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10 games to play with your family this Easter


Many of you travel back home to celebrate Easter with your family. What better way to have fun and improve your bond with them than with simple games that every single person can play, creating lasting memories and good laughs between everyone? Whether you’re looking for video games or board games, there are plenty of options that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Here are 10 recommendations for games to play with your family.

Mario Party: Superstars (Nintendo Switch)

Mario Party: Superstars is the perfect combination of a board game and a video game. This party game features a collection of minigames from the Mario Party series, as well as new ones. Players compete in a variety of challenges and mini-games to earn coins and stars, and the player with the most stars at the end of the game wins. There is always a twist in the end, so someone can win when you least expect it.

Overcooked 2 (Multi-platform)

Overcooked 2 is a chaotic cooking game that will make you and your family yell for onions, tomatoes and other ingredients, in the best way possible. Players work in a busy kitchen, preparing meals while avoiding obstacles and hazards. The game requires good communication and teamwork to succeed, making it a fun and challenging experience for all.

Splendor (Board game)

Splendor is a strategy board game that will make every single person of your family think, plan and manage resources to get away the victory. The game is simple and works around collecting gems and use them to purchase cards that grant them bonuses and points. The first player to reach 15 points wins the game.

Ticket to Ride (Board game)

Ticket to Ride is a fun and easy-to-learn board game that is perfect for families who enjoy games with a bit of competition. You all need to build train routes across the United States, collect cards and establish routes to earn points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Minecraft (Multi-platform)

Minecraft doesn’t need any introduction, but for all of you that think that it is a game only created for children, you are wrong. Minecraft is a sandbox game that is perfect for families who enjoy creativity and exploration, where you can build and explore a virtual world, where your mind is the limit. You can join forces with all your family to defeat zombies and build a spectacular house, or set traps when they least expect, providing very funny moments.

Codenames (Board game)

Codenames is a very simple word game that requires thinking and deduction. Players work in teams to identify their secret agents from a grid of cards, using a single word as a clue. The game requires careful communication and strategic thinking to succeed, so gather all your relatives and prove that you have a better team.

Just Dance 2022 (Multi-platform)


Just Dance 2022 is to make your uncles dance to that 80’s music that they love, or maybe they will reveal a secret adoration for BLACKPINK. Dance moves for popular songs appear on the screen and the game rewards players based on their accuracy and style. But mark my words, the score is the least important part when you are all dancing and having fun.

Uno (Card game)


Uno is a classic card game with simple rules and a bit of luck. Players take turns matching cards of the same color or number, trying to be the first player to empty their hands, featuring special cards that can change the course of the game, adding an element of surprise and excitement. One piece of advice, try to not get mad when you end up with more than 20 cards in your hand, just have a laugh.

Jackbox Party (Multi-platform)


Jackbox Party is a collection of party games that are both silly and entertaining, with the best part being that you only need smartphones or tablets to participate. The games are very diverse, from drawing contests to trivia quizzes, and can be played remotely or locally, being an awesome solution for family members that are far, bringing them closer with this collection of foolish games.

Settlers of Catan (Board game)


Settlers of Catan is a classic strategy board game that will prove who is the best in negotiations in your family. The objective is to build settlements and cities on a randomly generated island, trading resources and competing for victory points. Small advice, go for the sheep.

I hope you all enjoyed our selection of games. There is no perfect 10. Go for what you feel suits your family, and enjoy Easter in the best way possible. And remember: for any game you want to play with your loved ones far away from you – there is GameTree.