Best Apex Legends Characters in Season 21 | Apex Tier List

Best Legends in Apex Season 21 To Use For Each Tier

Exploring the best legends in Apex Legends

đź’ˇ Highlights

  • Apex Legends now has 26 unique playable characters called Legends, each with different abilities and playstyles.
  • Season 21 of Apex Legends introduced a new Legend called Alter.
  • Legends are divided into 5 classes: Assault, Recon, Controller, Support, and Skirmisher.
  • S Tier Legends (best) are Alter, Bloodhound, Horizon, Wraith, and Gibraltar.
  • A Tier Legends (very good) include Ash, Valkyrie, Caustic, Revenant, Lifeline, Octane, Loba, Catalyst, Bangalore, and Pathfinder.
  • B Tier Legends (good situational picks) are Wattson, Conduit, Newcastle, and Fuse.
  • C Tier Legends (require high skill) are Rampart, Mad Maggie, Seer, Ballistic, and Vantage.
  • D Tier Legends (weakest) are Mirage and Crypto.
  • Choosing a balanced team composition with complementary Legends is key to winning in Apex.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular free-to-play shooters among fans of co-op games. As an avid player myself, I have put in over 1000 hours into the game, earning me the nickname “Apex nerd” from my friends at GameTree (and rightly so).

Apex Legends Season 21, titled ‘Upheaval,’ introduced a new legend, Alter, and included various balance and map adjustments. Each season brings forth new strategies as developers modify the power levels of legends and weapons, leading to significant shifts from one season to another. This season’s focus is on evaluating all the weapons in Apex Legends to identify the top-performing ones, aiding players in climbing the ranked ladder and enhancing their performance in crucial gameplay scenarios.

Long story short, I prepared this article to tell you about all the best Legends in Apex so that you can choose the most suited character to help you win in ranked games.

Best Legends In Apex Legends: Season 21 Tier List

In Apex Legends, choosing one of the 26 unique playable characters (Legends) is an exciting part of the gaming experience. Each Legend has different abilities and playstyles, influencing which one a player chooses.

In Season 16, the class system was overhauled and Legends were placed into 5 new classes. Paying attention to the classes can help guide your Legend selection.

In the new season, Legend upgrades were introduced. Now all Legends have 4 upgradable abilities, but players can only select 2 upgrades to use per match. The upgrades build on existing abilities, so the Legend’s overall playstyle doesn’t change dramatically. Leveling up unlocks upgrades which can make a trio stronger.


This tier list tries to rank the Legends based on how good they are. But you shouldn’t just stick to the top Legends. Instead, try out different Legends and see which ones are the most fun for you to play. The most important thing is enjoying the game and finding a Legend that fits your style really well.

I’ve created an Apex Legends tier for season 21 list from weakest to strongest. After exploring the table below and the article, you’ll know exactly which top Apex Legends are most effective for ranking up in Season 21. The meta changes frequently as new tactics and ways to play are constantly being discovered.

SAlter, Bloodhound, Horizon, Wraith, Gibraltar
AAsh, Valkyrie, Caustic, Revenant, Lifeline, Octane, Loba, Catalyst, Bangalore, Pathfinder 
BWattson, Conduit, Newcastle, Fuse
CRampart, Mad Maggie, Seer, Ballistic, Vantage
DMirage, Crypto

Any Legend can be effective if practiced with, even low-tier ones. Having the right weapons matters too. But some Legends are ranked higher than others for competitive play. This list provides an overall ranking of the best Legends to have on your squad.

S Tier

These Legends are a must-have pick for any team composition, as they have virtually no serious drawbacks. At this level, we have four best Legends in Apex.



Apex Legends has introduced a new Skirmisher Legend, Alter, who possesses a formidable set of abilities that have made her an immensely powerful addition to the game. Like many newly released Legends, Alter’s capabilities are currently perceived as overpowered, granting her and her team unparalleled mobility that allows them to disregard the area denial abilities of most Controller Legends, with the exception of Caustic.

Notably, Alter’s skill set not only facilitates her team’s ability to initiate and disengage from engagements at will, but she also excels in solo play, as evidenced by her impressive performance in the game’s Solo Mode. This versatility has positioned Alter as a potent option for both entry fragging and anchoring in Ranked matches.

Alter’s well-rounded strengths have led many players to consider her the most powerful Legend in Apex Legends at present, at least until the developers at Respawn Entertainment implement nerfs to balance her abilities. Her dominance in the current meta is undeniable.


Bloodhound is the right character for tracking down enemy teams and providing your team with information on a regular basis.

Bloodhound is ideal for aggressive play as they can gather a lot of information about opponents.

