All XDefiant Factions And Their Abilities Explained

Guide To XDefiant Factions

XDefiant factions come from other Ubisoft games.

💡 Highlights

  • In the pre-season, XDefiant has 5 classes or factions.
  • Each faction has its own role on the battlefield and unique skill sets.
  • The main class types are support, assault, and stealth.
  • The factions are inspired by popular Ubisoft franchises.
  • New classes may come later with new seasonal content.

XDefiant by Ubisoft, a new free-to-play shooter with class-based gameplay, has finally hit the gaming scene after a series of delays. XDefiant is a cross-platform game with SBMM matchmaking in ranked games. What sets it apart and piqued my interest is its unique blend of different and popular mechanics. XDefiant is an arena shooter, offering a shooting and movement experience akin to Call of Duty, infused with heroic elements, and featuring modes that bear resemblance to Overwatch and other beloved shooters. Yet, one of its distinguishing features is the XDefiant factions that come from other Ubisoft games. The game made its debut on May 21, 2024, and I’m excited to share its details with you.

What Are Factions In XDefiant?

If, in Overwatch, each hero has their own tactical abilities and characteristics, then the role of such a “hero” in XDefiant is taken by entire groups. They are called factions or classes and are based on other popular Ubisoft franchises, be it Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell or Far Cry. Each group has its own specialization and class role. According to Reddit, one of the XDefiant best factions right now is the Cleaners from another popular franchise, The Division, known for their excellent attacking abilities.

XDefiant Factions Breakdown

Each faction in XDefiant plays a crucial role, and your choice will define your play style: stealth, assault, or support. With more classes set to be added in the future, the game offers a promising depth of strategy and gameplay. Currently, there are five XDefiant classes, each with unique hero abilities and characteristics, and I will delve into their details shortly.

LibertadEspíritu de Libertad, El Remedio, BioVida Boost, Médico Supremo 
PhantomsBlitz Shield, Hardened, Mag Barrier, Aegis
EchelonLow Profile, Digital Ghillie Suit, Intel Suit, Sonar Goggles 
CleanersIncendiary Rounds, Incinerator Drone, Firebomb, The Purifier 
DedSecFabricator, Hijack, Spiderbot, Lockout 


Image from GameRamt

Libertad is a rebel faction from Far Cry 6. The main role of this faction is to heal all members of your team. The main abilities of this class are as follows:

  • Espíritu de Libertad slowly heals you and nearby comrades.
  • El Remedio heals allies until destroyed or canceled.
  • BioVida Boost increases overall health and regeneration for you and your nearby comrades.
  • Médico Supremo gives a large health boost and healing acceleration with a time limit.


Make sure you’ve included Libertad in your Xdefiant class setup. They will keep your other squadmates alive during the matches. 


Image from GameRamt

This is a ghost team from Ghost Recon. The main role of this XDefiant class is to support the team and effectively maintain points of control. Their features are as follows:

  • Blitz Shield equips you with a shield to block incoming shots and engage in close combat with enemies.
  • Hardened increases base health.
  • Mag Barrier blocks incoming fire and grenades.
  • Aegis provides a plasma shield with electrospray for close combat.


Thanks to its many defensive abilities, this class is ideal for holding and controlling a target.


Image from GameRamt

Echelon is a spy organization from the Splinter Cell series. The main role of this organization is attack and support. In my humble opinion, this is the best class in XDefiant since I like sneaking and stealth actions. With Echelon, you can launch surprise attacks, conduct reconnaissance, and inform the team about the enemy. Here are Echelon’s main abilities:

  • Low Profile ensures that the player does not appear on enemy maps.
  • Digital Ghillie Suit makes the player almost invisible, while movement and aiming reduce the effect.
  • Intel Suit communicates enemy locations to teammates.
  • Sonar Goggles allow you to detect the location of enemies and hunt them with the Third Echelon 5.7 pistol.


Stealth abilities are ideal for sneaking behind enemy lines and dealing massive damage. 


Image from GameRamt

This is a group of cleaners from The Division aimed at restoring order on the streets. The main role of this XDefiant class is attacking:

  • Incendiary Rounds deal additional burn damage by reducing the firing range.
  • Incinerator Drone deploys a napalm drone that burns everything in its path.
  • Firebomb allows you to throw a Molotov cocktail to cause explosive damage and burn anything it lands on.
  • The Purifier allows you to use a flamethrower to incinerate all enemies who come too close.


This is the best class for XDefiant for offensive operations thanks to its various fire-based attack abilities.


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This is a group of Watch Dogs 2 hackers designed to spoil the nerves of the enemy team. The main role of this XDefiant class is to support and control using their hacking abilities:

  • Fabricator creates a new device after the previous one has been deployed. 
  • Hijack allows you to hack the enemy’s abilities to make them your own.
  • Spiderbot deploys a spider robot that targets enemies and stuns them by jumping on their faces.
  • Lockout disables enemy HUD, map, and abilities in affected areas of the map.


Thanks to their control skills, these class members can turn the tide of a fight, disable all opponents, or greatly reduce their effectiveness on the battlefield.

Should We Expect Other Classes?

Yes, with the Season 1 coming out on July 2nd, XDefiant integrates the legendary Rainbow Six Siege GSK faction. Three elite operators join with signature loadouts, abilities adapted from Siege, two tactical skills, and an ultimate reinforced shield. And, given how many franchises Ubisoft has, I think it’s only a matter of time before the Assassin class, and many other popular Ubisoft characters appear in the game.

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