We are all unique

We are all connected

GameTree’s mission is to connect you to the best people, products, and experiences based on your unique tastes and personality.
Despite rapid technological progress, we have never been more separated. This is why GameTree is uniting the gaming community to help us experience more of those epic moments of playing with friends. It is an ambitious quest, so we have enlisted the help of machine learning, personality psychology, and our profound love of games.
This problem of finding the right gamer friends is due to how crowded and noisy the world has become. Facing this deeper problem, GameTree will recommend you the best games in the world, based on your unique definition of fun. But we won’t stop there! Eventually, we will grow to include recommendations for all things, thus fully enabling you, heroes on your own quests, to take full advantage of the best the world has to offer.
We chose to be a Public Benefit Corporation because the blind pursuit of profit inevitably leads to darkness. Our goal is to create the finest platform.

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