The Best PS5 Games: Our Predictions

Do you remember the last time you went crazy? No? Well, we remember the last time we did: when Sony revealed the Playstation 5. One of our staff members even recorded his reaction to it. And it wasn’t just us — everyone went crazy. While we know terms like favorite and top, we think the following games — with their incredible graphics, storylines, and gameplay — will become some of the top PlayStation 5 games (dare we say ever?)”

Spider Man: Miles Morales

With great power comes great responsibility and yadda yadda yadda. We get it, alright? But if we had great power — say time travel, for instance — we might abuse it and take a quick trip to the future just to play Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 was an absolute triumph. Seriously, *chef kiss*. Everyone loved it and clamored for more — especially when the sequel was teased at the end of the original game.

Now, it is Miles Morales’ turn to take up the mantle as Spider-Man. Expanding on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles will continue to explore his unique set of spidey-powers and story as he swings around New York City beating up bad guys. Plus, Miles will be backed by the power of the PS5 to make this gameplay adventure even better.


At some point in time, we’ve all casually wondered what it would be like to be a cat; to nap and eat and sunbathe all day instead of working or, you know, “adulting.” So when the trailer for Stray was released, we had to know: “CAN YOU PLAY AS THE CAT?” 

And the answer is yes. You very much can. 

But being a cat in this seemingly post-apocalyptic world isn’t all about lounging and relaxation. Devoid of human life and overrun by robots, you explore this mysterious world from the perspective of a cat. This is a pretty novel idea; many games allow you to play as an animal, but Stray takes this concept even further by abandoning tendencies for anthropomorphism — think Pokemon, Sonic, or anything from Deviant Art. Instead, Stray for PS5 stays true to its feline roots: you are very much a regular, though very cool, cat. 

Our prediction for this game: based on the trailer of a lone cat wandering back alleyways and cityscapes with a backpack, we think this game will be about a cat (you) doing surveillance for the last human holdouts (survivors).

Our more accurate prediction for this game is that it’s going to be an absolute blast. Even if we can’t be a cat spies. We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in Stray’s stunningly rendered world.

Demon’s Souls Remake

If you’re a Gamer — and if you’re here, you definitely are — you know Dark Souls. Or at least heard of it. Dark Souls is so incredibly popular that most critics use it as a reference when reviewing other games — an action that has even become a meme. Dark Souls is just that good. But before the almighty Dark Souls changed the way we view gaming, there was Demon’s Souls. And while Demon’s Souls didn’t gain the same sort of popularity as its successor, it did develop a strong and loyal fan base. 

Originally released on the PlayStation 3, Dark Souls is taking two massive steps forward onto the PlayStation 5. With absolutely jaw-dropping graphics, the difference in Demon’s Souls’ glow up is almost night and day. Not only that, but the game also offers different accommodation settings for those who prefer beautiful graphics over a better frame rate (and vice-versa). These small details — this type of attention to detail when it comes to gameplay preferences — is why we honestly can’t wait to play Demon’s Souls all over again.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Remember when we mentioned gaming’s tendency to anthropomorphize creatures? Well, Ratchet and Clank showcases this tendency at its finest by mixing the charm of animalistic traits with human action, adventure, and a whole ton of guns. Despite new mechanics that lets you jump to different dimensions seamlessly (upgrades!!), Ratchet and Clank for PS5 is still just as fun and cartoonishly destructive as its PS2 and PS3 edition (We don’t talk about the PS4 remake…)

This series has always been good at demonstrating a new console’s graphical prowess. With some people comparing it to Pixar movies, the detail in this latest installment is staggering.

The trailer for Ratchet and Clank unveiled some exciting gameplay that left us wanting more. We’re hyped about this release; fingers crossed it delivers the same fun and colorful action we are so used to.

Resident Evil Village

Is it any wonder that after Resident Evil VII came out to such exceptional, critical praise, the developers just had to make another one? And so, with the release of the Playstation 5, Capcom returns. This conclusion to Resident Evil VII promises to impress on new levels of horror and graphics. PLUS, this release of Resident Evil will include Chris Redfield and werewolves! I guess zombies just weren’t scary enough…

The trailer is a sequence of fast cuts that builds a deep sense of mystery and anticipation. You’ll definitely have to watch it a few times in slow motion to really absorb what’s being shown — we definitely had to. The developers of Resident Evil VII also claim that the loading times will be “imperceptible” — a massive boast (and one we hope proves correct). This has us excited for the seamless gameplay of Resident Evil and the power of the PS5 that allows for these loading speeds.

Horizon II: Forbidden West

We’ve saved the most beautiful upcoming PS5 game for last. Because honestly? How can you visually top Horizon II: Forbidden West? We don’t think it’s possible. When the trailer was released, the visuals left us with our mouths agape. This game’s visuals are surreal.

Aloy, the protagonist, is seen traveling around recognizable landmarks and discovering civilization all over again, all while fighting giant robot dinosaurs and enemy tribes. Considering how amazing the first game was, both visually and in gameplay, we expect to have our minds blown when we finally get to play. Horizon II: Forbidden West is being praised as one of Sony’s heavy-hitters, and based on its trailer, we believe the hype.

So what do you think about our predictions? Do you think these games will be Playstation 5’s top games of 2020 / 2021? Tell us what games you are most excited about playing in the comments below. Better yet, come find us on GameTree and join our community.

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