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GameTree matches gamers from all over the world over their favorite games. The gamers are automatically filtered by personality type, in-game motivation, location, and their personal preferences so that the matches are perfect for each user.

Our app’s key features:

  1. The only database of every game in the world
  2. Discover new games you will like through similar friends
  3. Find people in your area for tabletop games
  4. Locate people down to play niche games
  5. Enjoy watching eSports with fellow fans
  6. Encounter fewer toxic players in-game



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Case study

Jack loved playing games when he was a child. Years have passed, but Jack’s obsession with games is still as strong as it used to be. But oh noes! All his buddies have jobs and children now. Gaming has become a lonely experience for poor Jack. That’s where GameTree comes into play. Now Jack needs not to worry about his job, family, and self-development! With the help of our amazing app he can find people who are just like him and like the same games he does. Oh, what an amazing user case!


John, CEO

Like many of you, John has had to reassemble his tribe every time he graduated or moved. Faced with this dilemma too often, John discovered a solution that happened to combine his deep love of gaming with his otherwise irrelevant backgrounds in coding, entrepreneurship, personality psychology, and online dating.

A lifelong hardcore gamer of every platform, John attended Babson, the top entrepreneurship school in America, spent thousands of hours researching and lecturing on personality psychology, founded a coding school, and is a professional online dating coach. Beforehand, John spent many summers at UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkeley, and Stanford teaching summer camps and creating safe spaces for people to make friends.

Nikita, CTO

Not a single thing escapes from Nikita’s eye when he leads the development of a product. He was previously the CTO of mobile analytics company, Clicky, which grew from a few to a hundred employees in just two years. Nikita is an up-to-date professional who uses all the latest frameworks in his work.

Igor, CMO

Marketing ninja by day, hardcore gamer by night. Igor spends most of his free time playing strategy games. At any given moment there’s a 12% chance he’s playing Civ 5.
Igor graduated from the University of Wales, where he studied business and management. He has since held lead marketing roles in two other companies. His passion for games and his experience in game development industry helped him fall in love with GameTree the instant he saw it.