Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Game Modes | An Ultimate List

All The Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Game Modes Explained


💡 Highlights

  • Modern Warfare 2 has a single-player campaigncooperative Spec Ops mode, and online multiplayer.
  • Multiplayer offers 19 maps for 6v6 teams and 11 large-scale Battle maps for Ground War.
  • Key multiplayer modes include Team DeathmatchDominationSearch & DestroyGround War, and Prisoner Rescue.
  • Perk Packages consist of Base, Bonus, and Ultimate Perks unlocked during the match.
  • Field Upgrades are tactical tools that can change the course of a match.
  • Killstreaks are powerful abilities unlocked by completing kill streaks.
  • Tier 1 mode provides a more challenging, realistic experience with reduced HUD elements and health.
  • Third-Person Mode allows switching between first and third-person perspectives.

Call Of Duty is one of the most popular games of the last decade, which is fun to play both solo and in a variety of cooperative modes, providing opportunities for communication with other players. So, below, you will find my review of the main Modern Warfare 2 game modes and learn more about their features. Keep reading!

Uncovering all the Modern Warfare 2 game modes

Breaking Down CoD MW2 Game Modes

Call Of Duty is a team-based combat franchise that needs no introduction, it has been very popular among GameTree users looking for CoD team, and the popularity is only rising. This is one of the main titles in the first-person shooter genre, which generally sets trends. The basic formula of Call Of Duty has not changed for many years: we have an explosive, very dynamic story campaign, which nevertheless is something of an appetizer. And the main course is, of course, the monstrous CoD MW2 multiplayer, to which they add something new every time in addition to the classic modes, with fantastic loadout customization options. Below, I will tell you more about the different Modern Warfare 2 game modes.

Single-Player Campaign

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II is the sequel to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). The events of the game take place three years after the first part. The campaign follows the multinational special operations unit Task Force 141 and the Mexican special operations unit Los Vaqueros as they attempt to track down terrorist Hassan Zyani, who is in possession of American-made ballistic missiles. This time, the writers paid more attention to the characters and weapon variety. The heroes are no longer just cool warriors – they have become personalities who are interesting to watch, and their features (like Phantom Mask) have a story behind them. As you play, you will visit different parts of the world – the Middle East, Mexico, Spain, and even Amsterdam.

Spec Ops

Spec Ops mode is a cooperative Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game mode that is not directly related to the main plot, but many maps are built on its basis. Also, there are several unique maps. In this mode, you need a strategy and tactics to complete missions cooperatively. 

There are 23 special operations available in the game, which are designed for single or joint playthroughs. There are also two missions that are designed for cooperative play only. The missions are varied. For example, in one mission, one player needs to break into an enemy camp while the second player covers them with a support plane, striking the camp from the air and clearing the way for their partner. There are also snowmobile races, repelling enemy waves, and battles with armored soldiers. Co-op in Spec Ops is available in three Modern Warfare 2 game modes: single-player, split screen (consoles only), and online co-op. There are also three difficulty levels in the Special Operations mode: easy (soldier), medium (officer), and hard (veteran).

Multiplayer CoD MW2 is very dynamic.


Online multiplayer in Call Of Duty has always been dynamic on fairly compact but well-designed maps, and speed is at the heart of the formula for online confrontations in Call of Duty. It’s about how the character moves, reloads, and changes weapons – everything is for the sake of fast dynamics. In multiplayer CoD MW2, the developers decided to slow down the pace a little and add weight to your character for the sake of greater realism.

About Multiplayer Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Game Modes

Multiplayer is one of the most exciting features of CoD, offering players a dynamic gunfight experience with a wide range of modes to choose from. Whether you prefer simple shooting matches where everyone fights alone or team-based battles, there’s something for everyone. Some modes require a more tactical approach, with a focus on accuracy and aiming, while others require players to work together to plant bombs or rescue hostages. Overall, the multiplayer mode offers a uniquely diverse and engaging gaming experience.

Core Map Modes

Currently, there are 19 maps for classic Call of Duty game modes for 6 on 6 teams, and 11 large-scale Battle maps for Ground War.

6v6 maps include the following options:

  • Breenbergh Hotel; El Asilo; Mercado Las Almas; Taraq; Crown Raceway; Al Barga Fortress; Zarqwa Hydroelectric; Santa Sena Border Crossing; Farm 18; Embassy; Shipment; Shoothouse; Dome; Himmelmatt Expo; Valderas Museum; Black Gold; Pelayo’s Lighthouse; Kunsternaar District; Showdown.

The names of the maps for Ground War are as follows:

  • Sa’id; Sariff Bay; Guijarro; Santa Sena; Taraq; Al Malik International; Zaya Observatory; Rohan Oil; Sattiq Cave Complex; Ahkdar Village; Mawizeh Marshlands.


In this Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode, it’s each man for himself. Anything that moves is a legal target. The first player to score 30 frags wins.

It's each man for himself, in the CoD MW2 game modes for multiplayer

Team Deathmatch

Classic mode, known from previous Call of Duty games. We have two teams of 6 people, fighting until one of them reaches 75 points on small to medium-sized maps like Farm 18 or Breenbergh Hotel. There is also a time limit after which the round will end if neither team reaches the point limit.


In Domination mode, players need to capture and hold three points on the map to get points. There is no time limit in this mode, and the first team to score 200 points wins.


This CoD MW2 game mode is somewhat reminiscent of a once popular mode during the Quake 3 Arena era called Capture The Flag. Here, you need to grab a mobile object called a hardpoint and hold it in order to get points. Teams are also divided 6 by 6, and the first one to reach the limit of points wins. The confrontation takes place on small compact maps.


