ESTJs prefer single-player games.

Why Be Friends With an ESTJ

1. Rule-Abiding

If there’s anyone who fits the profile of the “dungeon master” it’s the ESTJ. They know and reinforce the rules, and they make sure everyone else follows them. ESTJs are useful allies in games that require a lot of structure as they will provide it gladly.

2. Analytical and Dynamic

ESTJs are strategic thinkers that will help the team win not only by using experience, facts, and analytical abilities but also by springing into action. They will assume positions of leadership in the team and be the glue that holds it together.

3. Honest

The ESTJ’s principles and values make them honest and loyal allies who will not betray their team or cheat during games and will make sure everyone else goes by the same rules. They will also give you straightforward feedback without any unnecessary sugarcoating.

4. Rare

ESTJ gamers are rarer compared to all other types, therefore, being a valuable asset to the team. ESTJs are not ones to brag about their gaming experience and other gamers may underestimate the ESTJ’s potential, which makes them particularly dangerous opponents but great allies.

How to Make Friends With an ESTJ

1. Don’t break the rules

If you want to be friends with an ESTJ you’d better follow the rules of the game or be ready to face a very pissed off ESTJ (not recommended).

2. Be honest and don’t cheat

Nothing breaks the trust of an ESTJ more than dishonesty. Once broken it’s next to impossible to get their trust back. Be honest about your intentions and they will respond with the same level of trust.

3. Be competent and efficient

ESTJs pride themselves in being competent and efficient, so naturally, they don’t tolerate incompetence and laziness in others. If you want to gain the respect of an ESTJ don’t be a slacker – work hard and be consistent.

4. Reason with them

ESTJs hold traditions and already established principles in high esteem. They are also easily influenced by authority but if your lack authority over them then the only way to influence an ESTJ is through facts and reason.

Advice for ESTJs on Making Friends

1. Be more flexible

While the authoritative demeanor and propensity for following rules make you an effective leader it also makes you seem rigid and harsh. By being more flexible you will be able to further understand both your allies and your opponents.

2. Pursue new experiences

Stability is a glorious thing but there is no growth without constant change. Change can be a tricky subject but by getting out of your comfort zone you will be able to constantly challenge yourself and ultimately self improve.

3. Let your beliefs and principles be challenged

It’s always difficult to fully listen to someone whose opinion or belief is the exact opposite of ours. Understanding where others come from and what their opinions and beliefs are founded on is a crucial step in understanding society as a whole and making friends of different personality types.

4. Open up emotionally

Reading the emotional side of people is not your forté and you can unintentionally hurt the feelings of more sensitive types. Pay attention to the emotional needs of others and try to open up gradually and you will gain their respect and affection.

Famous ESTJs

  • Cersei Lannister
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Henry Ford
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Theresa May
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Bill O’Riley
  • Uma Thurman
  • Emma Watson
  • Alec Baldwin

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