Destiny 2 New Season | Release Date, Latest News and Leaks

Everything You Need To Know About The New Destiny 2 Season


💡 Highlights

  • The new season of Destiny 2 The Final Shape will be released on June 4, 2024.
  • The Final Shape will replace seasons with episodes, so Season of the Wish is basically the last season of Destiny 2.
  • It will be the final chapter in the Light and Dark saga.
  • The Bungie team is working on refining the content and mechanics of the game, this is why the new season is taking longer than usual.
  • It will likely be the last major expansion in the current storyline of Destiny 2.
  • The expansion’s title, The Final Shape, suggests it will conclude the ongoing conflict between the Light and Dark powers in the game’s universe.
  • The expansion will introduce new locations, missions, weapons, and gear for players to explore and collect.
  • It will also likely include new subclasses and abilities for each of the three player classes: TitanHunter, and Warlock.
  • The Final Shape will be available on all platforms where Destiny 2 is currently playable, including PlayStationXbox, and PC.
  • Players who own the Destiny 2 Annual Pass or purchase The Final Shape separately will have access to the new content.

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter created by Bungie and published by Activision. It was released in 2017. I have admired this game since its launch. For me, it’s one of the best sci-fi FPS video games so far! There are not many such stunning games with great lore and interconnected worlds, you know. Right now, Destiny 2 new Season of Wish is on air, but the long-awaited The Final Shape season is on the road, so let me share everything I’ve learned about it. 

Destiny 2 New Season Updates To Expect

Like many other Destiny 2 fans, I’m really looking forward to The Final Shape, which has officially been delayed until June 2024. However, Destiny 2 Game Director Joe Blackburn shared information about what we’ll witness throughout the season until the DLC is released. I have collected these theses into one list.

  • The upcoming matchmaking system will dramatically change the way Guardians play Destiny 2.
  • There will be many changes in PvP: modifiers from Checkmate will appear in core Crucible playlists. Crucible Map Pack will be released in May with three maps: Europe, Neomuna, and Terraformed Pyramid, and they will be quite large. 
  • The Season of the Wish will end in February, and then there will be other events for players until June. In particular, in February, Moments of Triumph will start with a series of weekly quests named Wishes. In March, the annual Guardian Games will take place. A new period called Into the Light will last between April and May. It will be free for all to prepare themselves for the Destiny 2 next season. 
  • A new Prismatic subclass will allow Guardians to switch between Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Strand damage types. Entering the Transcendence state unlocks a new grenade ability and weapon damage bonuses.
  • Exotic class items will be introduced, enabling players to steal perks from other Exotics and merge them into one powerful piece of armor. Each class item will roll with two random Exotic perks.
  • Examples of Exotic class item combinations include the Titan Mark Hunter Exotic Cloak, which combines the perks of Spirit of the Star Eater and Spirit of the Ophidian, and the Warlock Exotic Bond, Solipsism, which includes perks previously exclusive to Hunters and Titans.
  • The Final Shape will introduce new enemy units called Subjugators, new Super abilities for each class, and a new Raid to fight the Witness. 

Content That Will Be Cut from Destiny 2 when The Final Shape launches

Destiny 2 is undergoing significant changes with the release of The Final Shape expansion on June 4. Several elements will be removed to make way for new content. 

  • Most Into the Light content will be removed, including the Hall of Champions social space, Arcite 99-40 quests, the ability to obtain the BRAVE title, and special “shiny” drops of the BRAVE arsenal1
  • The Pantheon Challenge activity will be removed1
  • All seasonal activities and vendors from Lightfall’s seasons will be removed, as the seasonal format is changing.
  • Legendary Shards, an iconic currency, will be completely removed so players should spend them before then.
  • Weapon sunsetting, a controversial mechanic that limited older weapons, will be removed, making them viable again.

We’ll be updating this guide as soon as new details are out, but for now, let’s recap. what we’ve had in the current season. Are you with me?

