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Gamer DNA Framework

The Gamer DNA Model is usable by gamers for clarity about games they will enjoy playing and who to play them with. It is also useful for game designers to know the types of fun they are optimizing for. GameTree’s app uses a test with the Gamer DNA Model that is used with machine learning to connect players with the people they will enjoy playing with most. The model expands upon the famous Aesthetics of Play and Gamer Motivation models which are used in game design. GameTree’s is the first model useful for gamers themselves.


Excitement: adrenaline, explosions, fast pacing

Mechanical Skills: timing, accuracy, precision, reflexes


Complexity: many rules, high learning curve, depth

Critical Thinking: strategic decision making, foresight, analysis


Difficulty: repeated failure, pushing limits, mastery

Practice: training, watching replays, exercises, self-improvement


Dominance: pwning noobs, winning, power, influence

Status: leaderboards, rankings, levels


Teamwork: cooperation, helping, unity, shared/synergistic objectives

Socializing: friends, relationship building, emotional connection


Achievement: badges, accomplishments, collectibles

Grinding: progression for time spent, accumulating resources


Autonomy: freedom of choice, multiple paths, lack of required objectives

Exploration: procedural generation, large world, diverse activities


Graphics: distinct style vs realism, thematic relevance, attention to detail

Sound: atmosphere, voice acting, sound effects, music


Artistic Creativity: variety, options, uniqueness

Roleplay: immersion, make-believe, choose-your-own-adventure


Characters: interesting, engaging, believable, memorable

Lore: backstory, world-building, history, setting