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Author: John Uke

Hello! I'm John Uke, a tech entrepreneur, gaming enthusiast, and proud co-founder of GameTree, a platform committed to helping gamers discover new games and find friends with shared gaming interests.
My fascination with gaming goes beyond the thrill of gameplay. I'm captivated by the way games can unite people, fostering community and shared experiences. Through GameTree, I've been able to channel this passion, creating a space where gamers can find new friends and exciting games to explore.
Over the years, I've delved into several fields that intersect with my work at GameTree. My journey has also led me to teach numerous workshops on personality analysis, enabling individuals to better understand themselves and others, an aspect that is mirrored in GameTree's personality-based match feature. My deep dive into personality psychology has involved more than 13,000 hours of research, community engagement, content creation, and more.
When I'm not exploring new frontiers at GameTree or immersed in a game, I enjoy analyzing the psychologies of elite professionals and coaching them on self-management skills.
Through the GameTree blog, I'm excited to share insights, updates, and my passion for gaming. I look forward to taking this journey with you, fostering connections, and discovering unforgettable gaming experiences.

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