ESTP Personality Type in Gaming | Characters, Compatibility and More

ESTP – Dynamic Maverick


đź’ˇ Highlights

  • Personality Type: ESTP (Showmen, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen).
  • Strengths: light-heartedness, good-naturedness, enjoyment of life, focus on the present, living in the moment, dealing with the tasks of the moment, learning about the world through experience, combination of depth and simplicity.
  • Preferences: tendency toward technical and activity-demanding tasks (athletics, sales, magic tricks), belief in the spiritual or magical, commitment to the present moment, avoiding the influence of abstract and immediate concerns, ability to look foolish for one’s own interests, adapting to the needs of others while being uncompromising to one’s own principles, questioning power and authority.
  • Leadership qualities: good sense of the present moment, charm, confidence, savvy, noticing obvious things.

ESTP (also known as Entrepreneurs, Doers, Dynamos, SLE, Zhukov) is one of the types most often found “having fun” (in the classical sense) because they are so light-hearted and warm. They spend the majority of their attention on the present moment where simple pleasures and the useful things in life can be found. They are great at putting immediate resources to use, as well as learning the truth of things from experience upon experience that stack into the creation of individuals who are a surprising combination of simple and deep.

Knowing the hard-truths of the moment, and with a relish for excitement, ESTP’s do well at many technical performing arts like athletics, sales, and even magic tricks. Many do actually believe in some sort of magic or spirituality, but it is in the background of their lives, which they fill with the pursuit of their immediate interests. Their preference for the certainty of the moment lessens the impact that more meta and abstract things can have on other types.

ESTP’s are smart enough to look dumb for the sake of discovery. These charming, confident, quick-witted mavericks will be the first to point out the elephant room, and likely in hilarious fashion. They accommodate others’ needs while remaining uncompromising in their own principles of reality, and are indeed a type that greatly defies any authority higher than their own reason.

Games ESTPs Like

Recommended Genres: Simulation, Action, Action-Adventure, Fighting, Racing, Stealth

Recommended Platforms: Tabletop, Computer, Xbox, PlayStation, Arcade

Recommended Games: Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, Counters-Strike, Overwatch,  Quake, Truck Simulator, Tekken 6, Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat X, Dragon Ball Super, Marvel vs. CAPCOM III, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Soul Calibur, Smash Brothers, Persona 4 Arena, Far Cry Series, Skullgirls, Guilty Gear Xrd, Splinter Cell, Hitman, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Borderlands series, Cards Against Humanity

  • Like sports, racing, stealth, and FPS’s
  • Dislike RPG’s
  • Prefer warrior class the most
  • Prefer attacking
  • Love multiplayer
  • Tricky gamers
  • Like open-world games

If anybody is going to play the Barbarian, it’s the ESTP. They love being immersed in their senses with a degree of honest simplicity that is offered in most sports, racing, stealth, and FPS games. They play these genres a full three times more than other types. RPG’s, a genre popular among most other types, appeals little to the Barbarian who has little time for their management mechanics and sub-par controls. ESTP’s are often a polarized type as well, with a wide gap between the most hardcore gamers and those who play very little at all. It’s rare they are found in game platforms and genres outside of the mainstream.

Given their characteristics, it comes as no surprise that ESTP’s play warriors the most, and mages the least, of any type. They like attacking and will take the straightforward approach and blitzkrieg charge rather than wait. The challenge of human prey excites them, so they are often found in multiplayer games. They prefer short-term strategies, so make effective use of tricks and lies to catch their opponents unaware. Not ones to be told what to do, they also strongly prefer open-world games, where they can freely navigate their environment, over liner or goal-oriented games.

Why Be Friends With an ESTP

1. Fun to Be With

Open-minded and charming, it’s no wonder ESTP’s are among the first invited to any party. New discoveries, fun, risk, and adrenaline – this is the short list of what to expect out of them.

2. Easy-going

ESTP’s are light-hearted and honest. You can relax always knowing where you stand with them. If they are sad or upset they will let you know and move on, but most of the time it is warmth and laughs.

3. Up For Spontaneous Adventures

ESTP’s are less habitual than most types. They will offer refreshing, yet practical, ideas for activities – which they’re willing to do right now. They laugh in the face of fear, are comfortable outside of their comfort zones, and spring into action to save the day during tense situations.

4. Great at Execution

With a keen awareness of the moment, ESTP’s are great at situations that call for immediate presence – aka most stuff in life. They will grill the best burgers, score the most headshots, and in general make the best use of resources on-hand.

How to Make Friends With an ESTP

1. Be Straightforward

ESTP’s have little patience for hidden motives, roundabout reasoning, and fact spewing. Keep things honest, immediate, and direct.

2. Keep the Momentum Going

Engage with ESTP’s in fast-paced games and activities with a lot of stimulation and little “downtime”. They like to constantly be doing things, thus the reason for their popular nickname “the doer”. Your energy and enthusiasm are always welcome.

3. Understand Their Interests

ESTP’s like to exist on a high certain energy range, but within that range, they are quite flexible. Bare in mind the genres of video games they enjoy, in addition to other things like sports and cars. They prefer to spend their time with friends doing things, rather than sitting around and talking about abstract or theoretical things.

Advice for ESTPs on Making Friends

1. Focus

Some types of people prefer focusing on the parts of the world you can’t see or touch. Though the interesting bits may take some time to build up to, they often pay off with deep conclusions or powerful insights that you can take with you to live a richer life.

2. Control Your Energy

Be wary with an impulsiveness that can harm your friends. Some people need more personal space or time to make decisions. Enthusiasm and positiveness are good, but people have different thresholds they can handle before overdoing it.

3. Stick With It

Not getting immediate results can be frustrating; sometimes even the anticipation of how much work something will be required will keep you from trying in the first place. Know that the greatest indicator of success in life is the ability to delay gratification. If you can master that, and combine it with your charm and resourcefulness, you’ll become a god.

Famous ESTPs:

  • Ygritte
  • Al Capone
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Bruce Willis
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • George W. Bush
  • Malcolm X
  • Milla Jovovich
  • Taylor Swift
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Winston Churchill

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