Destiny 2 Next Release Date And Storyline Details

The current season of Destiny 2, named Season of the Wish, launched on November 28, 2023. Season of the Wish will also be the last season of Destiny 2, as The Final Shape will then replace seasons with episodes. I also want to note that Season of the Wish will be the longest season in Destiny 2 history, as The Final Shape has been delayed by three months, setting it’s release date to June 4, 2024.

The plot of the Destiny 2 new season, in my opinion, is key for the whole game because it is in it that the Guardians will finally be able to go after the Witness, safely passing through a huge portal in the Traveler. The plot revolves around the queen of the Awoken, Mara Sov, a warlock named Osiris, and the spirit of a powerful Ahamkara named Riven of a Thousand Voices.

The story begins with Riven of a Thousand Voices inviting players to come through her lair and claim the last clutch of Ahamkara eggs. In return, she will grant the Fifteenth Wish. This will take Destiny 2 players on an exciting adventure into the underground world beneath the Dreaming City, finding treasures and destroying Riven’s enemies along the way.

New season of Destiny 2

What To Expect From Destiny 2 New Season Of The Wish

The Destiny 2 new season has given all fans a lot of amazing stories and unique activities. If you’re just getting started with this season, I’ll outline below what you can expect.

  • Warlord’s Ruin – a D2 new dungeon that is part of the endgame content for Season 23.
  • Dawning – a special annual event dedicated to the Christmas holidays. Started on December 12.
  • Starcrossed – a special exotic quest for Season 23. Users will receive a new exotic weapon – a string bow in the first slot called Wish-Keeper. 
  • Moments of Triumph – a special annual event dedicated to the end of the game year. It will start in February.
  • The Guardian Games – a special annual event in which three main classes compete against each other by fulfilling certain conditions.
  • Destiny 2: Into the Light – a new period in the game’s life designed for seasoned veterans and new users. It will run from April to May before the launch of The Final Shape and will apparently bring new rewards with it.

In addition, players can expect improvements in the Destiny new season, for example:

  • Group selection: six years after the release of Destiny 2, the developers finally added an in-game LFG system for assembling a group. So far, they have added its beta version and the full release should take place at the end of January 2024.
  • Title: they added a new seal that allows you to get the Wishbearer title.
  • Achievements: a huge number of different achievements have been added.

New Weekly Missions

Players can complete time-limited missions each week in the new Destiny 2 season to earn additional perks and exotic weapons.

For example, the recent Week 8 brought the following quests:

  • Better Half: Complete “Starcrossed” in Legend difficulty. 
  • Nest Egg: Complete The Coil and access the Chamber of Wishes. 
  • Ritual Ornament: Acquire any ornament for the ritual weapon. 
  • Taking all challenges: Complete weekly playlist challenges. 
  • Fleeting Glory: Complete Competitive Crucible matches for bonus progress. 
  • Life Dispersion: Defeat enemies with Solar, Stasis, and Strand subclasses in Gambit for bonus progress. 
  • Kinetic Forces: Get final blows with Kinetic weapons for bonus progress.

For completing these missions, I got Bright Dust and Challenger XP rewards. Every week throughout the new Destiny 2 season, new missions must be completed if you want to receive bonus progress.

New Seasonal Activity – Riven’s Lair

Riven’s Lair is the first seasonal activity, which is a much simpler version of the second activity without any additional mechanics. Its essence is that a group of 3 gamers needs to complete 4 stages, each with its own task:

  • The first is to activate 3 plates.
  • The second is to go through the arena with opponents.
  • The third is to activate 3 plates.
  • The fourth is to defeat the final boss.

In my opinion, this activity exists for only one purpose: to quickly get random seasonal loot, without any special effort. There is a daily weekly rotation of stage variations.

