Best Agents For Each Valorant Map | Valorant Team Comps Guide

An Expert Guide To Valorant Team Composition For Each Map

Read our little guide that will help you pick the best agents for each map in Valorant and put together a winning composition.

💡 Highlights

  • There are four agent types in Valorant: Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators.
  • You can play on 10 maps in Valorant, and effective players assemble specific teams according to the selected map.
  • Each agent has unique abilities that may come in handy on particular maps. 
  • There is a meta with the best agents for each map in Valorant with the highest win rate. 
  • Players are free to improvise and assemble their own squads of agents to find the most efficient comp for them. 

Valorant is a hero shooter where each agent has their own role and unique abilities. As in other popular hero shooters, the outcome of the match often depends on the correct composition here. A well-balanced team that will be the counter pick of the enemy team is the key to a successful strategy and victory in the match, along with the correct use of the unique abilities of each agent. As a Valorant player, I decided to put together this little guide that will help you pick the best agents for each map in Valorant and put together a winning composition.

About The Different Valorant Agent Types

In Valorant, all heroes not only have unique abilities but are also divided into categories that determine their role, behavior and strategy in the match. In fact, you assemble your Valorant team comp by picking appropriate players of different roles for balance. There are four categories in the game: Duelists, Sentinels, Controllers, and Initiators.


Duelists are the main damage dealers. These heroes are often the first to initiate and force the fight, making the most kills. Breaking through the enemy’s defenses and inflicting the greatest amount of damage is the main role of this category of heroes.

Valorant Duelists
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Sentinels are heroes who specialize in defense. Their main task is to block critical areas of the map, guard objects, and cover the flanks of their teammates. Their ability to hold flanks, as well as assist allies and gather important information about the enemy, makes this role one of the most demanding. A good tank in a team can change the outcome of a match.

Valorant Sentinels
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Controllers are the best agents for each map in Valorant to control the battle. They are able to cut off dangerous areas of the territory and prevent the enemy team from trying to implement their strategy in every possible way. With abilities like smoke screens, they can separate the enemy and provide critical support to their team members.

Valorant Controllers
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Initiators are another class of support that can provide valuable information about the enemy and open a window of opportunity to force a fight on favorable terms for their team. Their role is to provide easy kills for their team, and they have a different arsenal to successfully implement their role, be it blinding or damaging hiding enemies. While Controllers provide defensive support and disrupt the enemy’s plans, Initiators provide offensive support by exposing the enemy team’s weaknesses and helping to quickly deal devastating damage.

Valorant Initiators
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Best Valorant Team Comps For Each Map

To successfully play and have productive matches in Valorant, you need to start with the map when creating a composition. Each map requires its own approach to strategies and picking heroes. Knowing the basics of each map and agent will allow you to create the best compositions that will have an advantage on each specific map. Based on my experience playing the game in different squads, I have a lot to tell you about choosing the best agents for each map in Valorant.


Ascent Valorant map
Map from

Ascent is an open playground where success depends on knowing the capture points. Ascent is a floating island and has alternate entrances to sites. This is a balanced card and does not give any advantage to either side. For this reason, you need to approach the selection of players for your team responsibly to win on this map.

  • The map has a lot of sharp turns and corners, so skills such as Sova’s ricocheting recon bolts and KAY/O’s coverage-reliant knives will be extremely effective.
  • Many professionals choose Sova, KAY/O, and Killjoy as the best team comp for this Valorant map. Another good pairing for Brimstone would be Deadlock.
  • This composition is safe for attack from different sides. The combination of Brimstone, Sova, and Reyna will initiate the attack no matter whether you decide to go in front or from the middle, while Killjoy and KAY/O will provide cover from hidden players of the enemy teams.
AgentWin Rate
Duelist: Reyna49.2%
Sentinel: Killjoy49.8%
Controller: Brimstone50.2%
Initiator: Sova 49%
Initiator: KAY/O 45.1%


Pearl Valorant map
Map from

Pearl can be a tricky card for players who prefer to play with randoms. Numerous passages and choke points require map knowledge and control, and the wide mid-zone leaves players vulnerable to snipers and lurkers.

