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About J Dubravin

Hi, I’m Ievgen ‘J’ Dubravin, a passionate gamer, seasoned marketer, and proud member of the GameTree family.

My journey began in computer sciences, but I quickly expanded my horizons, diving into the fascinating world of marketing. I’ve held various roles across the spectrum – from technical support lead to marketing leadership positions – each providing me a unique perspective on the industry.

One of my proudest moments was serving as the Lead Team Manager for Natus Vincere, Ukraine’s biggest esports organization and one of the world’s best. I had the pleasure of closely managing the Dota 2 team, a role that allowed me to combine my love for gaming with my management skills.

I co-founded ReVEEV.tv, a community-oriented game review and tournament casting studio based in Kyiv. After our acquisition by RuHub, I transitioned to working as the SMM Lead, eventually becoming the Media Director overseeing all content creation.

My career later took a turn towards marketing and data, first as the Marketing Lead for AIVIX affiliate network, and then as a Partnerships Manager in GRID, a leading esports data company. Now, I’ve brought all these experiences to GameTree, where I aim to help us reach new heights.

Away from work, I’m an avid gamer, with a deep love for PC games ranging from classics like Warcraft 2 and Diablo to modern immersive RPGs and multiplayer games. Gaming and PC-building have been my lifelong hobbies, and now it’s an integral part of my professional life as well.

Through this blog, I’m excited to share insights, experiences, and a shared love for gaming. I look forward to exploring the world of games with you all, one post at a time.

– J Dubravin

Achievements in the world of Gaming, Technology, and Marketing

Casted multiple various Dota 2 tournaments as a play-by-play commentator.

Worked as a presenter at various e-sports events in Ukraine and around the world

Organized company presences at various exhibitions and conferences

Worked on 6 different The International Dota 2 events, and many Major level tournaments, in roles ranging from backstage production work to on-camera panel work

Organized and oversaw content creation for one of the biggest Eastern-European e-sports casting studios


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