EA forces Revive Network to shut down their Battlefield servers

EA forces Revive Network to shut down their Battlefield servers

As you may know, some time ago, a lot of games relied on GameSpy’s services for their online modes. However, back in 2014, it was shut down by IGN. As a result of that, these games could not be played online until modding community decided to re-enable MP via mods. One such mod was Revive Network.


Revive Network brought favorite titles back to life after online services were closed after the GameSpy shutdown. Some of them were Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 and, lately, Battlefield Heroes. However, this service was hit by EA in attempt to shut it down.

According to the team behind Revive Network, Electronic Arts’ legal team contacted them. Instead of congratulating them (for you know, making it possible to play online their damn games that they have avoided supporting), EA asked them to stop distributing and using their intellectual property, this being any logos, names and so on.

Due to this collision, obviously, Revive Network has stopped working. And, of course, EA has not provided any workaround to play these games online. Therefore, those owning the aforementioned titles cannot enjoy their legitimately purchased games online. I guess these players will have to move to more recent titles. Even this being true, we can not come up with a logical reasoning under simply attacking this platform without presenting another way to play those long-time player favorites.

We have the notice that EA sent to the team behind Revive Network. From the looks of it, EA only demands the team to stop distributing the game client downloads from its site, and furthermore, the team should stop using Electronic Arts’ trademarks, logos, and artwork on its sites. However, the Revive Network launcher and its servers can and will still function – the notice does not say anything about them, so the team is free, legally, to keep the MP modes of those games alive. If the team terminates the servers, then it’s their decision and no; it was not forced by EA. Not only that, but this notice is among the nicest notices we’ve ever seen, even though it sort of is a bad move from EA. Really bad move.

You can check out the article below:

“I write on behalf of Electronic Arts Inc. and its development studio DICE or, in other words, those guys that make Battlefield.

We’ve noticed that Revive Network has several projects and websites devoted to being a Medic by reviving older Battlefield games, including Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142. It’s great to see your enthusiasm for these titles. Not to brag, but we too get the nostalgia chills when booting up these classic entries in the Battlefield franchise.

We need a favor though: we must ask that you stop throwing down Ammo Crates. In other, more legal-styled terms, please stop distributing copies of our game clients and using our trademarks, logos, and artwork on your sites. Thing is, your websites may easily mislead visitors to believe that you are associated or affiliated with EA. We are the only ones that get to wear the Official EA dog tag. Since you are Battlefield community members, we know that you are smart and helpful, and will respect that we must protect our intellectual property rights in the franchise.

Please drop us a line to let us know you are on board with this. Should you have any questions regarding all this, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

This whole situation just shows up how EA stopped thinking about players in an attempt to simply raise incomes.  We hope this changes at some point.

However, this raises thoughts about if EA could possibly be considering remastering those games. The possibility is low, but this can happen. We hope “Evil inc.” has to stop forgetting about the player base at some point. And in the meantime: Rest in Battlefield heaven, Revive Network. Looking forward to your revival!

Written by GameTree Team in October 27, 2017 / 860 Wiews