All The Escape From Tarkov Bosses Ranked By Difficulty And The Maps They Spawn On

Rating Of All The Tarkov Bosses From Easiest To Hardest To Defeat

here are various Tarkov bosses, each with their own abilities, weapons, and behavioral characteristics.

💡 Highlights

  • Tarkov Bosses are powerful enemies in Escape from Tarkov.
  • They have unique gear, traits, and behavior.
  • Bosses like Reshala, Tagilla, The Goons, and Glukhar pose varying levels of difficulty.
  • Kollontay is a new boss added to the game.
  • Players face PvPvE challenges against both human and AI enemies.
  • Each boss has specific abilities, weapons, and tactics.
  • Strategic positioning and eliminating guards are crucial in defeating bosses.

Escape From Tarkov is a PvPvE shooter released in 2016, where players have to fight for their lives against both humans and artificial intelligence. The game is a hardcore looter shooter that has firmly taken its place as the leading game in the hardcore survival shooter genre. Honestly, I don’t know of another game like it because EFT is unique. There are various Tarkov bosses, each with their own abilities, weapons, and behavioral characteristics. Some of them are loners and act secretly, while others, on the contrary, act in a group and will try to destroy everything they see. In this guide, I decided to collect information about all the old and new Tarkov bosses, their names, and features.

Who Are The EFT Bosses Exactly?

Escape From Tarkov has many mechanics that set it apart from similar shooters. One of them is incredibly powerful NPCs, known as bosses. They come in all shapes and sizes, from heavily armored brutes to stealthy snipers. The Escape From Tarkov bosses can also act alone or in groups.

All The Tarkov Bosses Ranked From Easiest To Hardest

There are 11 bosses in Escape from Tarkov, who act both alone and in groups, each with their own characteristics. All of them pose a serious danger to other players, but we’ve compiled a list of all the bosses from easiest to hardest.

Rating number
(from easiest to hadrest)
Boss Name
1Rogues (Knight, Big Pipe, and Birdeye)
2Cultist Priest
10Kollontay (the New Tarkov Boss)

If you’re looking to master this challenging game, here’s a complete detailed list of all the Escape From Tarkov bosses, their loot, and where to find them.


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  • There are three Rogues in the game that are considered bosses – Knight, Big Pipe, and Birdeye.
  • Knight has a unique mask and plates.
  • Birdeye has a unique frame system and Chest Rig.
  • Big Pipe has a unique grenade launcher and some cosmetic items.

These bosses are very effective, incredibly mobile, and difficult to kill. Upon spotting enemies, they often open suppressive fire, then change position and quickly strike. The bosses interact with each other, which leads to an easy result – your death.

To kill these Rogue bosses in Tarkov, proceed carefully; each boss is optimized for different skills. These bosses pose a serious threat with accuracy, agility, and melee combat. It is recommended to avoid these bosses when completing quests or searching for loot. Otherwise, stay in cover and play with an experienced team to defeat these bosses. You can find skilled EFT players at GameTree due to its unique matchmaking algorithm.

These EFT bosses appear at the Scav Base in Customs, at the northwest antenna in Woods, at the weather station in Shoreline, and at the water treatment plant and blue chalet in Lighthouse.

Cultist Priest

Cultist Priest
  • Cultists have an incredibly low spawn rate, averaging 10% per night raid.
  • Until they are fired upon, they will try to approach covertly in order to stab or poison players.
  • They appear in groups of three to five people and are led by one cultist priest.
  • Cultists spawn with a lot of loot.

Cultists are one of the reasons why many do not go on night raids. The cultists do not return fire until they are shot at or killed. You won’t see them due to their ability to hide, so wait until they reveal themselves and then kill them. The remaining cultists will open heavy fire, so stay in cover and keep your angles as they will be difficult to spot. These EFT bosses appear from 22:00 to 7:00 in the Night Factory, Customs, Forests and Shoreline.


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  • He operates openly and aggressively, is armed with an RPK-16 with a large magazine, and is well-armored.
  • Killa, unlike other Tarkov bosses, is not bound to specific locations. He can materialize unexpectedly at any point within the Interchange location.

Killing Killa is quite tricky, especially if you try to act openly like him. Due to his aggressive behavior, he will most likely come and push you, so you should choose a suitable shelter and wait for the moment. Killa is a great shooter, often carries weapons with a huge magazine, and is clad in the toughest armor in the game. He appears on the Interchange map almost anywhere and at any time.


  • This is most likely the first boss you will encounter since he spawns only in the Customs, which is considered the initial location among players.
  • Reshala comes with a group of 4 guards and does not pose much of a threat without them.

Reshala has a unique pistol that is required to complete the quest. He comes with four well-armed, armored guards, who are more dangerous than the boss himself. So be prepared for the fact that it will not be easy for you to destroy them all. This boss can appear in Dorms, at the construction base, and at the New gas station in the Customs.


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  • One of the few Tarkov bosses that spawn without guards.
  • This boss is armed with a signature sledgehammer and a SAIGA-12 shotgun.
  • He has one of the highest health indicators and good armor on the head and torso; the weak point is his legs.