  • Since this map has complex geography and a lot of places out of sight, Cypher, Astra and Fade will be very useful here. Cypher and Fade will be able to collect information about the enemy and not endanger the team, and Astra, with the help of her stars, will be able to set traps for unwary players.
  • KAY/O is an excellent Initiator on his own and will do well on this map. When paired with Astra, they can combine their skills and prevent the enemy from entering, planting, or defusing. Thus, I call this tandem the best Valorant team comp for this map.
  • Neon is an excellent duelist for Pearl due to her speed and ability to defend territory. Her wall provides a safe entry point that limits vision from the numerous angles, and her stun and sprint allow her to get several rebounds when used correctly.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Neon49.1%
Sentinel: Cypher46.8%
Controller: Astra49.1%
Initiator: KAY/O 48.8%
Initiator: Fade49%


Split Valorant Map
Map from

Split takes us to Japantown, whose main feature is a pair of sites separated by an overpass in the center, accessed by two rope ladders. At each site there is a structure, the control of which is very important. Obviously, this influences the selection of the best agents for this map in Valorant.

  • The duo of Raze and Jett will be the basis for quickly rushing into battle and causing maximum damage. Also, instead of Jett, Deadlock could be a good pairing for Raze.
  • Sage will provide a pair of duelists with reliable protection thanks to his wall and orbs. He can not only block mid but also cover more territory.
  • Omen will be an additional support since his smokes are great for this map. His smoke drops and blindness are also great for quickly moving between sites and redeploying.
  • Sage is the best Sentinel agent for this map in Valorant as his improved ultimate reveals enemies twice, and his utilities are ideal for both starting a fight and defending and retreating. His trips can also block duelists and initiators of the enemy team, and his spycam is always useful for reconnaissance.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Raze 51%
Duelists: Jett49%
Sentinel: Cypher 49%
Sentinel: Sage 50.5%
Controller: Omen50%


Breeze Valorant mapf
Map from

Breeze is a tropical island with old ruins and caves. The map has wide areas for long-range combat, so cover and flank control play an important role, as well as many access points for maneuvers and tactical actions.

  • Since Breeze is a huge map with open spaces, you will need a very agile duelist. Jett or Reyna would be good candidates for this role.
  • Viper will be the key hero in this Valorant team comp since control is very important on this map, and her wall and smoke utils are ideal for this.
  • Sova and KAY/O are a popular combo on this map and are often used in the professional scene. Despite the large size of the map, they have all the necessary utilities for successfully positioning the enemy.
  • Chamber is also a very popular choice on this map as he can easily cover a fairly large area.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Jett49.1%
Sentinel: Chamber48.9%
Controller: Viper49.1%
Initiator: Sova 48.5%
Initiator: KAY/O45.7%


Bind Valorant Map
Map from

Bind is a map to unleash the capabilities of lurkers and snipers thanks to medium-length corridors. The map consists of two sites, no middle ground, and one-way teleports.

  • Since there are several entry points on the map, which can be both an advantage and a vulnerability, reliable defense is extremely important. Brimstone should definitely be on your Valorant team comp.
  • Astra and Sage will provide support, covering corners and preventing push thanks to Astra’s stars combined with Skye’s ultimate and Sage’s wall.
  • Skye and Raze will be the attacking duo in this composition. Skye’s flashes and wolf can curve into corners, and Raze deals devastating damage to the enemy.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Raze49.3%
Sentinel: Sage49.3%
Controller: Brimstone 49.7%
Controller: Astra 48.1%
Initiator: Skye48.4%


Icebox Valorant map
Map from

Icebox is a fairly balanced map with plenty of opportunities to outwit your opponent. The map has vertical ziplines to quickly move and climb to spike sites. Keep this in mind when choosing the best agents for each map in Valorant.

  • Viper is a nice choice here as her wall provides excellent cover wherever you place it.
  • Killjoy paired with Viper will provide the best defense on this map and will pose a threat to any enemy.
  • Sova here is a classic Initiator due to her recon abilities. 
  • Sage is a good support position since she can revive fallen comrades, and her wall and slowing sphere distract the enemy.
AgentWin Rate
Sentinel: Killjoy49.6%
Sentinel: Chamber48.9%
Controller: Viper49.3% 
Initiator: Sova 48.3% 
Initiator: Sage 49.2%


Fracture Valorant map
Map from

Fracture consists of many corridor labyrinths that require detailed knowledge of the map. This map combines head-on encounters with attackers with alternating defense strengthening. Defenders appear in the center, and attackers move along ziplines. Despite this, attackers have an advantage due to numerous options for initiating an attack.

