Find Your Team for NA LCS 2020

The North American LCS is back, and the Summer split is in full swing to round out the 2020 season! The race for worlds is on, with all three of North America’s spots up for grabs.

Last split, Cloud9 took the top spot with an extremely dominant run, grabbing the organization’s first domestic win in 6 years. After such a dominant performance, every team is looking at them as the people to beat, ready to take their spot at the top. Esports is part of the gaming community, so we at Gametree want to help those who aren’t as familiar with the scene and are looking for a team to root for. For those who are not familiar with the LCS and are looking to begin following it, here’s a quick guide to the team’s and their recent roster moves…


Cloud9 is a community-centric team built on memes and international success. They are the reigning LCS Champions after their dominant run through Spring Split and are back to protect their throne. With Spring Split MVP, Blabber, as their jungler, they return with their entire team of young and experienced talent, showing why native talent, like Vulcan, Blabber, and Licorice, are just as good as imports.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses has returned this year with a vengeance. One of the most storied and notorious esports organizations around, they have made their return to the league after years of absence, taking many of the parts of 2019 Cloud9 and combining it with previous three-time world champion, Bang, and European superstar, Jiizuke. Now, with the signing of Huni, a former world’s finalist, they look to improve on their third place finish and show the league what it means to Live Evil.


Nothing is more synonymous to North American Esports than TeamSoloMid. Founded in League of Legends, TSM has been in contention for the top spot since the professional scene’s inception. After being plagued with internal issues over the past two years, they look to address this by reuniting three of their most popular players in their history with Bjergson, Doublelift, and Biofrost. With their veteran power, they finish their team with new, up-and-coming jungler, Spica, to reclaim their spot at the top.


With the blunders of TSM in recent years, Team Liquid has claimed their spot as a premier team within the LCS. Despite their back-to-back-to-back-to-back championships in 2018 and 2019, they lost their footing in the 2020 Spring Split after visa issues and constantly shifting players. This split, they look to regain form with their World’s finalist jungler from Europe, Broxah, and rising star, Tactical, as their new starting ADC.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves is a team that is designed to hype fans up. Founded by former Call of Duty pro player, Nadeshot, the team leverages their popular clothing line and boisterous energy to explode into the LCS. Maintaining their crew from the last split, they look to build upon their performance from the last split and break into the upper brackets of the competition.


If you love nature, then Flyquest is the team for you. This team is looking for more than just competitive success, as they use the successes of the team as ways to help in the fight against climate change. Their focus on nature conservation does not overshadow their drive to win, though, as they come off of their 2nd place finish last split with the same roster, ready to challenge reigning champions, Cloud9, at the top of the table.


Dignitas, one of the original organizations competing in LCS, is back with a new look. With many of their legacy players moving onto becoming popular streamers, like Scarra and Voyboy, the team has restructured and are ready to take on the fresh talent the LCS has to offer. Fielding a 10-man roster, Dignitas is starting with a new look, signing top laner, V1per, and moving jungler, Akkadian. With the veteran presence of Froggen in mid and Aphromoo in support, the team looks to re-cement their position in the league and break the “Dignitas Baron Throw” meme.

Golden Guardians

The Golden State Warriors’ team, Golden Guardians, is looking to translate their legacy to esports. Long are the days of historic player Hai leading this team as they look to build new talent for longer-lasting success. Coming into the Summer split, they have fielded a new mid laner, Damonte, who is considered one of North America’s most promising talents being developed in an age of import mid laners.


In 2016, Immortals burst into the league with one of the most dominant rosters in North American LCS history before disappearing from the league entirely. After not quite hitting their stride in Spring, they are back looking at recapturing that former glory with a slew of roster moves going into the Summer Split. Most notably, veteran jungler, Xmithie, has been benched for new talent Potluck as they try to find their previous success once again.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming is known for one thing: defying expectations. Whether for better or for worse, this has been their trademark since the league’s inception. From the highs of a final’s appearance in the Midseason Invitational to potentially losing their spot in the league entirely, the team has been through ups and downs. They look to swing back to their former glory as they keep the roster they ended the Spring Split with. With mid laner, Pobelter, at the wheel, they look to leave a mark on the split and continue to defy the expectations they face.

So, who are you rooting for? Are you looking for Cloud9 to continue their dominance? Are you a die-hard TSM fan looking to see Doublelift’s grand return to the organization? Are you waiting for CLG’s return to prominence?  With the 2020 summer split in full swing, only time will tell who will go on to represent NA at worlds. In the meantime why not (shameless plug) use GameTree to find your own dream team, connect with other players, and stay up to date on everything NA LCS.