Bloodhound is the right character for tracking down enemy teams and providing your team with information on a regular basis. The ability to withstand Bangalore’s Smoke by highlighting enemies and increased movement speed make Bloodhound one of the best Legends in Apex for team play and flight coordination.


Horizon is the best Apex Legend for controlling territories and vertical movement.

Horizon can reach locations inaccessible to others due to her aerial prowess. You can use her feature on enemies, leaving them trapped, making them easy targets, or moving them against their will.

Horizon’s increased mobility in the air makes her a serious threat and a nightmare for less skilled players. Her ultimate ability, in the right hands, can destroy an entire squad.

Horizon is the best Apex Legend for controlling territories and vertical movement. In close combat, the Black Hole ability can give your team a chance to push enemies or more time to hold them.


Wraith is the most enduring Legend

Wraith is the most enduring Legend and perhaps the only hero in the game that avoids the inevitability of death better than Octane. Wraith can easily get out of any fight. This is how she maintains her place at the top of the rankings, even though so many new heroes were added recently. Also, in Season 19, her passive skills were strengthened, which made her a desired pick for me.


Gibraltar is the best Apex Legends character for a tank position.

Gibraltar is the best Apex Legends character for a tank position. He is able to withstand more damage than most other heroes, as well as protect your team from enemy abilities. His ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, is very good in open space, and Dome Shield can save you and your entire team.

Unfortunately, Gibraltar can be an easy target due to his large hitbox, and his features have a long cooldown, requiring the player to have a steady hand.

Support heroes are the basis of your squad, and Gibraltar has gained a new role in teams thanks to the many buffs the developers have put on him. Though Gibraltar is not picked that often in low-level games, he becomes a must-have attribute in high-level ranked games.

A Tier

These Legends are exceptionally good in their roles. However, they may have one or two flaws that prevent them from being in the S tier. In this category, we have ten characters.


Ash is among the best legends in Apex in her category overall.

Ash is among the best legends in Apex in her category overall. She can provide intelligence through death boxes, which will give you a tactical advantage. She can also actively participate in battles thanks to her snare ability and can successfully take out your team with her rift-slicing ultimate.

Phase Breach is a good way to push or escape your command, but it doesn’t have any benefit since you can’t walk back through it. Ash’s Arc Snare is not that useful usually but can stress out enemies when used correctly. Although Ash is not the best Legend in Apex compared to many other heroes, in the right hands, she can become very useful in a team.


Valkyrie is the best Apex Legend in the A tier,

Valkyrie is the right Legend for hunting enemies or getting out of dangerous situations. Her Skyward Dive allows your team to change position very quickly and scout at the same time. However, with the Evac Tower, Valkyrie’s ultimate ability is no longer as effective as before.

Her main passive ability, jetpacks, allows Valkyrie to reach almost any point on the map and instantly rise to high ground. Still, they have a significant drawback: they are very loud, and you cannot fire weapons when using a jetpack.

However, with the ability to instantly rotate your entire squad and easily grab the high ground in any situation, Valkyrie becomes a desirable pick. If you wonder what is the best Apex Legend in the A tier, you may try Valkyrie.  


Caustic is one of the Apex Legends best characters. 

Caustic is a good defensive Legend. His Nox Gas Trap tactical ability can help your team lock down a building. His ultimate ability can force the enemy team to step back and give your team time to recover and regroup.

The developers buffed this hero, then nerfed and strengthened him again, and in an organized team and capable hands, Caustic is very strong. Since his Gas is now way more dangerous, a skilled Caustic player can greatly strengthen your team. So, when assembling a team with other players at GameTree, you should consider adding Caustic to your squad as one of the Apex Legends best characters. 


Revenant is a strong movement Legend

Revenant is a strong movement Legend that can track down vulnerable enemies and is especially effective on vertical maps. Assassin’s Instinct allows him to rise high and get around the enemy. Shadow Pounce is about quickly jumping long distances forward to get closer to weak enemies or quickly turn around.

The Forged Shadows ultimate ability gives Revenant full damage protection for a short time, excluding fire, gas, or ring damage. Enemies can destroy this defense by damaging it, but it will instantly recharge if Revenant is knocked down. Even with some minor mid-season nerfs Revenant is a great pick.


Lifeline is still one of the best Legends in Apex to have on your team.

Lifeline is a great choice as a support Legend and can be the savior of your team, thanks to her support abilities.

Although her shield has been removed, and teammates are now unprotected when revived by the Drone, Lifeline can still revive two players at once while she continues to fight. In addition, her drone now heals faster, at a rate of 8 health points per second. Lifeline can also create banners of fallen teammates, meaning you never have to be a player down.

