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ENTP – Innovative Explorer


đź’ˇ Highlights

  • Personality Type: ENTP (Debaters, Seekers, Explorers).
  • Strengths: versatility of ideas, admiration and exploration of new possibilities, ability to find opportunities in different places, ability to focus and brainstorm, wide range of skills and interests, inspirational contagiousness.
  • Preferences: focus on coming up with new ideas rather than decision-making and implementation, tendency to think in “jigsaw puzzles” without choosing the best option, relaxed attitude toward unfinished projects while enthusiastic about new ones, life in search of understanding, value knowledge above all else, inspired by opportunities, challenges and ideas, creative problem solving, improvisation.
  • Leadership skills: enlisting the support of others through inspiring enthusiasm.
  • Passions: living in a world of endless possibilities, wisdom, curiosity, creativity.

ENTPs (also known as Debaters, Seekers, Explorers, ILE, Don Quixote) are people of many ideas. They delight in exploring the possibilities they see in the most unusual places. Their ability to brainstorm is enhanced by their wide variety of skills and interests. As time goes on this multifacetedness builds on itself due to the variety of projects ENTPs engage in. Their excitement is contagious, so they have no trouble getting the support from others needed to fulfill their visions. When their own excitement inevitably fades, they will drag their friends into the new project as well!

ENTPs are more obsessed with generating ideas and possibilities than making decisions or implementing plans of actions. In this way they like to continuously connect the dots, drawing ever-more pictures, without deciding which picture is the best. As such, implementation is an overlooked chore to the ENTP, often leading to many started projects that never get completed. This is rarely a problem for the ENTP because they are already enthusiastically skipping on to the next idea without ever looking back.

Overall, ENTPs are upbeat visionaries. They spend their lives looking for understanding and value knowledge above all. They are excited by possibilities, challenges, and concepts. They’re also very good at coming up with creative solutions quickly and improvising when they face a problem. Wise, curious, and creative, ENTPs live in the world of unlimited possibilities.

Games ENTPs Like

Recommended Genres: Action RPGs, MMOs, Shooters, Action-adventures, Survival

Recommended Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Tabletop

Recommended Games: Mass Effect 2, DayZ, ARK: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, Dota 2, Eve Online, League of Legends, Kerbal Space Program, Just Cause, Battlefield series.

  • Most tricky in games
  • Like open world games
  • Less likely to enjoy unpopular niche genres
  • More likely to spend many hours per week gaming
  • Much less likely to play mages
  • Are the least likely to play support roles (thick of the action)
  • Like multiplayer

Everything is an oyster to the ENTP. They appreciate the flexibility open world games offer where they pursue fast innovative strategies. With a dislike for rules and constrictions, even social ones, they are the most likely type to engage in unconventional warfare and psychological tactics including lying and break alliances. All this is true only when the ENTP actually executes the strategy, for sometimes they enjoy strategizing games more than actually playing them.

While mages seem to offer the flexibility that ENTPs crave, they also require too much patience and focus to make them a popular choice. Appreciating being in the center of the action and executing their own big ideas, ENTPs focus more on directly attacking and defending than playing support roles to others. This isn’t to say they don’t appreciate multiplayer games though, they love to be supported by others.

Why Be Friends with an ENTP

1. They will inspire you

Seeing the bravery of the ENTPs will help you overcome your fears. Before making a plunge yourself, they are also happy to help you brainstorm your vision.

2. They are social initiators

As friends, they can start a party or be mobilized to join in for new ways of having fun together.

3. They are exciting

ENTPs are wild and love creativity; they can think of activity then dive right in. After being their friend for a while, you will have many good stories to look back on.

How to Make Friends with an ENTP

1. Engage them in debates
ENTPs are known for their immediate engagement in quick-witted debates. Contrary to most people’s beliefs, these debates usually don’t have anything to do with the ENTP’s personal opinions – they just love thought exercises and exploring things from every angle. By engaging them in these debates you will prove your own intellectual capabilities.

2. Open yourself up to experiences
ENTPs never lose a chance to try and learn something new or engage in a potentially interesting activity. Be willing to try new things yourself, otherwise, they will become bored or even think of you as a drag in the way of the things they want to experience.

3. Beat them at a game
Challenge an ENTP in a game of wit or strategy, such as chess (or any other strategy game). While having a good time you will showcase your intellectual abilities and problem-solving skills and probably impress an ENTP with your wit.

4. Be ready for personal growth
Express your readiness to grow, both as a person and as their friend, and encourage the ENTP to do the same. Ask yourself if there are areas that need improvement and do some work in that direction. You will both benefit from the changes that will help you in pursuing future crazy ideas.

Advice for ENTPs on Making Friends

While you naturally get along with people similar to you, you get the most personal growth from learning how to get along with people who are different. A diverse team is a strong team, bringing more talents and ideas to the table.

To take advantage of their ideas, ENTPs needs to think through them before diving into them.
1. Be discriminant with your jokes
Use your wit to generate quirky observations that generate good laughs. Make sure you understand your audience though because some types don’t like being the subject of these jokes.

2. Sometimes it’s not about winning or losing

ENTPs are ambitious people for whom being “average” is a nightmare. Be creative, but don’t hog the stage or take all the credit. Don’t get too ambitious either. Start making a dollar before trying to make a million. In friendship, you should try not to be too judging of other people and understand their values that will sometimes differ from yours.

3. Use your emotions to communicate

A mind for technicalities can be a shield. Communication is actually emotionally driven. Take proactive actions to express your feelings and intentions. You have an untapped superpower that, if combined with your mind, will allow you to deeply connect with anyone you want.

Famous ENTP’s

  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Alexander the Great
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Thomas Edison
  • George Carlin
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Tom Hanks

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