Valorant MMR: What Is It And How Is It Calculated

What Is MMR In Valorant, And How Does It Work?

MMR in Valorant is a hidden rank that you do not know. It has a numerical representation and characterizes your game in many ways.

Valorant is a multiplayer hero first-person shooter game created by Riot Games. This is their first game in the shooter genre. Actually, it became very successful and popular, as evidenced by the huge number of players and teams. Since this is primarily a competitive shooter and eSports discipline, the rating system and selection of players must be fair and understandable to professionals and ordinary players.

I know that at first, the player selection system can cause confusion and misunderstanding as to why unpredictable gains or losses of rank occur, why a diamond rank player is thrown into the lobby with gold rank players, what MMR in Valorant is etc. Believe me, it wasn’t clear to me at first, either. But actually, the matchmaking system works well and matches players to those lobbies that correspond to their level of play. Let’s figure out why this is so and how to check Valorant MMR.

What Is MMR In Valorant?

MMR in Valorant is a hidden rank that you do not know. It has a numerical representation and characterizes your game in many ways. Your MMR is divided into two more components: Encounter and Win/Loss.

  • Encounter MMR is how you play against players on the enemy team. This is damage done, the effectiveness of using abilities, assists, number of duels won, etc. Regarding duels, the game also compares your rank to your opponents to reward or punish you for the outcome of duels.
  • The Win/Loss MMR indicator takes into account who you’ve won matches against.

MMR is calculated for all modes, including MMR in Valorant Deathmatch.

What Is Rank Rating (RR)?

RR is your visible rank rating, unlike MMR. Valorant, like any other competitive shooter, has a ranking system. As games progress and your win rate changes, your rank will change.

After the game was released in 2020, the developers slightly changed the ranking system. The highest rank, Valorant, has been renamed to Radiant. Along with patch 5.00, a new rank, Blossom, which is located between Diamond and Immortal, was added to the game . We’ll explore the current Valorant ranks below/ so read on.

Ranks And Tiers

Valorant MMR ranks and tiers
Image from VALORANT: Riot Games official website

Each rank has 3 levels:

  • Iron 1 – 3
  • Bronze 1 – 3
  • Silver 1 – 3
  • Gold 1 – 3
  • Platinum 1 – 3
  • Diamond 1 – 3
  • Ascendant 1 – 3
  • Immortal 1 – 3
  • Radiant – the highest rank goes to the top 500 players in the region.

To calibrate and gain a rank in Valorant, you first need to reach level 20 in non-ranked matches, after which the ranked mode is unlocked. The calibration itself takes 5 matches. The maximum rank that can be obtained based on the calibration results in Valorant is Diamond 1. But be careful, cause not all Valorant ranks can play together.

Rank Rating And MMR: What’s The Difference?

The rank rating is your visible rating, which increases when you win and decreases when you lose. Valorant MMR is a hidden rating that is a mathematical representation of your individual performance. The algorithm evaluates how you play using various parameters. Actually, that’s the meaning of MMR in Valorant. 

How RR And MMR Change During The Game?

Valorant uses hidden MMR and your visible rating (RR) to decide which players in the lobby to throw you into. While your rank resets each Episode, your Valorant MMR remains the same, giving the game a rough idea of where to place you in each new Episode.

The Valorant rating system takes into account several factors, the main one being the result of the match. A win adds RR/MMR, a loss decreases them. The system also takes into account how convincingly you win or lose matches. A win with a bad KDA may not give as much ranking as a win with a great KDA, and a loss with good personal stats may result in fewer points being deducted. The exception is matches at the highest rank, Radiant, where points are affected only by the match’s outcome. That’s it, this is How Valorant MMR works. The main goal of the developers is to ensure that your rank matches your MMR.

So, How Does Valorant Matchmaking Work?

When the matchmaking system determines your opponent, it first matches you by hidden MMR in Valorant. Thus, there are times when you are Gold 2 rank, and a Diamond is playing against you. There may be a misunderstanding about how a Diamond player got into a given match, but this means that you or someone from your team has an MMR similar to the MMR of the Diamond opponent. The system considers your abilities in total (not just KDA and victories or defeats), quite accurately determines your true skill rating, and places you in the lobby with players with a skill level similar to yours.

Valorant SBMM
Image from VALORANT Wiki Fandom

How To Check Valorant MMR?

Riot Games has stated that you will never see your MMR – it’s what they use to create fair matches. While you can’t directly see your Valorant MMR, your recent match performance and current rank can give you a reliable estimate. If you are consistently beating higher-ranked players, this may indicate that your MMR is higher than your current rank suggests. So, asking questions like “What is my MMR in Valorant?” or creating Reddit threads asking to make the rank visible, won’t help as the developers won’t show these hidden characteristics ever. 

How To Get A Better MMR In Valorant?

Winning competitive matches is the only way to increase your MMR in Valorant. Regardless of your skill level, winning in the ranked mode is the key to increasing your base MMR. The more victories in your match history, the better and more effective you play, the higher your MMR will be, and the stronger the opponents you will encounter.

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Final Thoughts

So, what is MMR in Valorant? It’s a hidden rating you get while playing. It’s not disclosed by the developers. Still, Valorant’s matchmaking system is extremely effective and quite accurately evaluates you and matches you with opponents. In my opinion, Valorant is one of the few co-op games where matchmaking works as it should. Win matches, and not only your rating in the game but also your personal skill will increase. That’s how it works in Valorant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The MMR Rating In Valorant?


MMR is a hidden rating, inaccessible to the player, that calculates how they play and what their true skill in the game is based on many parameters.

How Can I Know My MMR?


The developers have directly stated that you will never know your Valorant MMR, but the algorithms are configured in such a way that your MMR will approximately correspond to your RR rank. So, if you’re wondering how to check the Valorant MMR, there’s no right answer as this is simply impossible.

How Does Valorant Matchmaking Work?


Valorant's matchmaking system uses a hidden MMR (Matchmaking Rating) system to match players with similar skill levels. Factors such as individual performance and the number of wins and losses are taken into account.

Does Valorant Have Skill Based Matchmaking?


Yes. Valorant's matchmaking system is skill-based. SBMM works well in this game.