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Personality, the Key to Likes

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Make friends who make sense.

The people GameTree matches you with are not only nearby, around your age, and like the same games as you, but have compatible personalities too. We know this because our recommendations come from the application of the top frameworks in personality psychology. By combining your data with statistics, correlations, and machine learning, you will meet people you want to be friends with.

GameTree Uses:

    1. Your Definition of Fun – The Aesthetics of Play
      We all game for different reasons: roleplaying, intense challenge, engaging stories… We also enjoy playing games with friends who enjoy playing the same way we do.unepic-pc-role-playing-game-1The idea that games deliver on different types of fun was studied by some top game designers and released in a paper called the Aesthetics of Play. It is often used in game creation, but GameTree is the first to use it in a user-facing way. To make it more fun, we’ve personified the aesthetics as gods and goddesses and given them better names.


    1. How You Think – Jungian Typology
      People are kind of likes ants in that we all have natural tendencies to enjoy different activities. We can leverage this diversity to get the most out of life and meet people with the most compatible worldviews.16-personality-typesBased on what kinds of thinking energize/drain us, Jungian Typology matches us to one of 16 “personality types”. In the hundred years since it was invented, it has been become the most popular personality framework in the world, being used in sales, relationships, career placement/development, and much more. The most popular implementations are Socionics and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).


  1. What Motivates You – The Enneagram
    We show love based on the kinds of love we need. As such, our best friendships are the ones where we naturally and easily fulfill each other.

    enneagram-new2-985x1024The Enneagram of Personality explains nine core motivations/fears that we seek to satisfy/avoid. There are patterns whereby people who score highly in certain traits get along better with people of other traits. GameTree is mapping out these patterns on a wide scale to meet peoples’ psychological needs via fun, play, and relationships.


Bringing it Home

GameTree is about leveraging all the information we can to help you find the best gamer friends possible. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, the better your matches. Many matchmaking companies pretend to provide good matches, but in reality don’t want to because it’s not profitable and they can get sued for it. Once they help you, the income stops.

As a public benefit corporation, we are allowed to help our community at the expense of profit maximization, and not get sued. Meet gamer friends and help our cause by downloading GameTree now.


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