This mode provides objective-based gameplay. The team needs to capture and hold the headquarters on the map. In this game mode in MW2, respawns are disabled for those holding the point. After this, a new point appears on the map, and it must also be captured and held until one of the teams is the first to score 200 points.


One team attacks two points, and the other must defend them within a limited time. Each team has a limit of 30 revives. The team that defends the points wins if the time limit runs out and the enemy team can’t capture them. Also, each team wins if the opposing team’s revival limit ends earlier. The team that wins three rounds wins the total game.

Prisoner Rescue

This is a classic hostage CoD game mode that you may have seen in Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six: Siege. One team must capture NPC hostages and escort them to a safe zone while shooting the enemy team. And the other team, accordingly, needs to prevent hostages from being taken.

Knock Out

Teams are divided 6 by 6, and you need to capture and hold the package to get points and win. Revives are disabled in this mode and everyone only has one life per round, but teammates can revive each other. Thus, cover and positioning are crucial here.

Search & Destroy

Search and Destroy has been one of the key modes in Call of Duty for many years. In this mode, one team needs to try to plant a bomb in a certain place on the map, and the other team needs to defuse it or prevent it from being planted. It requires team coordination and map awareness. Just like in Counter Strike, there is only one life per round.

Battle Map Modes

As I said, the developers are staying true to their core Call of Duty formula of fast-paced, small-team battles on compact, well-designed maps. However, the developers are always trying to refresh their successful formula by adding new ideas and surprising players. Battle Maps are a prime example of Call of Duty meeting Battlefield in its usual form, adding scale and player battles in 32 vs 32 teams.

Ground War

Ground War can be described as an expanded version of Domination. Yet, instead of teams of 6 players capturing three points, in this MW2 multiplayer game mode, we have two teams of 32 players capturing five control points. 

The first team to score 250 points wins. In this CoD MW2 game mode, everything you’ve used in Battlefield will be useful to you as well: you have controllable vehicles on the map and a bunch of places where snipers will be waiting, as well as a lot of tactical equipment and hidden mines. Movement and mobility are extremely important here.

Ground War – Invasion

Invasion is a variation of Ground War where, in addition to the players on the map, there will also be AI from both teams, represented by ordinary and armed soldiers. Players will also have access to various killstreaks that will help win the battle.


Featured Modes are unique Modern Warfare 2 game modes that are periodically added and removed from the playlist. These are temporary game modes that feature unique, tactical gameplay mechanics and objectives for each game mode in MW2.

Quick Play

Quick Play is a very useful option in Call of Duty. It allows you to create a playlist of the Modern Warfare 2 game modes you want to play most often. The multiplayer match will be searched only from those modes that you choose, and the first one will be the one with a sufficient number of people. I use this option all the time! It’s like your favorite music playlist, especially when you want to get into the game quickly, and there are some modes you don’t want to play at the moment. Just choose the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 modes you like and go ahead – it’s very convenient.

Tier 1

If you want a more challenging and realistic experience, then you should definitely try Tier1 mode. This mode is similar to the Hardcore mode in older Call of Duty games as it disables HUD elements like the mini-map, sight, compass, and ammo count. Additionally, compared to regular multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 game modes, you have less health, which means that you will die faster and kill faster as well.

Third-Person Mode

This is a brand new option in CoD MW2. Now, in addition to first-person battles, we have the opportunity to change the FOV (field of view) to a 3rd-person perspective.

Additional Things To Know About Multiplayer CoD MW2

If you have not yet played in multiplayer CoD MW2 or have only played a few sessions, you will find it useful to learn about some additional perks and features. I’ve played this game for over 50 hours now, so I’ll share more details with you now.

Additional info about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game modes

Perk Packages

In this game part, we have 5 slots for class selection. Each of them allows you to select weapons and perks. The perk system has changed in Modern Warfare 2. Previously, we had three perks to choose from. Now, instead, a perk package consists of two Base Perks, one Bonus Perk, and one Ultimate Perk. You start the match with the Base Perks selected. Then, after 4-5 minutes, you will unlock the Bonus Perk, and after 8 minutes of the round, you will unlock the Ultimate Perk. Also, killing, assisting, or completing objectives will allow you to unlock perks faster.

Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are useful tactical tools that can help you change the course of a match. The equipment usage requires manual activation. Field Upgrades can be used once the meter is full. The indicator is located in the lower right corner of your HUD. Each tool has a different meter fill rate. Field Upgrades are designed for different play styles, from aggressive to defensive.


Killstreaks are powerful abilities in the MW2 modes that are unlocked in the game by completing a streak of kills without dying. If a player dies, the kill streak counter is reset to zero. You can select and equip up to three different killstreaks at the same time. The game offers a huge selection of different killstreaks, and the stronger the ability, the greater the series of kills you need to complete to activate it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Game Modes Does MW2 Have?


There are 12 CoD MW2 multiplayer modes, including ten 6v6 (Control, Domination, Free-for-all, Hardpoint, Headquarters, Kill Confirmed, Knock Out, Prisoner Rescue, Search & Destroy, and Team Deathmatch). Also, there are two 32v32 modes: Ground War and Ground War Invasion.

Can You Choose Game Modes In MW2?


Yes, you can choose any from Modern Warfare 2 game modes, and you can also create your own playlist of the modes you want to play.

What Is The Easiest MW2 Game Mode?


Team Deathmatch is considered the easiest MW2 multiplayer mode and is perfect for getting used to multiplayer in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

What Is The Most Popular Game Mode In MW2?


Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy are the most popular game modes in MW2 among most players.

What Is The Hardest Mode In MW2?


Tier1 is considered to be the hardest CoD MW2 game mode.