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We created GameTree to help gamers connect and socialize with like-minded people with similar interests. Our users trust us to help them find new games to obsess over and, thanks to our advanced personality-matching algorithm, new gamer friends to play with.

We know that online dating can be particularly challenging for gamers and feel you, so today we are announcing a new feature designed to take our matching technology to the next level: the honeymoon suite! 

GameTree’s UwU – A Revolutionizing Gamer Dating App

Introducing GameTree’s UwU, baked right into the GameTree experience you hopefully already know and love. We have a completely different take on what makes a good dating app for gamers. 


We are an entity known as a public benefit corporation. What this means is that we can legally pursue a greater mission, to look out for the well-being of our community, alongside profit. We don’t have to build our app to maximize profit – we can legally give people the best tools to help them find romantic partners. 

So, what exactly did we do to become a “Tinder for gamers”, but with a much more meaningful connection.

Top-tier Curation

The GameTree platform’s success is built on our ability to understand who you are as a person – with UwU, we’re going even deeper. 

When you access UwU you may complete three tests… 

1 – The Personal Values Test

Our personal values test increases the probability that your match shares similar values to your own. As this informs better compatibility, we want to ensure that these potential connections appear first.  


2 – The Personality Test

This test is designed to help match gamers who will complement each other. This means different, but compatible, strengths and weaknesses to ensure good chemistry and teamwork. We are continually refining and optimizing the weighting of test questions based on how well people are connecting. We also offer suggestions on video games to play with girlfriend or boyfriend that you both would be interested in.


If you’re as interested in personalities as we are, be sure to check out our wiki for gamer personality types

3 – Gamer DNA Test

As gaming is the central passion around which all of our friendships, connections, and relationships are made on GameTree – of course we also have a gamer-focused test. We believe that gaming is a great social activity to get to know someone, and this test is designed to help find people who can partner you on your next MMORPG raid as well as in life. 


Compatibility First

UwU’s big difference from every other app is that we match based on compatibility first. Most other apps match, if doing any curation besides just demographics, based on physical desirability – it’s almost as if they want only skin-deep connections. Most don’t even do this straightforwardly i.e. showing you more/less desirable people you won’t match. 

Currently, we weigh desirability low in our matching algorithm because while it is always a factor, we consider people as more than just how good they can look in a few well-staged photos. 

Quality Over Quantity

One of the trappings of online dating is that there’s always someone else around the corner. 

Imagine going on a date at a restaurant (back when that was a thing) and every few minutes another suitor would sit down at the table. Followed by another and then another and then another. 

It’s hard enough finding a great match, in a world full of options it actually makes it so much harder to focus on one person. 

To help, we limited your potential matches to 3 per day on the free plan, and 10 per day on the paid plan. Remember, these are not random matches – they are the best matches for you, so take them seriously. If you want to swipe (or for women, receive) 1,000 people in an hour, that’s what Tinder is for. 


With UwU we believe in encouraging users to really get to know who they connect with. To explore those matches and see if there is potential for a romantic connection. 

Speaking of our plans…

Find Your Perfect Player Without Breaking The Bank

Other dating sites for gamers (and non-gamers) are focused on keeping you hooked for as long as possible. Their premium monthly subscriptions are eye-wateringly expensive, especially if you stay on for several months at a time. On top of that, as a man you’ll still barely be noticed without additional pay-to-win spotlight boosts.

With GameTree’s UwU dating, we offer a LifeTime Discount payment model of $49. One payment to unlock all UwU premium features (today, and further improvements to come) for life. 

Let’s see how that compares to the competition. 

No Ads

Yup, right now we’re not even doing ads. We may make some concessions to keep our business operational, but know that we are committed to ensuring that we don’t tie our financial incentive to stopping you from finding your love. 

It’s better to make a little less money, and live a genuinely meaningful life than blindly maximize profit. Who knows, with the shifts towards purpose-driven consumption, maybe this will become the next way to maximize profit. 

Fully Integrated 

UwU is not a separate app. For gamers who already use GameTree, UwU sits seamlessly on our platform. If you don’t opt-in to use UwU – the GameTree experience you know and love will be exactly as it is now. 

The Necessity Of Gamer Dating App In Today’s World

So, in this part, I’m going to cover why dating apps are fundamentally designed to keep us single, and then show you how we’re trying to solve each of these problems to provide nothing less than the best dating site/app for gamers. Period. 

Online Dating Revolutionized How We Meet Our Partners

As a hyper-social species, our relationships are arguably the most important thing in our lives (alongside health). They are often our greatest source of love, validation, security, joy, reproduction, and even identity; as you become increasingly similar to the people you spend time with. 

Today, online dating sites are the primary venue by which people meet. The old joke of needing to come up with a plausible alternate story for “how we met”, because society just won’t understand “on Tinder” is really not necessary anymore.

In fact, meeting first in the real world is rapidly becoming the “weirder” or at least rarer circumstance. 

So, if dating apps are so common – why are amazing connections so rare? 

