15 Best Single Player Card Games To Play Solo And Challenge Yourself

15 Best Solo Card Games To Play By Yourself And Have Fun

15 best single player card games

When you are waiting for some of your friends to show up for that scheduled tabletop session there are plenty of single player card games to play alone and keep you occupied. This will challenge both your critical thinking and pattern recognition skills and will get you fired up and ready for that next group session. And even if playing tabletop games in a group isn’t your thing, then these solo card games to play by yourself will always keep you engaged and occupied.

Best One-Player Card Games To Play Alone And Engage Your Mind

In the world of card games, single player card games hold a special place. These games of attention, skill, and pattern recognition offer endless hours of fun and strategic thinking. If you’re tired of playing single player games on your PC or console and are looking for card games to play by yourself, you’ve landed in the right spot. Let’s dive into our curated list of 15 best solo card games that you won’t need a partner or opponent for.

15. Streets And Alleys

Streets and Alleys has a captivating layout where cards are shuffled, then dealt into rows resembling city streets. This example among one-player card games will definitely become your favorite. The main objective is to move cards into the foundation by following rank and suit. Each move is a dance between strategy and luck, making it both challenging and enjoyable.  With its intriguing moves and tactics, it’s a must-try!

14. The Amazon Queens

Dive into the world of The Amazon Queens. Like many other solo card games for one person, this strategy-driven game makes players shuffle the deck and create a hand with the aim to form specific card combinations. Rank and suit play a key role in achieving the win condition. This game is named after the female-led tribe, the Amazons, because the queen is the highest card, and all queens are displayed if the game is won.

13. Canfield

Taking a leaf from the beloved game of Patience, Canfield offers its unique spin. Much like traditional solitaire and other games to play by yourself, Canfield solitaire is played by a solo player with a single deck of cards. Once the deck is dealt, player draws cards with the aim of strategically transferring them to the foundation piles. Every move requires anticipation, foresight, and a dab of luck, making it an entrancing solo experience.

12. Pyramid

Pyramid is distinct in the world of card games for one person due to its iconic pyramid layout. The main challenge is to identify and remove card pairs totaling to 13. Strategy and a keen eye are key as players immerse themselves in this ancient Egyptian-themed solitaire variant, and stand out among easy single player card games.

11. Wish Solitaire

Wish Solitaire beckons with a unique win condition centered around strategic movements. In this 1-player card game, players deal cards, striving to strategically transition them onto foundation piles. Ensuring adherence to the game’s rules and scoring mechanisms, it’s a tantalizing blend of tactics and wishful thinking.

10. Emperor

Another excellent example of one-player card games, The Emperor demands not just the movement of cards but a masterful execution of card game strategies. The layout challenges players to deal with and organize cards efficiently, making it a thrilling endeavor for seasoned card game aficionados.

9. Hope Deferred

A perfect amalgamation of strategy and a hint of hope, this game will suit those looking for single player card games. The player will have to shuffle, deal, and draw, aiming to form distinct hand combinations. With its dynamic gameplay and varied game variations, it’s a refreshing experience every time.

8. Four Seasons Variation

Venture through the year with the Four Seasons Variation. Here, each suit is emblematic of a season. Players must shuffle, deal, and organize cards, ensuring adherence to suit and rank rules. With its thematic approach, it brings a refreshing twist to traditional solitaire games and shows an excellent example of what one person card games should be.

7. Clock Solitaire

A game for those who enjoy a race against time. Clock Solitaire, one of the more accessible card games for 1, features a clock-like layout. Players align cards according to hour positions, intertwining fun with a test of tactics and strategy.

6. Baker’s Dozen

Engage in the delightful Baker’s Dozen where cards lie in 13 columns. Drawing from this layout, players move and use a combination of luck and strategy to shift cards to their rightful foundations. An immersive game, it’s perfect for a relaxing solo session.

5. Klondike

Klondike, a revered variation of Patience, combines shuffle, draw, and tactical movements. Players diligently organize cards in descending rank and alternating colors. Its classic appeal ensures it remains a favorite for many solo card game lovers.

4. Napoleon At St. Helena

Revisit history with this game, challenging players to free the cards captured by Napoleon. Each move is a strategic battle, with players needing to meticulously strategize to succeed, making it a perfect game for those seeking a challenge.

3. Monte Carlo Solitaire

Engage in a solo competition with Monte Carlo Solitaire. Players deftly remove pairs of adjacent cards, creating a dynamic where a blend of luck and strategy comes into play. It’s both entertaining and a delightful test of one’s card game skills.

2. Devil’s Grip

In the sinisterly named Devil’s Grip, players strive to release the devil’s hold on the cards. Each draw and card placement needs to be executed with precision and strategy, ensuring an exciting game from start to finish.

1. Accordion

Standing tall at the top, Accordion challenges players with its pile formations. With keen observation and meticulous strategy, players aim to compress the entire deck into a singular pile. It’s the ultimate solo card game challenge for those seeking an intense gameplay experience.

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Final Thoughts

One-player card games offer a unique blend of fun, strategy, and relaxation. Whether you’re new to the world of solo card games or a seasoned player, there’s always something to explore and master. In the comment section below, we’ll gladly read about your favorite card games you can play by yourself, so go ahead and share your experience with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Card Games Can You Play By Yourself?


There's a vast array of card games to play by yourself, ranging from classics like Solitaire to modern variations like Streets and Alleys.

What Single Player Card Games Can I Play With A Standard Deck?


Many games, including Klondike, Pyramid, and Accordion, can be played with a standard deck.

What Are The Easiest One Player Card Games?


Clock Solitaire and Wish Solitaire are among the easier and fun games to play alone.

How To Play One Person Card Games?


The rules vary, but typically involve shuffling, dealing cards, and following specific game objectives to achieve a win condition.

Is Solitaire The Only Card Game To Play Alone?


No, there are numerous card games for one person, like Pyramid, Emperor, and Accordion, to name a few.