Best Valorant LFG Discord Servers Of 2024

Top Valorant Discord Servers To Help You Find A Team

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Valorant is one of the prominent team-based shooters, where gamers form two teams, each including five members. Nonetheless, numerous players solo queue the game as they do not have teammates. If you are one of those, and you want to find non-random players with the same level to create a solid team and rank up your level, you may use Valorant LFG Discord servers and popular apps for gamers. Let’s explore the most popular platforms where you can find like-minded players with various experiences.

What Is A Valorant Discord LFG Server And Why Use It?

Commonly, Valorant Discord LFG is a server that helps gamers find teammates to participate in matches together. It works as a center that unites players with various skill levels and goals. You can look for a group of people who want to enjoy Valorant regularly, discuss new updates and game strategies with them, and assemble winning teams.

I know a few ways to join the Valorant LFG Discord server. In particular, you can type “Valorant LFG” in Google or any other search engine. However, you may use another way. Go to the official Discord website or application and check out the Servers section. Then, view all available lists of services, pick a Valorant channel, and seek friends or leave a message there.

The Best Valorant LFG Discord Servers

Are you looking for a group for Valorant in Discord? I understand how important it is to play in a team with gamers who want to develop, raise their level, be ready to fight for victory until the end, and not leave the match after the first minute. Therefore, I have prepared a list of the finest servers where you can find teammates, participate in various tournaments, and achieve more gamer goals.


Screenshot of GameTree;s LFG Discord server

Members: 500,000+

Regions: Worldwide

GameTree has its own Discord server not only for Valorant LFG but also for fans of all the games out there to find teammates and discuss the news. Also, it is a free LFG application where the matchmaking process is even easier. Here, you can join the game with non-toxic players, coordinate game sessions, and communicate with other members via special public rooms. I have highlighted several essential features of GameTree:

  • Unique AI-powered matchmaking for games. Thus, you can count on team selection according to your level.
  • Convenient use, both on mobile and on a desktop device, thanks to a flawless application.
  • The ability to set a filter on players according to their level, language, and activity on the site or in the application.
  • A voice chat for more effective communication with a team.

You need to go through several steps to start using this platform for gamers. I have described detailed instructions below:

  1. Open an official website to download an application to your iOS or Android device, or use the web-based version.
  2. Create an account by indicating your email and unique password.
  3. Confirm that you are over 13 years old.
  4. Input your username, date of Birth, and gender.
  5. Select your favorite game genres and platforms (it can be PC, PlayStation, etc.).
  6. After that, turn on geolocation, click the LFG section, and pick Valorant.

As a newcomer, you may fill out a special questionnaire and pass a few tests to determine your playing level. Moreover, you can receive unique recommendations that help you strengthen your gamer skills.

Official Valorant Discord Server

Screenshot of Official Valorant Discord Server

Discord members: 1m+

Regions: Worldwide

It’s an official server where you can find Valorant teammates in Discord, according to your time zone. To start using available communities in Discord, you need to create and verify your profile and carefully read the terms of use. Subsequently, you can follow esports news channels and LFG proposals to meet other players and join a team or assemble yours. Furthermore, you may use voice chat to be in touch with teammates during the game.

Valorant LFG Server

Screenshot of Valorant LFG server

Discord members: 730,000

Regions: Worldwide

Occasionally, I use another official Discord channel, named Valorant LFG server, to find in-game friends from different parts of the world. You can easily link your Valorant account and use direct messages to communicate with other members. Developers separated NA, EU & ASIA servers, enabling you to search for suitable teammates conveniently.

On this server, you can create scrims and team recruitment channels and follow the main game news. Additionally, I like that players can view other gamers’ statistics and keep themselves posted on their achievements. Voice and text chats are available as well.

Regional Valorant Servers

Valorant EU screenshot

Discord members: Valorant EU – 37,024; Valorant OCE – 43 387; Valorant Middle East – 10,500

Regions: Europe, Asia + Australia, Middle East

In our opinion, the top-notch regional Valorant LFG Discord server options are Valorant EU, Valorant OCE, and Valorant Middle East. Namely, Valorant EU servers are located in Stockholm, Istanbul, London, and Warsaw. The next ones cover such countries as Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo. The Valorant Middle East server is located in Bahrain. These channels are created by community members who want to find teammates in a particular time zone. The principle of work is the same as with the previous servers.

