ENTJ Personality Type in Gaming | Characters, Compatibility and More

ENTJ – Strategic Director

ENTJs (also known as Entrepreneurs, Pioneers, Commanders, Field Marshals, Executives, LIE, Jack London) are goal-oriented; even on a moment by moment basis they always have a productive task in mind they are trying to accomplish. As such, they love strategy and directing because of their helpfulness in personal goal achievement.

More than other types, their goals stretch in visionary long-term ways. ENTJs will take the most efficient route to complete their missions, making them achievable despite their loftiness. They will not hesitate to call on others for help or experiment with new ways of doing things if the cost/benefit analysis dictates these decisions to be “efficient”. So as not to spend too much time planning, or miss an opportunity, ENTJs are great at simultaneously identifying and executing strategies in real-time.

ENTJs tend to be optimistic and self-driven – or else they wouldn’t attempt their goals in the first place. To best achieve their goals, and prove to others that they should be in charge, ENTJs are often assertive, confident, and competitive. They are unlikely to take things personally and are willing to adapt if that’s what’s needed to change the board.


Games ENTJs Like

Recommended Genres: MMO’s, roguelikes, eSports, and real-time strategy games.

Recommended Platforms: Tabletop, computer, mobile

Recommended Games: StarCraft 2, DotA 2, Warhammer: Total War, XCOM 2, Darkest Dungeon, Helldivers, Eve Online, Battlefield 1, Settlers of Catan, Chess, Monopoly, Runewars, Twilight Imperium, Warhammer 40k, Left for Dead 2

  • Are particularly trustworthy allies
  • Love multiplayer
  • Are less likely to spend a huge number of hours of gaming per week
  • Like Open World games less
  • Prefer mobile games
  • Are trustworthy allies

ENTJs take games seriously, like the rest of life, because they are always in “goal mode”. As such, they are fair players who make trustworthy allies. This is especially true compared to their rational cousins INTJ, INTP, and ENTP who are significantly more likely to engage in dishonest behavior in games because they differentiate them from “real life” more.

To make themselves better goal-accomplishing machines, ENTJs highly value learning and growth. As such they are likely to enjoy games with the following elements: challenge, competition, rewards, applicability to real life, variety, high-skill caps, and strategic flexibility.

Humans (friends and foes alike) offer the most in terms of gaming qualities ENTJs enjoy, so they prefer multiplayer games the most out their rational cousins (who generally tend to prefer singleplayer experiences where they can delve into their own minds). Within this group, ENTJs prefer open world games the least because of their preferences for clear goals. On the whole, they are less commonly investing an extreme amount of hours in gaming per week as well, due to other life goals they want to accomplish. They also prefer mobile games way more because of addictive accomplishment mechanisms, low time-requirements, and the preferences among their cousins to prefer more hardcore gaming platforms. Similarly, ENTJs are less likely to play on consoles because they are only useful for gaming.

ENTJs like roleplaying games much less than most other types due to their often singleplayer natures and focus on “trivial” stories and graphics. On the other hand, ENTJs prefer strategy games an astounding far above average. Because of their yearnings for growth, complexity, and the latest and greatest, they don’t like card game much at all.

Why Be Friends With an ENTJ

1. They will make you successful

ENTJs will help motivate you, plan your life, and network on your behalf. Of all the types, they make the highest average salaries and will show you how to as well.

2. You can depend on them

As their friend, you will appreciate their timeliness, responsibility, and competence.

3. You will have fun adventures

Naturally optimistic and trusting of their own skills, ENTJs are open to new experiences and laugh in the face of danger.

4. They will invite you to cool stuff

They always have projects going on, which seem fun and exciting because of the intensity and enthusiasm they bring to the table. If you’re lucky, they might let you join.

How to Make Friends With an ENTJ

1. Get their interest!

Offer ENTJs interesting opportunities, or prove yourself willing and able to take part in one of theirs. Examples include eSports teams, a Dungeons, and Dragons campaign, high-difficulty co-op modes, makings mods/maps, and epic boardgame gatherings with lots of people.

2. Show them you care

Be on-time, focused, and responsible for your commitments.

3. Socialize in ways that interest them

In case it hasn’t sunken in yet: ENTJs prize novelty and growth. They love knowledge exchange and productive activities so they feel like they are making good use of their time.

4. Let them make decisions

They tend to be intelligent yet fair, so let them call the shots while not hesitating to contribute your own well-reasoned input. They will often delegate decisions back to you if they think you are more qualified.

Advice for ENTJs on Making Friends

1. Learn to slow down and smell the roses

Not everybody is as productivity-focused as you. Be being patient and undemanding with others.

2. Remember to apply emotional values

Without doing so you risk alienating people or feeling empty after accomplishing your goals.

3. Listen closely

Some people don’t directly say what they want. Listen for what people are truly saying and feeling beneath their words, or lack thereof. F, or feeling, types have the most to teach you in this regard.

4. Make your ideas more approachable

Sometimes your plans are so far reaching that others may have trouble understanding them. During the process, if they suggest an idea that you already thought of, let them take the credit for it. They’ll be a lot more interested and helpful if you connect the dots, don’t overwhelm them with too much at once, and make them feel important.

5. Be careful with criticism

While you see most criticism as valuable growth feedback, some people take it more personally and will clam up if “insulted”. If you don’t value religion, spirituality or some other belief, learn to see the wisdom in it and don’t let it get in the way of a good friendship.

Famous ENTJs:

  • Tywin Lannister
  • Napoleon
  • Bill Gates
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Princess Leia
  • Vegeta
  • Jim Carrey
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • George Clooney
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Joseph Stalin

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