Destiny 2 new season activities

The Coil is the second activity in the Destiny 2 new season, which I would even call the main one. In my opinion, it is very interesting, unusual, exciting, and quite complex. The latter is expressed in a set of main tasks and 10 modifiers, among which there are the following special options:

  • The overall difficulty is adjusted to the group. Simply put, the larger the group, the more difficult it is.
  • The light level of opponents in each subsequent section increases by 5 from yours. In other words, they will always be stronger than you.
  • You have 21 resurrection charges; if they run out, the group automatically returns to orbit.

The essence of the activity is quite simple: you need to go through 4 sections, each of them consisting of 4 stages, as in the first activity. That is, activate 3 plates, then go through the arena with opponents, activate 3 plates again, defeat the final boss, and return to the room with Riven.

New Season Pass Rewards

As you buy the Season Pass, you get a rewards roadmap. The rewards are unlocked during the D2 new season, as you progress and improve your rank. There are a stunning 100 ranks, each coming with its own perk. The Season Pass rewards include XP boosts, engrammes, upgrades, exclusive loot, etc. For example, the Dragon’s Breath Exotic Rocket Launcher I’m covering later in this article becomes available when you get Rank 35. 

The Witcher Collab

As a big fan of The Witcher books, series, and especially the video games, I was very happy about this collaboration event in the Destiny 2 new season. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Barrel Bath: your character, like Herald, basks in a barrel of water. This can be bought exclusively for silver. The price is 1200.
  • Flood of Anger: finishing move in the Witcher style. The character uses the Igni or Aard sign and then strikes with the sword. The price is 1000 silver.
  • White Wolf: a skin for armor in the Witcher style. I think it looks very nice, which makes it especially sad since the skin is sold for 2000 silver.
  • Roach-VGH: a bike. This item, together with the Wolven Storm ship and the Wolven Shell ghost, is included in the set for 2500 silver.
  • Profile background with the logo of the Wolf school: it is given for completing an achievement called Sword and Signs. It’s quite simple, as you only need to kill 100 enemies with a sword and 50 with fire melee abilities.
Destiny 2 new season collab

New Artifact (Queensfoil Censer)

The seasonal artifact this time is the Queensfoil Censer item and it contains different passive mods. The perks include the following:

  • Anti-Barrier Sidearm;
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon;
  • Unstoppable Bow;
  • Overload Auto Rifles;
  • Overload Pulse Rifle;
  • A mod that increases damage when you play alone;
  • 2 mods to enhance perk outcomes, including new weapons;
  • A mod to increase the damage against the possessed and the despicable;
  • 6 almost perfectly linked mods for the solar subclass;
  • 2 linked mods for the Stasis subclass;
  • 2 linked mods for the Strand subclass.

New Dungeon: Warlord’s Ruin

If you’ve wondered, when was the new dungeon released in Destiny 2, it was on December 1, 2023. Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon became the most recent addition to Destiny 2’s dungeons. This dungeon offers players a chance to earn rewards by engaging in multiple encounters and completing the dungeon. Warlord’s Ruin can be farmed for unlimited loot, allowing for multiple runs each week. However, I must note that similar to other Destiny 2 raids and dungeons, the Warlord’s Ruin Exotic can only be farmed once per character each week.

New Legendary Weapons

Players will get a great selection of brand-new weapons in the Destiny 2 new season. All legendary weapons are craftable. Here’s the full list:

AppetenceTrace RifleStasis
Scalar PotentialRapid-Fire Pulse RifleArc
LethophobiaLightweight BowVoid
SuperclusterSlug ShotgunStrand
Scatter SignalRapid-Fire Fusion RifleStrand
Doomed PetitionerLinear Fusion Rifle Void

The Returning Legendary Weapons

Destiny 2 has brought back some of the most popular weapons that fans have loved in the past. These weapons are in line with the Season of the Wish theme and include the Dreaming City weapons. You can find them in the Blind Well, the Shattered Throne, and the Ascendant Challenge chests. Here is the complete list of the returning weapons:

TigerspitePrecision Auto RifleKinetic
Waking VigilAdaptive Hand Cannon Arc
SleeplessHigh Impact Rocket Arc
VouchsafeLightweight ScoutVoid
Retold TalePrecision ShotgunVoid
Twilight OathRapid-Fire Sniper Solar
Abide the ReturnAdaptive SwordSolar

Dragon’s Breath Rocket Launcher Return

During the Destiny new season, players can receive various rewards, including legendary weapons, Deepsight Harmonizers, boosts, crafting materials, and nice armor ornaments. Additionally, Season Pass holders can unlock the Seasonal Exotic, which is a reimagined version of the fan-favorite Dragon’s Breath.

