If you’ve found great friends or games through GameTree, or believe in the cause and want to help spread it, then here are the things you can do. “Many hands make for light work”, or something like that. Aka we’re a small team and your help goes a long way and we really appreciate it.

For any of the things below you can write us at help@gametree.me

Ways to Help GameTree

  1. Keep the GameTree community healthy by just being you playing in sessions and participating in discussions daily.
  2. Give GameTree a maximum rating or review on iOS, Android, or any review sites you know of.
  3. Like/subscribe/follow our social medias. Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. Twitch. Twitter. VK.
  4. Tell your gamer friends about GameTree! www.gametree.me
  5. Write about us or share our content on Facebook groups, Reddit pages, Quora answers, forums, Discord channels, and more.
  6. Support us on Patreon
  7. Volunteer to be a tester and join our inner community
  8. Translate the app into a language you speak
  9. Ask any of the news sources / journalists on this list to write about GameTree. Especially refer us to any journalist friends or acquaintances.
  10. Invest in GameTree, or refer us to investor friends.
  11. Submit a relevant guest post to our gaming blog about a fun topic for you if you are a strong writer
  12. Convince your local hobby shops and lan cafes to promote GameTree. The service is a great solution to the main reasons people don’t play more games: 1. Lack of knowing people to play with. 2. Difficulty coordinating sessions. According to these survey results.
  13. Anything else you can think of.

For any of the things above you can write us at help@gametree.me