I have a theory and it goes a little something like this…

Why You Suck At Online Dating (spoiler: it’s probably not your fault) 

The reason why the “best” dating sites (mostly) don’t work is simple – corporations are required to maximize the benefit of their stakeholders. In capitalism, this “fiduciary duty” means that there is a legal requirement to maximize profit for investors.

And how do they make money?

All have subscriptions. Some also have ads. All want you there as long as possible. 

And guess how they achieve that – that’s right, by making it hard for you to find someone because as soon as you do, you won’t need them anymore.

Helping us to efficiently find a romantic partner, at the expense of profit, is literally illegal and they can be sued by their stakeholders/investors if decisions are made that result in losing customers. 

The real game is to trick us with the illusion that they are on our side: Helping us to find what we are looking for, while actually providing as little value as possible. 

Most Popular Dating Apps And Why They Don’t Work For Gamers

Now let’s break down all the most popular dating apps that gamers use and let’s take a look at why they are not really suitable for our needs.


Hinge, which was supposedly “designed to be deleted”, generally shows matches that are below your level so the relationships won’t work. Meanwhile, their Rose feature allows you to contact only one person per week above your level. And that person is unlikely to respond (don’t worry it’s only $3.99 to buy an additional rose). 

Also, even on the paid subscription, after your first free matches, there is a drastic plummet in quality for all your additional unlimited matches for the rest of the day. 

Also, also, 24-hour Superboosts for only $19.99. Weeeee!

Thanks, Hinge. 


OkCupid recently made their app purposely worse by removing the ability to sort your best matches first. They also reduced keyword searching (only a small percentage of user profiles are searched each time) to limit your ability to discover good matches, so you have to check every day and use the app longer. 

We like looking at attractive people, so another common tactic is to show these people over and over again even though they are unlikely to ever see your Likes. One woman I know got 6,000 likes overnight when she signed up for OkCupid. As a man, that’s more Likes than I’ve received in my entire 10 years on dating apps, and off 😳.

Women have to struggle to filter through a zombie horde, while guys have the opposite problem – they have to fight the horde to just get their profile noticed.


Tinder, the most famous dating app, has similar issues but at least they have settled on a reputation of being a hookup app (at least in some places in the world). Tinder isn’t even pretending it will find you love or a great match anymore. As a man though, there are still the host of other problems including not being seen without paid boosts (even with a subscription). Can you say pay-to-win?

It’s a game and the final level is your bedroom. XD

Match Group 

Never heard of Match Group? They created the original online dating platform, match.com. 

They also own Hinge. And OKCupid. And Tinder. And 42 others.

Yup, they are an actual monopoly. A big business cranking out apps that seem different, but with the same goal in mind: sell false hope to the masses. 

The only mainstream dating app that’s not owned by Match Group is Bumble, which essentially copied their shitty business model with a weak feminist twist and it’s now about to go public in an IPO.

But okay, before I get called a hater, let me be kind for a moment as I answer the question I can FEEL many of you shouting at me:

“I met my partner on Tinder/Bumble/OKCupid, so you’re wrong. Idiot!” 

A bit mean… but, a good point. 

To be successful, there has to be a perception that dating apps work. So there will always be success stories (although the apps hope they don’t last long) and, given the number of people and time spent on these apps, some good matches are inevitable. 

But, like gambling in Vegas – an individual might strike it lucky but the casino is going to win in the long run. 

In the context of dating sites, that means you don’t find good matches but it feels like you can. 

So you keep using them. And they keep earning. 

Ultimately, we see this as a problem of curation and incentive. But with GameTree’s UwU we think we‘ve found a solution. 

UwU: A Different Way For Gamers to Date

GameTree is fundamentally different from Match Group’s portfolio of romance/hookup platforms. 

The UwU app update was secretly rolled out to existing users a month ago and we’re already receiving great feedback like:

“I’m very happy I downloaded GameTree, I met the love of my life on there, I have made so many new friends from all over the world and in a time like now we need that in our lives.”

“I’m very thankful for GameTree, if I didn’t download it I wouldn’t have found my true love and I wouldn’t be as stress-free and happy as I am now. I honestly don’t know if anyone will actually read this but if you do thank you so much for giving my life the meaning I’ve always wanted but could never find..thank you.”

One more would be nice…

On a personal note, I even heard of a success story close to home – my brother’s sister-in-law just found a boyfriend on GameTree’s UwU dating.  

Starting today, GameTree’s UwU dating becomes available to all. We hope that UwU can help gamers like you find genuine connections, and possibly even help to shift our expectations of the online dating industry towards a more healthy and effective model: one that puts people first. 

Games that keep you playing are entertainment. Dating sites that keep you “playing” are just evil. 

Had enough of sleazy dating apps? Head here to sign up for UwU.

The Gamer Dating App

Made by gamers for gamers. If you’re a real fan of games – if it is your passion and you want to share it with a partner, why sift through tons of non-gamer dating profiles when that’s not what you’re looking for?

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