  • With a large number of entry points on the map, Brimstone is a great choice due to the flexible smoke placement.
  • Fade, Breach and Brimstone form the best team comp for this Valorant map that can not only suppress the enemy and gather important information but also provide a window of opportunity for Raze and Chamber to exit.
  • Chamber and Breach will prevent enemy push attempts, and Breach and Fade will strengthen the defense with excellent ultimate abilities.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Raze 48.9% 
Sentinel: Chamber50% 
Controller: Brimstone49.9% 
Initiator: Breach48.1%
Initiator: Fade48.5% 


Lotus Valorant map
Map from

Lotus is an interesting map that has unique mechanics and many opportunities to implement your strategy. There are three sites on the map, swing doors, and destructible barriers. In my opinion, this map requires good team synergy, quick adaptation, and early map control. So, choose the best Valorant agents for this map wisely. 

  • The many areas that divide this map are ideal for a duelist like Jett.
  • In this Valorant team comp, the new agent Harbor will perform well. Thanks to his abilities, he will be able to easily penetrate enemy territory and also defend well. 
  • Flexible blinds of Skye and Trailblazer pave the way for safe penetration.
  • Skye will act as a scout here as she can check angles without putting the team in danger. 
  • Viper’s ultimate will significantly reduce enemy vision, which is very important for such large maps.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Jett 51% 
Sentinels: Killjoy50.6% 
Controller: Harbor49.7% 
Controller: Viper50% 
Initiator: Skye49.7% 


Haven Valorant map
Map from

Haven is considered a difficult map due to the complicated defense of some sites, but overall, it is a balanced map with equal opportunities for both attackers and defenders. Quick map control will provide a reliable advantage for either team.

  • Breach and Skye will pair up and start a battle.
  • Jett will act as the main damage dealer, supported by Skye’s flashes and Breach abilities such as Fault Line.
  • Omen will be the most effective controller on this map as he will provide reliable cover thanks to his smoke range and teleport ability.
  • Killjoy would also be among the best agents for this map in Valorant as her abilities are great for blocking an area, allowing Omen and Skye to scout other areas.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Jett48.2% 
Sentinel: Killjoy49.8% 
Controller: Omen47.9%
Initiator: Skye48.2%
Initiator: Breach47.9%


Sunset Valorant map
Map from

Sunset is one of the favorite maps among players, including me. It features a traditional layout: two sites and three lanes. The map provides players with ample opportunities to implement various strategies with a balance towards the attacking side, since it is more convenient for them to attack from several sides simultaneously.

  • Raze is one of the best duelists and performs well on this map both in attack and defense. Paint Shells and Boom-bot are great for taking control of the map.
  • Sunset is a map where lurkers do well, so Cypher will fit perfectly into this Valorant team comp. When attacking, his variety of utilities will give him an advantage. The lack of restrictions on the range of utilities allows him to easily follow the flank while maintaining his position.
  • Omen, thanks to his smokes and teleport, is excellent at controlling the map and will provide an advantage for his team.
  • Fade will be very valuable both in scouting and when paired with Breach as a second Initiator. H can provide opportunities for effective Raze bursts.
AgentWin Rate
Duelists: Raze48.9%
Sentinel: Cypher50.5%
Controller: Omen49.2%
Initiator: Breach48.3%
Initiator: Fade49.2%

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Valorant is great because it offers a lot of flexibility when creating team compositions. By combining different skills and trying different strategies, you can play effectively both offensively and defensively. In this article I have analyzed the best Valorant team comps for various maps. However, don’t forget to experiment and find the best combinations for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Most Powerful Agent In Valorant?


Raze is considered to be the most powerful agent in Valorant and thus many consider her to be the best agent for every map in Valorant.

How To Choose The Best Valorant Agent For Each Map?


Try the Valorant team comps proposed in this guide, check the current meta and what percentage of wins each agent has on which map. And don’t be afraid to try and experiment — maybe you’ll find the perfect composition that won’t be in the meta but will be effective for your playstyle.