Lifeline’s ultimate ability has also been significantly improved, as it now guarantees dropping an upgrade to your gear. The ability to grab Legendary or Epic gear can be a deciding factor in many Apex matches, and Lifeline is still one of the best Legends in Apex to have on your team.


Octane is not the best Legend in Apex as he is only useful occasionally

Octane can be a strong Legend and a great addition to a team with other movement Legends. He can run very fast using his stims. However, his stims will now damage you for 20 health points (instead of the 12 health points previously), so you need to be a little more careful when using them. The cooldown is now also reduced, meaning you can spam the stim boost again almost instantly, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your health levels at all times.

Octane’s Jump Pad can help your team reach otherwise inaccessible areas, but you can be shot in the air. Octane is a nice pick for aggressive gamers, as they can move in and out of combat easily. But in general, Octane is not the best Legend in Apex as he is only useful occasionally.


Loba is the most useful in the endgame,

Loba is also a situational hero as she can be most useful in the endgame, where her Black Market Boutique will allow your squad to access required loot in a small circle. Outside of this role, she offers little to the team, although regular access to loot can provide a tactical advantage. She also has a movement ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, which adds to her mobility since it is a teleporter.


Catalyst is a good defensive hero

Catalyst is a good defensive hero who is also at her best in the late game due to her ability to fortify doors, making it easy to lock down an area inside the ring. Although her ultimate Catalyst Dark Veil is difficult to use, it can be effective, helping you escape from enemies or push away the opposing team.

Overall, Catalyst has a strong set of defensive abilities but is not easy to master for an average player. In my opinion, there are easier-to-use Legends that can often be more effective.


Bangalore is one of the best Legends for ranked Apex.

Bangalore is the most balanced Legend with an easy-to-learn and effective set of abilities. Rolling Thunder can be good both offensively and defensively. Bangalore’s passive ability allows her to move very quickly when being shot. The Smoke feature is one of the most versatile abilities among all the best Legends for ranked Apex. Even with the nerfs this season, Bangalore is still a great pick.


Pathfinder is a nice movement Legend.

Pathfinder is a nice movement Legend. His Zipline Ultimate works similarly to Wraith’s portal, helping your team get out of tight situations or access hard-to-reach areas. For sure, enemies can also use it, so you’d better monitor the situation and be on your guard.

Pathfinder excels at both getting in and out of combat, but his large hitbox is a drawback, as it is easy to hit for your enemy when they can still see you.

B Tier

The best Legends in Apex from the B tier are excellent choices that can be very useful in the hands of experienced players and in certain situations. Still, they lack a level of utility. In this tier, we have four Legends.


Watson is a strong defensive Legend and one of the best Apex Legends characters for holding territory late in the game.

Watson is a strong defensive Legend and one of the best Apex Legends characters for holding territory late in the game. Perimeter Security and Intercept Pylon can block a building and counter the ultimate features of many other heroes. Wattson’s kit can significantly buff the team’s play on defense.


Conduit is a promising Apex Legends hero

Conduit is a new Legend for Season 19. Her tactical Radiant Transfer ability gives temporary shields to your team members, which can save your squad in intense battles. Her passive features make it easier to stay in the team due to the speed boost. Her ultimate ability, Energy Barricade, can be a great way to lock down an area to protect your team or trap the enemy team and prevent them from attacking. Overall, Conduit is a promising hero.


Newcastle is arguably the best Legend in Apex to support the team

Newcastle is arguably the best Legend in Apex to support the team. Castle Wall and Mobile Shield are good tactical abilities that can save your team in various situations. Mobile Shield can also be useful for reconnaissance and surveillance of the enemy team. Newcastle’s abilities can be used both to protect the team and to push the enemy. In general, this balanced hero can be used both as a support and for aggression.


Fuse is a good Legend for assault.

Fuse is a good Legend for assault. His Knuckle Clusters can hold an area, and he also has a large supply of ammo and more space for grenades. When used correctly, his ultimate ability can be effective in area control and capturing the enemy. This hero will be an excellent addition to the team when pushing the rivals.

C Tier

The C-level Apex Legends best Legends can be useful in certain situations. These are fine and useful heroes, but as a rule, they require a high level of skill from the player. Once mastered, these Legends perform extremely well in their specific niches. Yet, there are often better choices for less experienced players. Overall, there are five Legends in the C tier.


Rampart can significantly impact team play

Rampart provides an interesting combination of offense and defense with her ability to deploy mobile fortifications during combat. Rampart is a difficult Legend to master but is extremely effective in the hands of a skilled player.

