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GameTree Community Spotlight #2 For Artists – Know The Rules!


We received over 80 responses to our previous Community Spotlight, so thank you to everyone that participated! If you want to know who the winners were for that event, just follow this link to find out. Now, there’s is a new Community Spotlight Event ready, and this time, the theme is…


There are so many types of people that create fantastic art of all the games we love. From drawing, paintings, sculptures, clothing and everything in between, we want to see you shine and show off your art to everyone! But before you enter, be aware of the rules and what prizes you’ll get.


  1. This month’s community spotlight starts from 10/5/20 and lasts until 10/16/20. You have until then to enter.
  2. Fill out this form!
  3. You must be a GameTree user, and have reached at least level 2 inside the GameTree platform to enter.
  4. 3 winners will be chosen at random and after a review of their art to see that you are legit!
  5. When you send a sample of your art, be sure it is an original work done by yourself. Fan art or recreations are okay, as long as you made them.
  6. The art you submit doesn’t have to be just drawings. It can also be paintings, costumes, sculptures, or anything visual that looks pretty. The world is your oyster!


  1. We will post about your content once across all of our social media channels.
  2. We will write an article about the three winners’ stories as creators, based on the answers on the form!
  3. You will earn an exclusive ‘Highlighted Hero’ badge (see below).
  4. You will earn 2000 bonus experience.
  5. If you have a live streaming page where you broadcast yourself working on your art, we will autohost you until the next Community Spotlight Event.

Good luck!