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Everything We Know So Far About Diablo 4 Matchmaking Feature

Diablo 4 matchmiking does indeed exist, but it very limited and less convenient than in other games.

💡 Highlights

  • Diablo 4 has limited and less convenient matchmaking.
  • Existing clan support forms the basis for matchmaking.
  • No plans or dates for expanding the system yet.
  • Game director mentioned possible future additions to matchmaking.
  • Matchmaking needed for group activities and shared loot.
  • Players’ feedback highlights the lack of proper matchmaking.

Diablo games have always been about killing huge armies of demons and collecting valuable loot so that you can kill demons on higher difficulties for even more valuable loot, and so on. With the release of Diablo 4, the developers increased the scale of everything and placed all players in an open world, as is usual in games of the MMORPG genre. And since all the players are now in the same world, what about finding a group for world boss fights or exploring a high-level dungeon?

Yes, Diablo 4 does indeed have some sort of matchmaking, but it very limited and less convenient than in other games.

So let’s explore this topic further and have a look at how things are going with Diablo 4 matchmaking.

Does Diablo 4 Have Matchmaking?

Yes, but it is very limited and less convenient than in other games. The existing clan support provides the basis for Diablo 4 matchmaking. Still, additional options such as Looking For A Group, Call For Help, or Answer The Call, as found in other popular online games, are absent here. That’s a pity since they could greatly improve cooperation and coordination between players.

The existing clan support provides the basis for Diablo 4 matchmaking. But Looking For A Group, Call For Help, or Answer The Call are not available in the game

Will Diablo 4 Have Matchmaking According To Developers?

Currently, there is no information, plans, or dates for adding and expanding the Diablo 4 matchmaking system, but the developers are well aware of the existing problems and promised to listen to the players. Game director Joe Shely says, “We may add some additional matchmaking as we add other features”.

Why Diablo IV Needs Matchmaking Feature

Today, Diablo 4 is one of the best PS5 multiplayer games with many different activities and open-world events, world bosses, and high-level dungeons. Almost all of them are not only more fun to explore with other players, but the group also receives various bonuses and the ability to resurrect each other. Also, as a group, you can go through randomized dungeons of higher complexity and do it faster, collecting more shared loot than if you did it alone.

I would also like to note the various events in different parts of the map, which are designed for groups of players. Not to mention the PvP zone, in which a single player simply has nothing to oppose if they meet a group of players. In general, it’s ok if you have friends who actively play D4; then, you will not notice the lack of basic matchmaking functions much. However, solo players may struggle with going through a specific dungeon or focusing on specific events.

This is why Diablo 4 matchmaking is needed – so that solo players could automatically get into random groups based on current interests in the game or initiate such groups themselves.


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What Game Fans Have To Say

Most players also wonder why the game has no proper matchmaking in Diablo IV. Many have noted that although the game has become larger, the opportunities for interaction with other players have become less. Here are just a few quotes from Reddit and the official Blizzard forum.

byu/xToXiCz from discussion
byu/xToXiCz from discussion

What Diablo 4 Matchmaking Should Look Like?

In my opinion, the game needs the basic matchmaking features that all multiplayer games have. Systems such as Looking For A Group or Call For Help were invented so that solo players could get access to grouping options and complete content that is designed for joint playthroughs. These are the options that Diablo IV matchmaking lacks. There should also be matchmaking options for players who want to focus on specific content or current events.

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Final Thoughts

Diablo 4 is a big and beautiful action/RPG that’s fun to play alone, but it’s even more fun in groups. The developers should listen to players’ opinions, add default matchmaking functions, and generally diversify the game. Let’s hope Blizzard Entertainment will consider players’ complaints and add proper Diablo IV matchmaking.