This is a serious boss for an unprepared player and quite ordinary for an already experienced one. Most likely, at the first meeting, taken by surprise, the player will fire several shots towards Tagilla’s head and chest, and this will not do much. The boss’s weakness is his legs, so a few shots from an automatic weapon or shotgun will be the best solution against this boss. He appears only on the smallest map in the game, Factory, and roams around it.


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  • This EFT boss spawns with bodyguards Basmach and Gus, 2-3 snipers on the roof of the LexOs complex, and four guards inside.
  • Kaban and his team protect the LexOs with a large number of snipers, mounted weapons, and patrols inside the LexOs.

I recommend approaching from the north and avoiding the grass and curbs leading to the entrance, as many claymore mines are laid down there. It’s also worth eliminating all the guards first before attempting to deal with Kaban. During the fight with this boss, players should be wary of an onslaught from Gus or Basmach, who will try to push the players back from their last known positions. The best tactic against such Escape From Tarkov bosses is to attract their attention from one angle and then simultaneously attack them from another. Kaban and his guards appear in the Streets of Tarkov location on the territory of the LexOs car dealership.


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  • Zryachiy is a sniper and the only boss with a 100% spawn chance.
  • He engages enemies only when they try to cross the bridge to the Lighthouse and remains alert but calm the rest of the time.
  • He will be accompanied by two guards who will respawn until you kill the boss.

To effectively deal with this Tarkov boss, I recommend inviting two friends from GameTree and using high-power rifles. Each of you will kill one guard or, if you’re lucky, Zyrachiy himself with a sniper rifle with high magnification. There will be only two guards, but they will respawn if Zryachiy is not killed. Zyrachiy spawns at the Lighthouse.


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  • Sanitar is a difficult boss with 2-3 heavily armed guards.
  • Sanitar and his accomplices can heal themselves if given a break.

To defeat Sanitar, fight him at close range. You need to try to corner him. Attempting to fight Sanitar from a long distance will most likely lead to failure, as he is able to take large amounts of damage, hide, and quickly recover. Sanitar spawns randomly in three different locations on the Shoreline maps.


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  • Shturman, armed with a sniper rifle, spawns in the company of two well-armed and armored guards in the Lumber Mill territoryю
  • He represents the greatest potential value of all Tarkov bosses.
  • He has the key to a hiding place in which very expensive items may be stored.

To kill Shturman, you will have to determine his location: he usually wanders around the center of Lumber Mill or three houses on its outskirts. When he sees you, he will fire a warning shot, the next burst will hit you, and you will need to quickly find cover. It is better to kill Sturman from a long distance.

Kollontay (the New Tarkov Boss)

  • Kollontay is accompanied by 4 guards with a variety of weapons – from shotguns to large assault rifles.
  • Guards can use flashbangs in addition to standard frag grenades to disorient players.
  • Kollontay can use a baton at close range.

When fighting this new Tarkov boss, it is better to keep your distance and deal with his guards first. If Kollontay appears in the shopping center, a more open and expansive location, you should try to push the guards onto one of the stairs located on both sides of the building. Kollontay appears in the Streets of Tarkov locations (Klimov Shopping Mall or The Ministry of the Interior Academy) and Ground Zero.


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  • Glukhar spawns with 5-6 heavily armored guards with high-level equipment.
  • He is a powerful and unpleasant boss. Avoid meeting him unless you have no choice and must complete a quest.

To kill Glukhar, try to fight him in close combat. Fighting in open areas often ends in failure. Glukhar and his guards are equipped with heavy weapons and will happily shoot you from a hundred meters away. This Tarkov boss spawns on the Reserve map, which is stylized as a military base where Raiders also live.

Tips On How To Defeat EFT Bosses

One of the basic rules is not to stand in one line for more than a few seconds when you shoot at the boss. This is also true for ordinary opponents. Try to keep your distance, catch them by surprise, and immediately run away and change position. Covering and changing positions is the key to survival in this game.

Tarkov Bosses are quite challenging, tend to spawn with support from bodyguards, and are heavily armed, so ideally, you should play with friends. Don’t rush; EFT is not a Call of Duty game. Communicate, play tactically, check all angles, and cover each other.

The ability to shoot accurately, have a good knowledge of maps, and play in a team will increase the likelihood of success in your EFT forays.

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Final Thoughts

Escape from Tarkov has quite a number of interesting, varied, and difficult bosses, which makes the already hardcore shooter even more difficult but also more interesting. Even when I fail, it only encourages me to prepare better and try again and finally kill all Tarkov bosses! In a well-played company, Escape from Tarkov can provide truly unforgettable emotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Hardest Tarkov Boss?


Glukhar is the most difficult boss, as he is heavily armed and accompanied by armored bodyguards with high-level weapons.

Where Are The Tarkov Bosses?


Each boss has its own location where he appears. It can be either one specific location, a random one, or one of several specific ones.

Who Is The New Boss In Streets Of Tarkov?


Kollontay is the new Tarkov boss in the game.

How Do I Defeat Tarkov Bosses?


Play with friends, communicate, study the map, cover each other, and change position. Try different tactics that I described in this article and improve.