Valorant Lineup

Valorant Lineup Discord page

Discord members: 8,126

Regions: Worldwide

If you are looking for a Valorant Discord server to find players, this one will be an excellent choice as well. This ever-growing community includes dedicated gamers who wish to develop and share their strategies and knowledge. Of course, here, you can find both newcomers and battle-handed players. 

The server has various channels where you can learn about different game modes, maps, and tips. I like to participate in discussions, ask some questions, and cooperate with other gamers to refine my skills and tactics in this channel. Additionally, you can find various regular tournaments and scrims organized by avid members of this server.

Valorant Pro

Valorant Pro Server on Discord

Discord members: 38,432

Regions: Worldwide

This community is not as well-known as the previous Valorant Discord servers for finding players. Nonetheless, here, I communicate with gamers who are interested in growing and participating in tournaments. This server is not great for discussions, hanging out, or something like that. Still, here, I frequently gather my team or join the available one and find various Valorant MMR competitions to participate in.

Valorant Ascent

Valorant Ascent

Discord members: 82,304

Regions: Worldwide

Ascent is a Valorant team finder in Discord that focuses on the esports side. It means that you may find friends for tournaments, scrims, team recruitment, and more. I deem that this service is the best one for professional gamers who want to participate in various tournaments.

On the other hand, if you have a 5-stack team with selected roles and want to find another group to scrim against, you may use the in-server channel for that. Besides, here, I like to utilize an active tournament channel and follow the most top-rated Valorant events.

Valorant GG – LFG And Events

Valorant GG – LFG And Events Discord

Discord members: 10,000+

Regions: EU, NA, Oceania, Asia, LATAM

GG is one of the most popular Valorant LFG servers that unites gamers from various parts of the globe. In my opinion, it will be helpful for Valorant players of any skill who want to find teammates and keep themselves posted on top game events. For instance, here, personally I follow such competitions as VCT 2024: Masters Madrid, VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: China Kickoff, and others.

ProGuides Valorant

Discord members: 11,800+

Regions: Worldwide

You can also join this Valorant duo finder Discord server to find players and enjoy the game. This channel allows you to boost your skills, battle against competitors, or become the founder of a new team. Moreover, as I know, ProGuides Valorant enables members to participate in community events and organize different tournaments.

Valorant LFG Discord Alternatives

In addition to Valorant LFG Discord servers, where you may not always find admirable teammates, I would recommend trying excellent platform alternatives. I describe their primary features below in the review.

GameTree – #1 App To Find Gamer Friends

As I noted, you can download this application to your phone/tablet or use the browser version on your desktop device to find the necessary teammates according to your level and gaming skills. Unlike Discord servers, GameTree’ Valorant LFG feature allows you to communicate and play with users who are interested in developing their mastery.


If you would rather not use Discord for Valorant competitive games, you may try Reddit. It is a global forum where people discuss various topics, including the r/Valorant subreddit. In addition to the opportunity to discuss various tactics and watch live streams or game fragments, you can meet other players to create a team. For instance, if you are in a duo queue, you can find three more players here. 

Still Looking For A Valorant Team? Try GameTree Today!

If you are disappointed with Valorant LFG Discord and its members, look at the GameTree app. It is a unique platform with non-toxic people, a wide range of true fans of Valorant, and exclusive AI-based technology, which allows you to filter players by their skills. Therefore, you may find gamers for duelist, sentinel, initiator, or controller roles to play Valorant.

Register on the GameTree platform, find true fans of the game, attack opponents, place spikes and become winners. You will be able to gather a powerful team for victories with the GameTree app.

Final Thoughts

Consequently, you can use Valorant LFG Discord to create a team of your dreams. You may explore numerous servers with users in the same time zone who want to play the game and find teammates. Nonetheless, I would advise trying the GameTree application. It will be the best alternative for gamers who wish to play professionally, develop in esports or just have fun spending leisure time surrounded by like-minded people. Join the community and celebrate your victories!