Counter Strike 2 Vs Call Of Duty: Key Differences And Similarities Explained

Counter Strike 2 Vs Call Of Duty: Which Game Is Better And Which One To Play In 2024

Call of Duty and Counter-Strike 2, two giants in the FPS (first-person shooter) genre, are extremely popular on all continents right now.

💡 Highlights

  • The two games are aimed at different audiences and do not compete. 
  • While CS2 is a conservative FPS, CoD provides more game modes and experiences.
  • The core of Counter-Strike always remains the same, with rare updates. Call of Duty pleases gamers with new content consistently.
  • In CS2, having a solid team is crucial. In CoD, playing solo is possible.
  • CS2 is free to play, while you need to pay from $69 for Call of Duty.
  • Both Counter-Strike and Call of Duty are eSports disciplines, but CS2 has much more impact and popularity in this industry. 

Every time someone compares Counter-Strike vs Call of Duty, they run into a lot of discussions because every ardent player has their own opinion about which game is better. However, I took the risk of writing this review so that our GameTree users can get to know these two games better and decide which one will suit their gaming preferences.

Call of Duty and Counter-Strike 2, two giants in the FPS (first-person shooter) genre, are extremely popular on all continents right now. Yet, their appeal lies in their unique gameplay styles, attracting different audiences. Let’s explore these games further to see which one resonates more with your gaming style.

About Counter Strike 2 And Call Of Duty Games

Before comparing CS2 vs CoD, let’s start with some basics about these two games. 

Counter-Strike is a series of team-based first-person shooters that grew out of the Half-Life modification of the same name and dates back to 1999. Its main feature is the general focus on eSports with many events with huge prizes taking place every year. The second feature of Counter-Strike is the general conservatism, as almost all the game’s core elements have remained unchanged for more than 20 years. The new title of the legendary series is CS2. It was released in 2023 and replaced CS:GO (Global Offensive).

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter series that dates back to 2003. Since their inception, the games in the series have been dedicated to WW2. The series then moved away from this setting in favor of modern conflicts and occasionally returned to WW2. Currently, the latest game in the Call of Duty series is Modern Warfare III (2023). The CoD games typically include a single-player story mode, multiplayer with different game modes, and a cooperative zombie mode. Call of Duty is also presented in eSports, mainly in the US and Western Europe.

CS2 Vs CoD: Are The Games Alike?

As a big fan of shooters and a connoisseur of both games, I believe that CS2 and CoD are different. Honestly, there’s no point comparing Counter-Strike vs Call of Duty since they do not compete with each other. They have different audiences, but all shooter fans play both since these games offer different experiences and do not directly clash.

Key Differences Between CS2 And CoD

As I said, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike 2 are not similar, and yet they still have some things in common, such as the FPS genre. Well, let’s still try to look at them from different angles and see in what ways they are similar and how they differ. 


For any gamer that compares CoD vs CS:GO/CS2, the price is definitely among the main factors to consider. 

Counter-Strike 2 has a big advantage: it is free to play. Prime status costs $14.99 and includes separate matchmaking and competitive games.

Call of Duty costs an average of $69 for the base edition and more than $99 for the ultimate edition, which includes various bonuses for pre-order, season pass and early access.

Teamplay Dynamics

In Counter-Strike, team play is not just a strategy; it’s the game’s foundation. While playing solo with randoms can be effective at low ranks, it becomes increasingly challenging as you progress. Teamwork and constant communication are not just beneficial, they are critical. If you don’t have a team yet, platforms like GameTree can help you find like-minded players to assemble an effective team or join an existing one.

Call of Duty is different from CS:GO and CS2: there are many modes where your success often depends on individual skill. However, there are also team modes in which team chemistry will be a significant bonus. In general, it is desirable to have a ready squad to play Call of Duty, but it is not required. A solo player will have something to do there, and in many situations, personal skill will be enough if we are not talking about eSports.


Mechanical Skill

In Counter-Strike, the player’s mechanical skill plays a key role, and it’s not just about reaction and aiming. Factors like player movement, recoil control, and weapon choice are crucial.

In Call of Duty, the gameplay is dynamic and fast-paced, where quick movement takes precedence over mechanical skills. However, good aiming still holds its importance.

Therefore, when comparing CS2 vs CoD in terms of mechanical skills, Counter-Strike has a slightly higher entry threshold than Call of Duty.

