13 Best Social Media Platforms For Gamers In 2024

The 13 Top Gamer Social Media Platforms To Use 2024

Best Gamer Social Media

Playing video games is no longer niche and decried entertainment. Today, it is a huge industry that attracts people of different ages, from different countries, and with different tastes and preferences. Although there is a stereotype that gamers are always introverts, in fact, they have a need to communicate with other gamers, get acquainted, discuss games, and unite in teams to play cooperative games. I myself am an active video game player and constantly read various social media for gamers to keep up to date. In this article, I want to introduce you a little more to this market and talk about its features.

The Importance of Using Social Media For Gamers

I suppose many will agree that gamers comprise a distinct segment of the social media audience. They are absolutely indifferent to some things that are important to many and are very active in everything related to digital entertainment. As an avid gamer, I stay informed on the latest news, engage in discussions, connect with other players, and more. This is what social media for gamers is for.

Statistics On Popularity Of Gamer Social Media Sites

​​You may have never even thought about it, but gamer social media accounts for a large portion of the overall market. According to Trend Newzoo, there were almost 3 billion gamers worldwide at the end of 2020. This means that almost every second inhabitant of the Earth plays video games in one way or another. Naturally, most of them use social networks to find out news, communicate with other gamers, and be in the community. According to Statista, the five best social media for gamers in the United States are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Discord. 

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Below, I will tell you more about these and other gamer social networking platforms, where you can freely communicate with other gamers and consume content that interests you as a gamer.

The 13 Best Gaming Social Media Platforms

What is the best gaming social network for you? For me, it’s a platform that provides an opportunity to find out the latest (and verified) news about upcoming games, read exclusive content, and discuss it with others in a safe and friendly atmosphere. The last point is especially important since some platforms only allow subscribers to consume the content but not to interact with each other. So, below are my 13 best gamer social media platforms, which I use the most often.


GameTree social platform for gamers
  • Format: Web Application, iOS and Android Apps
  • Pricing: Free to use forever, Premium options that expand functionality
  • Supported Platforms/Titles: All platforms including Tabletop, All games
  • Main Features: Friend Finder, LFG, Game Sessions, Game Recommendations, Personality and Gamer Values Tests, Curated Hangouts, Voice Chat

Being both a GameTree team member and an avid user, I can confidently say it’s more than just another platform in the gaming universe. It’s like that rare legendary item you stumble upon in a game – invaluable and unique.

Friend-finding on GameTree goes beyond just shared game interests. Ever been matched up with a player and regretted it five minutes in? We’ve got you. With our personality tests, we ensure that you’re paired with folks whose gaming vibes (and general vibes) align with yours. This means less toxicity and more genuine camaraderie.

But the features don’t stop there. With curated hangouts, you can dive into niche communities or discussions, making it easier to find your tribe. For those who are all about organization (or just tired of the last-minute “Who’s online?” texts), our platform provides a way to plan game sessions. Mark your calendars, and let the games begin!

Of course, what’s gaming without some real-time banter and strategy discussions? GameTree’s voice chat lets you communicate effortlessly. Whether you’re planning the next raid or just having a laugh about a wild in-game moment, it’s as seamless as it gets.

A quick side-by-side with other platforms:

  • Friend Finding: While many platforms connect you to gamers, GameTree introduces you to potential gaming buddies for life.
  • Game Recommendations: Beyond just views and trends, GameTree pinpoints games that resonate with your preferences.

To wrap it up, if you’re searching for a gaming home that truly understands and celebrates every facet of the gamer life, GameTree is where you want to be. Come for the games, stay for the unmatched community experience.


I often watch various gaming videos on YouTube, a huge social media platform. As soon as I get stuck at some point in the game, I open YouTube to watch the walkthrough. In addition, there are many reviews on YouTube from gaming bloggers, analyses, and news in special gaming channels. For me, the disadvantages of YouTube are the presence of advertising and the lack of live interaction between subscribers and content creators.



Facebook is one of the largest social networks on the planet. On Facebook, you will also find a lot of groups and pages dedicated to gaming. For example, League of Legends has over 14.7 million followers on their Facebook page. People discuss the game, share tips, and get to know each other in the comments. In addition, you can post gaming videos on Facebook and start live streaming.


Though it’s not a dedicated social media for gamers, it is still a well-known website and app with its own audience. Most games have Instagram accounts where they share news, run competitions, and have paid partnerships with influencers. Experts consider Instagram one of the main platforms for building relationships with players.


