Venn: Bringing Gaming to TV

Gaming has always found its home on the internet with streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. From its grassroots origins and LAN parties to being a multi-million dollar career for some, streaming and gaming have grown substantially. As such, Venn Gaming is looking to change the way people view gaming streams by launching a brand-new, TV-style gaming network with major gaming personalities in their team. Being streamed through Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming,, and connected-TV platforms, it is attempting to reach new ground with professional, TV talk show levels of quality and production with some of the most recognizable faces in gaming.

Who’s on the Show?

If you’ve been involved with the gaming entertainment world, it’s likely you’re already familiar with some of their cast of personalities. Popular amongst the Twitch world, TheSushiDragon is the first of their team, having his own shows on the platform where he can fully utilize his arsenal of micro-controllers to showcase his over-the-top production and energy. Some may also know him from his recent appearances on the League of Legends LCS Friday Night League broadcasts. Speaking of LCS, people may also recognize James “Dash” Patterson and Daniel “dGon” Gonzales from the caster’s desk. On top of these familiar names in the League of Legends world, there are other familiar names like Jimmy Wong, an actor in the upcoming movie Mulan, and Chrissy Costanza, a YouTuber and singer for Against the Current. In addition to these names, there are many other familiar personalities that make up the Venn gaming network cast with a variety of YouTubers, actors, and musicians.

What is There to Watch?

Now, looking at that star studded cast, you might come to think “What kind of shows can Venn gaming produce?” and as you can see in the following information they are aiming at a palatable length of gaming shows on all different facets, including overall news, health, and co-op with stars. Truthfully, the internet is lacking in places to watch specifically curated and produced gaming show content, and Venn aims to provide just that.

The Download

The Download a group roundtable with personalities you will love who cover the biggest stories in gaming. With it, Venn is bringing the news channel of the gaming world. They offer their own personal insights and engage in debates with next to no filter. You can keep up with all the latest gaming news, like new releases and e-sports news, from the perspective of active members of the gaming community. It features DGon, Matt Morello, Jimmy Wong, and many more guest appearances.

Looking For Gains

LFG: a popular term in online multiplayer games. This fun take on the term follows the Fitness Youtuber CashNasty as he shows how to balance a lifestyle between fitness and gaming in Looking for Gains. Cash is an energetic spirit that is sure to get you pumped up for leveling up your life and health. You know as well as us, staying physically healthy is an important part of your life, so why not spice it up with a little fun and action while watching on Venn?

Guest House

“It’s dangerous to go alone!” The segment titled Guest House follows host Chrissy Constanza as she plays multiplayer games with guest content creators and personalities in the gaming community. Tune in to watch them play various games, interact with chat, and create content live!l

There’s obviously a lot to love about this new platform, but as for us at GameTree, our favorite segment has to be Guest House. Chrissy Costanza just possesses a certain lovable energy and excitement that we think anyone would love to play a co-op game with. 

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