Rampart’s ultimate abilities were strengthened after the changes, and she can now move with her machine gun, which makes her more durable. With well-coordinated teamwork and strong player skills, Rampart can significantly impact team play.

Mad Maggie

Maggie's passive ability gives her an advantage over other best Legends in Apex.

Mad Maggie is a nice moving Legend if used correctly. Her ultimate ability, Wrecking Ball, gives your team a good movement speed boost and allows you to move in and out of combat. The tactical ability, Riot Drill, can push enemies out of cover. Maggie’s passive ability, Warlord’s Ire, gives her an advantage over other best Legends in Apex due to her increased movement speed with shotguns. Maggie is a meta character and a great alternative to other aggressive Legends, such as Wraith, Bloodhound, and Octane.


Seer is a great scouting Legend

Seer is a great scouting Legend that can provide useful information for your team. His ultimate ability gives your team constant information about where the enemy is. He is also capable of interrupting any enemy’s abilities and healing. Due to nerfs in Season 18, Seer has become less viable than other Intelligence Legends, such as Bloodhound. However, this hero requires aggressive play on your part, and Seer’s lack of escape ability means he requires a lot of skill from the player.


Ballistic is one of the best Apex Legends characters due to his versatile abilities.

Ballistic is still a fairly new Legend, but he has already established himself as one of the best Apex Legends characters due to his versatile abilities.

His ultimate ability will upgrade the third weapon to a gold version, as well as grant nearby teammates extra mobility, faster reload speed and infinite ammo for a while. If you correctly balance your abilities, Ballistic can be extremely effective on the battlefield. However, his tactical and passive abilities are quite easy to counter.

Ballistic is also the only character who can carry three types of weapons, although without the ability to install attachments.


Vantage is a sniper and is great for long-range combat.

Vantage is a sniper and is great for long-range combat. Her abilities, Spotter’s Lens and Sniper’s Mark, give her an advantage in sniper fights, marking enemies so that teammates can do extra damage to them. Her Echo Relocation is a good movement ability, allowing her to move a significant distance both horizontally and vertically. Playing as Vantage ensures that you can provide great assistance to your team from almost any range, making you a fearsome opponent. However, Vantage should avoid melee.

D Tier

D-tier Legends are not the best choice of heroes and perform poorly in most situations. These characters have abilities that can be avoided or easily countered. They provide little benefit to your team and are overshadowed by the best Legends in Apex.


Mirage can be a nice choice in certain situations, but his abilities do not significantly impact victory.

Mirage can be a nice choice in certain situations, but his abilities do not significantly impact victory. Thanks to his Now You See Me passive ability, he can be useful to your team on respawns, but his decoys are easy to spot. His ultimate ability will rarely allow you to escape from a skilled enemy. Do you wonder what is the best Legend in Apex? It’s definitely not Mirage as he is the weakest Legend in the game and is not a proper choice for most situations.


Crypto is too weak and difficult to play.

The problem that has plagued Crypto since his introduction is that you become detached from your character, essentially being AFK all the time in order to properly use his abilities. Drone EMP can do a lot of damage and give your team a good chance to continue the fight. His passive ability is useful for transferring information about the enemy to your team, but he lacks distance and is easy to take down.

Experienced Crypto fans can certainly put on a good game, but for most players, and me in particular, he is too weak and difficult to play.

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Final Thoughts

So, who is the best Legend in Apex Legends? In fact, there’s no answer to this question. The game has many very effective characters, some of them are more difficult to master than others. To better get used to Apex Legends, the choice for new players would be Bloodhound, Wraith, Octane, or Lifeline. These heroes have both strong and relatively easy-to-use abilities, and, as a result, they will be easier to master. However, I still recommend trying all the best Apex Legends characters. There is always a chance that you will be able to better reveal the abilities of a certain hero, even if they are not in the meta. Remember that the developers are trying to make all heroes balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Best Apex Legends Character For New Players?


Bloodhound, Wraith, Octane, and Lifeline are considered to be the best Apex Legends characters for new players.

Who Is The Best Solo Legend In Apex Legends?


Pathfinder, Revenant, Bangalore, Wraith, and Horizon are the best Legends in Apex to play solo.

Who Is The Best Character For Ranked In Apex Legends Season 19?


I believe Bangalore, Pathfinder, Mad Maggie, Wraith, Revenant, Gibraltar, Newcastle, and Horizon are the best Legends in Apex for ranked games.

Who Is The Most Popular Apex Legends Character?


Octane is the most picked Legend in the game, chosen by 9.7% of players worldwide.