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About Dana Sydorenko

Hi! I’m Dana Sydorenko, co-founder of GameTree and former CEO of Nika-Text Plus, one of Ukraine’s leading military equipment suppliers. My passion is assembling dedicated teams to make the world a better place.

As GameTree’s CEO, I aim to transform the gaming landscape, fight loneliness, and unite global communities. Our goal is to help gamers connect, collaborate, and foster friendships.

My past experience as a paramedic in Ukraine’s army (2014-2015) and running a successful company in a high-pressure environment has honed my strategic and analytical skills. I thrive on diving deep into data, making complex concepts simple, and thinking from first principles.

When I’m not working on GameTree, I’m an avid gamer myself, always eager to explore new worlds and hone my skills.

I look forward to sharing GameTree’s journey with you through this blog, and to enhancing our gaming experiences together.

– Dana Sydorenko

Achievements in the world of Gaming, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship

Studied Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration at the National University “Odessa Law Academy”, where she gained her Bachelor’s degree.

Continued her studies at the Kyiv School of Economics, where under the Business Administration Program she gained her Master’s degree.

Served in Ukraine’s armed forces in 2014-2015 as a paramedic during the first years of Russian armed aggression on Ukraine

Founded a company to help fellow soldiers by supplying special equipment and uniforms for the military, police, and special structures in Ukraine

Spearheaded and scaled the GameTree team to take its development to the next level

Experienced public speaker featured by Forbes Ukraine and other conferences


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