TacoBebs, QueenofShadows52 and SweetHeartRinoa! Our First Community Spotlight Winners!

GameTree has a great community that enhances the video game industry through their talent and love for gaming. That is what inspired us to do a special GameTree Community Spotlight event where we randomly chose three winners to give them the shout-out they deserve.
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GameTree Community Spotlights – Know The Rules!

There are so many types of people that help make the gaming community a place we know and love. Gamers, streamers, cosplayers, developers, musicians, artists, speedrunners, modders, historians and everyone in between. In the shadow of every AAA game there’s an indie developer trying to make it big. For every “Ninja” there’s a new streamer yearning to build their audience. GameTree wants to celebrate these up-and-coming titans of the industry with a spotlight on their work. This is a chance for you to walk onto the gaming stage and tell the entire GameTree audience about the amazing things you do. We’re all pillars of this community, and everyone deserves a chance to grow.

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What is Your Gaming Platform Identity?

What drives you to play? Why do you prefer one platform over another? Just like how we argue over Mario Vs. Sonic or PUBG vs. Fortnite, we all have our reasons for getting attached to certain consoles and platforms. Through GameTree’s Gamer DNA, we can see beyond any general fondness for a platform and into the data driving our preferences. For example, based on the infographic below, the biggest reason people seem to play on PC is for “Status” — if this wasn’t true, then the “PC Master Race” meme would probably never exist.

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Is Social Isolation Killing You?

“Coronavirus” is the first thing that comes to mind lately when thinking about a pandemic. News of the virus is almost impossible to avoid, and the outbreak has left millions displaced, isolated, and disconnected from the world. There’s another problem that arises from this. It’s different, but still pretty dangerous. Something that might’ve infected you already, and that no amount of facemasks, toilet paper, or hand sanitizer stockpiling can cure. We’re talking about loneliness. Read More »Is Social Isolation Killing You?