Is Diablo 4 Cross Platform? | Diablo 4 Crossplay & Cross-Progression Explained

Guide To Diablo 4 Crossplay: Cross-platform & Cross-progression Explained

diablo 4 crossplay

Diablo 4 is one of the most highly rated games by critics and players in 2023-2024. It’s a dark but compelling story that has become the fastest-selling game in Blizzard history. This game is played by more than 10 million people around the globe on different devices, and, of course, many of them are curious about Diablo 4 crossplay availability and ask questions on forums like ‘Is D4 cross platform?’.

Yes, Diablo IV features cross-platform functionality, allowing players on different platforms to join the same online game session. So, the answer to the question ‘Is Diablo 4 cross platform?’ is positive. Moreover, Diablo 4 beta crossplay was available from the very beginning when the game was just being tested by gamers from all around the world.

With the 2nd season out, we decided to try to answer all your questions about the cross-platform playthrough of this fascinating story.

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Is Diablo 4 Cross Platform?

Yes, Diablo IV features cross-platform functionality, so, the answer to the question ‘Is Diablo 4 cross platform?’ is positive. Moreover, Diablo 4 beta crossplay was available from the very beginning when the game was just being tested by gamers from all around the world.

Diablo IV is a continuation of the cult series of Action RPG games, which has got a huge open world in the fourth part that allows players to team up and freely move around the world, exploring it. I’ve personally spent over 300 hours playing the game, and I can say that this is probably the best experience I’ve ever had with any Blizzard game.

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In the fourth part, the developers listened to the opinions of the fans and returned a darker style to the game, as was the case in the early games in the series. A day/night cycle system and dynamic weather are also implemented, which adds realism and depth to the game world. One of the main features is locations with PvP zones, where you not only need to complete quests but also fight off other players or hunt them yourself. Also, there are certain locations where every 6 hours, a world boss spawns, and players flock like bees to honey to get the coveted loot. 

Diablo 4 has been released on all current consoles and PCs. The exception is the Nintendo Switch, much to my regret. If you play on PS4/5, your best friend plays on PC, and your other mates prefer Xbox, you all may ask yourselves, ‘​​Does Diablo 4 have crossplay? Fortunately, now you have the answer and can enjoy the game from any device simultaneously.

diablo 4 season of blood
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How To Enable Diablo 4 Crossplay

In order to activate Diablo 4 crossplay, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Game menu. 
  2. Navigate to Social. 
  3. Select Cross-Network Play, which allows you to enable this very feature. 

If you want to communicate with your mates in the game during the D4 crossplay, you can also switch on the Cross-Network Communication option in the Game menu. When it’s active, you can use text and voice chats to communicate with players who play on platforms other than yours. So, if you’ve wondered “Will Diablo 4 be cross platform?’, now you know the answer and can enjoy the game on any device. 

The Social menu in Diablo IV provides other options beyond enabling cross-play as well. The game also allows players to manage chat settings and notifications, including the opacity and colors. One of the features available here is Quick Join, which allows friends to join your game session without requiring your approval. This feature may come in handy if you’re playing with a dedicated group of friends. Yet, if you want to control who joins your game, you’d better switch this mode off. 

Does Diablo 4 Have Cross-Progression?

Yes, cross-progression is also supported, along with Diablo 4 cross platform play. The cross-progression feature ensures a smooth transition between different platforms. I started to play the game on PC since I had played the previous parts of the series and started the Diablo 4 open beta crossplay on PC. However, while playing, my graphics card burned out, and I had to switch to a PS5. I was pleasantly surprised that all my progress, including the progress of the Battle Pass and cosmetics from my save on PC, was completely transferred to the console.

The only thing you also need to know about cross-progression (or, as it is also called, cross-save) is that you will need to buy one more copy of the game for the platform to which you want to transfer the progress. If you’ve bought a game on a PC, then, in order to continue on the console, you need to buy the game for that console again, which is a little sad, but in my case, it’s still cheaper than buying a new video card.

About Diablo IV Co-op Mode And How To Unlock It

Diablo 4 has become almost an MMORPG today. All you need to play in Diablo 4 multiplayer cross-platform mode is to go through a short prologue. Once you reach the city of Kyovashad (which will take you about 15 minutes maximum), you will be able to see other players going about their business, cooperate with them or with your friends (up to a maximum of 4 in a group), go further with the plot, get engaged in online activities, PvP, and almost everything that you could observe in any MMORPG.

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Couch Co-op

If you, like me, are used to playing Diablo 4 on PC, then the console version has something to surprise you with, and I’m talking not only about Diablo 4 cross platform play. In addition to the fact that the controls have been redesigned to be more convenient, in my opinion, and instead of clicking the mouse to indicate where the character should move, we control them through the left stick as in any 3rd person game; there is also a split screen. You can play Diablo 4 with your friend on the same screen and console. All you need to do is to let the second player log into their PS or Xbox account linked to their Blizzard account, and you’re done.

Then, you can continue your adventures by organizing something like a LAN party. Coach co-op was also present in Diablo 3, and in the fourth part, there are some differences in this mode. In Diablo 3, you could play with four people on one screen – but now only two players can play in this mode. Yet, you have a split screen and an independent menu for each player. Thus, players can be at different ends of the map and visit different merchants.

It is worth noting that Diablo 4 couch co-op is an exclusive feature for consoles and is not available on PC. The developers said that they cannot implement split screens on PCs due to various bugs and also because it is difficult to implement the ability to log into two accounts on one PC.

Try Diablo 4 Crossplay With GameTree.Me

As a true Diablo 4 fan, I played many hours of the game solo, but to be honest, I was only able to get together with friends for an in-game event a few times. Everyone has their own things to do, and it’s difficult for us to find time to play online all together. Adult life, you know.

For passionate gamers like me, there is a funky application called GameTree, where you can find like-minded people to arrange an online gaming session in Diablo IV! Is D4 cross-platform? Yes! Can gamers from all around the world play together in the same session? Yes! So, meet different guys in chats, join different communities to your liking, and enjoy co-op mode with new mates. The adventures in Diablo 4 are waiting!

Final Thoughts

Diablo IV is a unique game that is addictive from the first minutes. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing this game and enjoy continuing to play whenever I have a free minute. The game boasts unique game mechanics, a fascinating and carefully crafted plot, and a co-op mode. Moreover, you can play on different platforms and continue the game on different devices. Thus, Diablo IV is cross-platform and also supports split-screen technology. Two players can play on the same screen, which can be a fun time for you and your friends. Also, if you play in the co-op mode with friends, each of you can play within the same game session on the platform they like: PlayStation, PC, or Xbox due to the Diablo 4 cross platform play feature. That’s great news for all D4 fans! And, if you’re a fan of multiplayer games, you can also check our article on best PS5 multiplayer games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Diablo 4 Cross Platform?


Yes, Diablo IV is cross-platform, which means that you and your friends can join the same game session from different devices. 

How To Play Diablo 4 Cross Platform?


To activate the cross-platform play, you need to go to the Game menu on one device, navigate to Social, and enable Cross-Network Play. Diablo 4 crossplay is available on PS5, PS4, PC, and Xbox. 

Can I Play Diablo 4 Crossplay On PS5 And PC?


Sure, gamers can play Diablo IV on their PlayStation 4/5 consoles, Xbox, and on PCs that have the corresponding technical characteristics provided by the game publisher. The Diablo 4 crossplay option is supported by Blizzard in this game.