Seasonal Exotic & Seasonal Armor

Each Destiny 2 new season usually introduces one new Exotic armor piece for each class, while full expansions like Lightfall tend to include two pieces per class. Unfortunately, some Seasons don’t include any new Exotic armor at all, which is a disappointment. For example, we didn’t get any new Exotic armor in the Season of Arrivals. The same goes for the Season of the Wish, which means we won’t have any new Exotic armor pieces for seven months until the release of The Final Shape DLC.

Citadel PvP Map

Forsaken’s Citadel map returns to Crucible playlists in Season 23 as part of Bungie’s “reprisal map efforts.” The developers hope to relive “great memories of dominating Control matches” in the Dreaming City during the season.

Fireteam Finder – New Destiny 2 Matchmaking System

Season of the Wish has introduced a new Fireteam Finder system into Destiny 2. With this new feature, players will have an in-game LFG option to find a team for Raids, Dungeons, Nightfalls, Trials, and more. Currently, the feature is undergoing its first stress test, and Bungie collects feedback for gamers to continue working on it until its release in January or February.

Find Your Perfect Teammate With GameTree

While matchmaking in Destiny 2 is still being tested, I find Destiny 2 teammates on GameTree to explore dungeons and go for raids. This is a popular application among gamers who are tired of random matchmaking and want to assemble their own perfect team.

At GameTree, you can find Destiny gamers of the right subclass and experience to enjoy the game and progress faster together. In addition, I follow game news on GameTree and communicate with other participants. Join the cool community!

More Updates Coming With Season Of The Wish

No new events in Season of the Wish exist beyond those described above. All new features and missions are prepared for Destiny 2 next season (rather, episode) coming in June 2024. However, some minor technical updates are still planned.

Game Stability Improvements

In recent seasons, players have been experiencing several technical issues in Destiny 2, and to resolve them, Bungie decided to release several major updates. Their list for the next season of Destiny 2 looks like this:

  • Reducing the maintenance and deployment downtime windows; 
  • Enhancing the response procedures for incident recovery to hasten the restoration of Destiny 2 online as soon as possible when incidents happen;
  • Focusing on more extensive and comprehensive architectural improvements to increase the service stability.


Destiny 2 is a fairly old game with a huge community. The game has its strengths and weaknesses, but it would be foolish to deny its popularity. I enjoy its Sci-Fi setting and genre, combining looting, shooting, and MMO. Although you need to study the world of the game not only directly during the gameplay but also through guides, I really like it and The Season of the Wishes in particular. My teammates and I, whom I met on GameTree, have already played over 100 hours of Destiny 2. So, enjoy the new story, complete exclusive quests, and wait for Destiny 2 next season (well, not season but episode) with me!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Next Season Of Destiny 2?


The new season The Final Shape will start on June 4, 2024 with an Episode 1 named Echoes

When Does Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish End?


It will end on June 4, 2024. Season of the Wish is the longest season ever because of the delay of the D2 next season.

What Will The Destiny 2 Next Season Be About?


There will be no more seasons in Destiny 2, as after Season of the Wish, Episodes will replace them. Actually, they will be very similar to Seasons in terms of activities and content. The story of the first episode, Echoes, has still not been uncovered.

What To Expect From Destiny 2 New Season Of Wish?


In the Destiny 2 new season, you can expect an update to the game's performance, a continuation of the storyline, and new quests and activities.