Valorant vs CS2: Who Rules the FPS Realm in 2024?

Valorant vs. CS2 (Counter Strike 2): Which One Is a Better Shooter

Valorant VS CS2: get to know the answer to the eternal question of who rules the FPS realm

đź’ˇ Highlights

  • Valorant is a character-based tactical shooter released in 2020 by Riot Games, while CS2 is the latest version of the classic Counter-Strike series released in 2023 by Valve.
  • Valorant has unique agent abilities and vibrant colors, while CS2 focuses on realistic shooting mechanics and traditional Counter-Strike gameplay.
  • Valorant runs on 128-tick servers with the Vanguard anti-cheat system, while CS2 uses 64-tick servers.
  • Valorant is more popular in 2024 with over 6.6 million concurrent players, compared to 1.8 million for CS2.
  • The choice between Valorant and CS2 depends on personal preference, with both games offering excellent FPS experiences.

I started playing CS when I was studying in high school and I’m doing it now. Now, after almost twenty years, there are many more great shooters. However, not to diminish the advantages of other games in this category, in my opinion, in 2024, there are only two games that can compete for the title of FPS king. So, meet the Valorant vs CS2 battle.

Of course, everyone chooses what they like, and it is impossible to tell for sure which shooter is better. As soon as they say, “Valorant is the best,” opponents with different opinions will immediately appear. In this article, you will find an unbiased comparison of both games and choose where to start — CS2 or Valorant. At the end, we will also tell you how to find teammates for both games no matter what level you are at (spoiler alert: you can obviously find them at GameTree). So, let’s go!

General Facts About Valorant and CS2

Even if you are new to the realm of first-person shooters, you have probably heard about Valorant and Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). Both games have thousands of fans and are worthy representatives of esports. But what makes these games so popular? Let’s start with the basics.



Valorant is developed by Riot Games, which already says a lot. In 2009, the company released the legendary League of Legends, and in 2019 — its mobile version. In 2020, the developers finally finished and released a new shooter — Valorant. It combines tactical shooter mechanics with character-based play. We will discuss all these details in the relevant sections below.

The principle of the game is quite simple: a team consists of 5 people (agents) who have unique abilities. In the game, it is important to not only shoot well but also be able to use your character’s skills. It is difficult to reach high levels in Valorant without knowing how to work as a team. Is Valorant better than CS2? Only if we take some technical aspects. For example, the game runs on servers with a rate of 128 ticks and uses the modern Vanguard anti-cheat system. So, it’s not that easy to cheat there. 

Basic facts: 

  • Released in 2020; 
  • Shooter with character-based features;
  • Team of 5 people; 
  • 128-tick servers. 

CS2 and CS:GO


It’s too early to disregard the legendary Counter-Strike — the game has many advantages and a large army of fans. CS2 is the latest version of the legendary series that essentially created the FPS genre. It is based on its predecessor CS:GO but has more intense gameplay.

Unlike Valorant, the main focus of the developers was on tactics, bomb disposal scenarios, and hostage rescue. As a player with many years of experience, I will say that at pro levels, you need extreme accuracy and deep knowledge of maps.

The game was created by another famous company Valve, and the last version was released just recently, so many gamers contemplate over transition from Valorant to CS2. Just like Val, it is completely free. The game runs on 64-tick servers, which is slightly worse in terms of anti-cheating. 

Basic facts:

  • Released in 2023 (last version);
  • Classical FPS;
  • Team of 5 people; 
  • 64-tick servers.

Valorant VS CS2: Gameplay Comparison

When I first opened Valoran, it felt like I was playing a slightly redesigned CS game. The shooters are really similar at first glance. Both are played from the first person with teams and similar objectives. But when you start looking into the details, you notice many differences. This is true both for CS2 and CS:GO vs Valorant comparisons. 

Thus, Val’s graphics are more refined and detailed. Each agent is unique, making the game visually pleasing. At the same time, CS2 focuses more on realistic shooting and dynamic details. For me, excitement and speed are more important than the visual aspect, but each player has their preferences. Do you want to understand the differences between the games? See the details in the text below. 

Breaking Down Key Differences Between CS2 and Valorant

True fans can talk about these two great games endlessly. Not to waste your time and provide clear answers to possible questions, we have divided the technical part of our Valorant vs CS2 review into seven sections: core mechanics, story, game design, agents and abilities, weapons, game economy, and eSports scene. Let’s dive even deeper!

Core Mechanics

Is Valorant like CS2 in terms of core mechanics? Not at all. Games have fairly similar shooting mechanics but not the same. True, fans of the Val claim that shooting in Valorant is much more accurate. In addition, the game boasts different styles. So, I prefer to get close to enemies and use sprays, while many of my friends like to shoot from a long distance.

Also, it is important to note the opinion of the CS veterans (to whom I belong) that CS2 is the most complex shooter in history from a mechanical point of view. It is really difficult to hit, but with proper training, it brings great pleasure. Counter-Strike requires quick thinking, instant reactions, and a good understanding of where to aim. 


  • Smoother;
  • Easier to hit the enemy;
  • The average level of difficulty. 


  • More rapid;
  • Requires proper training (especially for pro levels);
  • Realistic shooting mechanics. 


The idea of Valorant is similar to CS2. You find yourself on a map where two teams of 5 people participate. One team attacks, and the other defends. The attackers will win if they can plant a bomb (in Valorant, it is called a “spike”). And the task of the defenders is to neutralize it or kill all those attacking. In general, the idea is quite simple, which is good for a shooter.