Weapons And Progression

In Counter-Strike, weapons have no upgrades. Your success will depend on your skill and understanding of the in-game economy. Everyone has access to almost the same arsenal, so the match’s outcome depends on the players’ skills.

In CoD, everything is arranged differently, with weapons modifications and various perks. You will create a build to suit your playing style, improve weapons by adding attachments, and customize your inventory and perks. Finding the right build for your playing style and fine-tuning all equipment will be your constant activity, which will not least influence the match’s outcome.

In this case, your choice between Counter-Strike vs Call of Duty will depend on what you like more — improving your skill with equal conditions and a somewhat limited arsenal or finding the right build and fine weapon customization.


Call of Duty and Counter-Strike 2 have different approaches to matchmaking and are not similar to each other. I can’t definitely say that one of them is better in terms of matchmaking; they are just different.

In Counter-Strike, the ranking system is based on MR12: the first team to win 13 rounds wins. Players are rated based on their performance, and their level will influence future ranked matchmaking.

In CoD, matchmaking is based on SBMM: the system selects players of approximately the same skill level for a match, but the player’s rank is also considered, and a level 10 player will not be matched with a level 100 player.


Variety Of Content

Counter-Strike doesn’t often provide players with new content, especially when it comes to maps, weapons, or modes. Most often, various updates concern skins. But the fact is that this is not really necessary since the Counter-Strike audience is very conservative and rather negatively perceives any changes in the game.

In contrast to CS2, Call of Duty often delights players with new content, thanks to the constantly changing Battle Pass, daily packs in the store, and the monthly appearance of new weapons and characters.

If new content, various bonuses, and events are important to you, then CoD is better than CS2.


Counter-Strike is undoubtedly the leader in eSports, but Call of Duty is also a major player in this industry, with the most popularity in the US. However, if we compare Counter-Strike 2 vs Call of Duty within eSports, CS2 will be the leader since its scale and influence are not comparable to Call of Duty’s.

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Things We Particularly Enjoy In CS

  • One of the best competitive shooters. It is not only interesting to play but also to follow all the eSports movement around the game.
  • Balance and equal conditions for teams. The game has not changed much globally for more than 20 years. Not many new maps have been released, and even fewer new weapons have been released, but the game is perfectly balanced, and both teams are on equal terms.
  • Easy to start, hard to master. Counter-Strike 2 is very easy to start playing; everything is intuitive and made as simple and convenient as possible here. But just as it is easy to start playing Counter-Strike 2, it is not easy to start winning.
  • Conservative, old-school shooter. The game changed several engines and updated the graphics, but its essence, maps, shooting, and internal economy remained unchanged. Therefore, today, it is an original shooter that does not try to follow trends but goes its own way.

Features That We Like In CoD

  • Variety of content. When buying another game in the Call of Duty series, you essentially buy 3 different games: a story campaign, multiplayer with various modes, maps, and its own progression, and the Zombie mode, which is literally a separate game inside the game.
  • Fast-paced shooter. The game traditionally has a very fast pace of play, shooting, movement, cooldown after death, etc.
  • Progression and regular content updates. There are a lot of things in the game that you can customize, from weapons to perks. Plus, thanks to constant updates and battle passes, the already considerable amount of content becomes even larger.
  • Low entry threshold. Spray control is not required here and, in general, the player can play solo and win due to their skills, although not in all modes. So, CoD may be better than CS2 for newbies in the shooter genre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Counter-Strike Like Call Of Duty?


No, although both games are first-person shooters, they are very different at their core. In fact, it’s incorrect to compare CS2 or CS:GO vs CoD. Both games have their unique approach, do not compete directly, and even the audience does not overlap.

What Is The Difference Between Counter Strike 2 And Call Of Duty?


Call of Duty offers a variety of content, lots of fun, and a lower entry threshold. Counter-Strike 2 is a conservative shooter with a high entry threshold and is focused on sports.

Is CoD Better Than CS2?


This question cannot be answered directly when comparing CS2 vs CoD, as it all depends on your expectations. CoD offers more fun and opportunities to play solo, while CS2 is an FPS that requires teamwork and hard work for results.

Which Of The Games Is Harder, CoD Or CS2?


If we compare Counter Strike 2 vs Call of Duty, the first game has a higher entry threshold and requires more skill to win and advance through the ranks.