GameTree and Combat Loneliness!

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Hearo – the world’s first mobile and desktop app watch party platform.

In an especially isolated world, GameTree and Hearo seek to mend the void left by the pandemic and its quarantine by connecting gamers through technology, and more importantly, entertainment. 

We truly believe our community will benefit from this partnership as our models and visions align strongly – with a focus on providing a dynamic social platform designed for connecting gamers across the world.

We’re delighted to include Hearo as one of our partners. To kick things off, GameTree is hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) watch party this Sunday, March 7th, at 11 AM PST on the Hearo app! Tune in to chat with GameTree’s Founder and CEO John Uke. The watch party itself will have interactive audio and chat while we watch a top upcoming games hype video. We’ll be talking about everything from personality psychology and the new UwU dating feature, to the latest Nintendo gaming news and even the idea of adding Hearo sessions in GameTree. 🧐

You won’t want to miss out! Click the link below to join.

Wanna get more details about the AMA itself… Click here.

Link to the AMA


Hearo reinvents TV and streaming as a live, social experience. Hearo is the world’s first mobile and desktop app for watching video services like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and YouTube, live U.S. TV channels like ESPN, and 25+ other services full-screen while talking together with your friends and family, on phones, tablets, or PCs. #MultiplayerTV is here!

About GameTree

GameTree takes LFG (Looking for Group) to the next level. Our platform is the #1 gamer social network for curated player matchmaking, game recommendations, interactive communities, and gamer dating. We utilize AI technology to connect gamers to their perfect friend, teammate, or even romantic partner based on personality psychology, personal values, and “gamer DNA”. Find your tribe with GameTree on Android, iOS, and Web!