Visuals and Game Design

Let’s be honest: we don’t play FPS games for the sake of design. However, beautiful skins and maps add to the satisfaction of good shooting. Valorant vs CS2 is, in some sense, a competition of different approaches to design. Counter-Strike faithfully adheres to tradition and maintains a more brutal and strict style that matches the entire series of games. Valorant features vibrant colors, clear details, and nice smoothing. If you watch another person play, you might momentarily forget that this is not a science-fiction film with flashy special effects. 


  • Bright
  • Smooth
  • More detailed 


  • Brutal 
  • Traditional 
  • Dynamic 

Agents and Abilities

Agents and abilities are, perhaps, the aspect that differs the most in the Valorant vs CS2 confrontation. Let’s start with a younger shooter. In Val, each agent is unique and can do things other players cannot. This adds a certain strategic complexity to the game: victory depends not only on the skills of shooting and maneuvering but also on the ability to cooperate.

In CS2, all agents are the same but can use different weapons. Here, you will definitely need the ability to skillfully use machine guns and grenades. The personal efficiency of players and the ability to quickly react to what is happening on the map come to the fore.

One conclusion comes to mind: the one who plays with great players wins. I was looking for a team to play Valorant through GameTree. There, by the way, you can find teammates, friends, and people who are willing to share their best gaming practices. Check it out and let’s move to the weapons section.


  • Unique agents;
  • Complex abilities; 
  • Strategy-oriented. 


  • Same agents with different weapons;
  • Tactical teamwork is crucial;
  • Personal skills are at the fore.  


Valorant, unlike CS2, has fictional models of weapons. Of course, they look like regular CS items, but still, this is a completely different story. In the Val player’s arsenal, there are six types of weapons, the analogs of which are also well-known to CS2 players.

Among the guns, you can find a standard analog of the Glock-18, which has an automatic firing mode. The Ghost is very similar to the CT USP-S weapon. When it comes to rifles, Valorant has a FAMAS Bulldog equivalent. There is also an analog M4A1-S weapon with a Phantom silencer.

Since Valorant is more focused on player abilities, there are no grenades like CS2 has. Of course, agents can blind the enemy or blow smoke. I prefer the classic approach of fighting with pistols and grenades, but this is a matter of taste. 


  • SMGs 
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Machine guns 


  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • SMGs
  • Heavy weapons

Customization and Economy

Both Valorant and CS2 have an in-game economic system that allows you to purchase weapon skins. In Val, they have different levels and unique details. However, all customization is limited to the initially programmed design. You can buy skins in the store or at the night market. For deep understanding, it is important to learn Valorant ranks compared to CS2.

In CS2 you also have the opportunity to upgrade your weapons. Additionally, players can add stickers to their guns. Rare items make weapons much more valuable. Players can also customize their gloves, a handy feature not found in the Val shooter. In general, both games have quite interesting economic systems that can increase the excitement and enjoyment of the game (if you use resources wisely). 

Valorant skin levels 

  • Select 
  • Deluxe 
  • Premium 
  • Ultra 
  • Exclusive 

CS2 skin levels 

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Mythical
  • Legendary
  • Ancient
  • Exceedingly Rare
  • Immortal: Contraband

Esports Scene

Although Valorant was released much later than CS, there is very intense competition between these games in eSports. There is no doubt that Val has seized the initiative and is developing rapidly. Now, there is no clear consensus among experts regarding the question, “Will CS2 allow a new shooter to take the throne or not?”

Tournaments for both games are held regularly. The number of professional teams in the Counter Strike vs Valorant world is large. However, there is a difference. Val is more focused on a clear system of leagues and global tournaments, and in the CS world, there are many more independent competitions. The dispute about the winner is still far from being resolved — we will monitor the situation.


  • International leagues;
  • China league; 
  • Valorant masters; 
  • Valorant champions. 


  • BLAST Premier;
  • ESL Pro League;
  • CCT Global Finals. 

Things We Love About Valorant that CS2 Doesn’t Offer

​​The unique abilities of Valorant’s agents and the vibrant aesthetic are two of the game’s main selling points. They give us the opportunity to evaluate a shooter not only as a battle arena but also as a beautiful design project. To some extent, Valoran has its Universe with unique weapons, skins, and maps. Another plus is working on servers with a frequency of 128 ticks. For professionals, this matters. 

What You Won’t Find in Valorant But Will in CS2

CS2 offers a high level of tactical gunplay and gun realism. It requires a lot of skill to win, which makes the game extremely fun. An important factor is the long history and close-knit community. Well, in the end, many veterans are simply not ready to exchange the good old CS for something new. 

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Final Thoughts

The choice between Valorant and CS2 depends on personal preference. I play both, but more often CS. Maybe it’s because I’ve known this game for over ten years. However, I am ready to admit that Val is the only FPS that can compete with Counter-Strike. I think you need to try both, and let me know which one you prefer in the end!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Valorant More Popular Than CS2?


Yes, as of 2024 Valorant's soaring popularity is undeniable, with the game reaching a staggering all-time high of 6,627,830 concurrent players. In contrast, Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), Valve's recent release, peaked at a mere 1,802,853 players.
CS has been in the lead for a long time, but Valorant, with its unique characteristics, is quickly attracting new fans.

Is CS2 Harder Than Valorant?


In terms of gunplay, CS2 may seem more difficult. The game requires a lot of practice to learn how to win and reach high levels. However, the difficulty of Valorant lies in the ability to skillfully use the advantages of agents and make the most of their capabilities.

Which Is Better: CS2 or Valorant?


It is not possible to answer, is Valorant better than CS2? Both games are simply amazing and have large armies of fans. To choose what will be “best” for you, try them both. And some will probably never be able to choose and will happily play both shooters!