This is a communication application that has gained remarkable popularity among gamers. There are chats and voice chats in Discord. It is a low-resource gamer social networking messenger. Here, players can create different channels and rooms to communicate as they progress through the game or even organize local tournaments with moderators. There are also gaming news channels on Discord that you can join to keep up with your favorite games.


When talking about gaming social platforms, we should not forget about TikTok. This is a relatively new social network with a mostly young audience. On TikTok, people often share gameplay videos, memes, and some funny moments. Many game publishers also have their own TikTok accounts where they share news.


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Twitch was created as a social media for gamers engaged in video streaming. If you like to watch others play or want to try yourself as a streamer, this social network is for you. Also, here, you will find various gaming channels that you can subscribe to. You can communicate with other players in comments or private messages.


To be honest, this messenger is far from the most popular social media site for gamers. And in general, Snapchat is gradually losing its position in the messenger market. However, you can also find gaming channels and discuss news and games with other players here. If you already have some gaming friends, you can create chats on Snapchat with them, no matter what country they live in.

Twitter (X)

X (formerly Twitter) is another large social network that is actively used by gamers. Twitter is great for sharing your thoughts and ideas, video clips, and tips. Gaming companies also have their own pages on X, where they share announcements and gaming news.


For a long time, Reddit has been one of the main social media for gamers. In fact, this is one big hub for various communities. They are divided into branches called subreddits.

Users create their own entries in subreddits. You can write anything there, share your thoughts, or invite other users to discussions on this social site for gamers. Subreddits have moderators who have some control over the conversation. Many games have their own subreddits on Reddit dedicated to different topics. For example, in one subreddit, players discuss their gaming experiences; in another, they share their playthroughs of a particular level.


Image Credit: store.steampowered.com

If you prefer playing games on a PC, then you probably use Steam. It’s not only a game store but a gaming social media platform. There is a built-in chat where you can chat with other players. You can send invitations to co-op games directly on Steam. It is very convenient, as you immediately get into the game lobby where your friend is waiting.

PlayStation Network

If you play games mostly on your PlayStation, then you should check out the PlayStation Network. In this gamer social networking service, you can send invitations to join the game session and communicate with friends using chat and voice. You can also buy new games and additional content here. Yet, I must say that the PlayStation Network is a bit outdated and not as convenient for chatting as GameTree or Discord, for example.

Xbox Live

This gaming social platform is only suitable for those who play on Xbox, which certainly narrows the audience. On Xbox Live, you can also send invitations to friends, chat, and buy new games and DLCs in a few clicks. However, if you are playing on Xbox and your friend is playing the same game on PS, you will not be able to chat live through the built-in applications and will have to use a third-party messenger.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gaming Social Network For You

The choice of a gamer social network depends primarily on your expectations and preferences. As a rule, players do not stop at just one platform and use several services at once. Here are some tips on choosing the best social media platform for gamers from me as an experienced player:

  • If you play on only one specific platform (PC, PlayStation, Xbox), you can use that platform’s built-in messenger to connect with other players.
  • If you primarily want to be able to communicate with other players in voice chats during co-op sessions, GameTree and Discord are definitely the way to go.
  • X, Facebook, and Instagram are suitable for keeping up with news from gaming companies and your favorite players.
  • If you enjoy watching people play, you can check out Twitch and YouTube.
  • If you want to get everything in one, find out gaming news, meet other players, and plan co-op sessions with players worldwide, you should head to GameTree, a versatile social media app for gamers.


In this article, I described 13 popular gamer social networks and services. However, there are actually many more of them, and everyone can find a community to their liking. Whatever your choice, you will surely enjoy plunging into the gaming world and meeting other players from different parts of the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Gamer Social Networking Important?


This is important because players want to communicate with other gamers, share gaming experiences, and agree on joint playthroughs of multiplayer and cooperative games.

Are There Any Gaming Social Media Apps?


Sure! Many of the services described above have their gaming social media apps. In addition, GameTree has a dedicated app specially designed for iOS and Android users.

What Social Platform Do Most Gamers Use?


According to Statista, most players use YouTube, Facebook and Instagram among all social networking gaming platforms.

Why Do Gamers Use Social Media?


Gamers follow the pages of other players and games on social media to be aware of the latest news, chat with other gamers, discuss some issues, and find partners for cooperative playthroughs.

What Is The Best Social Network For Gamers?


In my opinion, the best gamer social media is GameTree, as it includes all in one: gamer friend finding, discussions, game recommendations, voice and text chats, invitations for co-ops, etc. It’s a versatile app available both for iOS and Android.