Our mission - GameTree

Our mission


GameTree is a revolution disguised as a social gamer app.

We stand to unite rather than divide, provide cures instead of drugs, build confidence instead of false needs, and empower you, the hero on your own quest.

Right now this means making gaming more fun and productive by bridging the growing divide between people. Our best gaming memories are formed by playing with friends. They are our security, brainstormers, early adopters, marketers, cofounders, investors, and so much more. With a solid group of friends, the things that seem impossible become possible, and if they don’t work out, they will still be there for you.
We are here to create a revolution, and if you believe in us, and yourself, we will.

If you’re interested in helping the cause, check out our Jobs page, and become a member of our team.

Join The Revolution

GameTree is a Public Benefit Corporation so we are legally allowed to deliver the best service possible.