How newly introduced Dota 2 heroes affect matchmaking

     Of course, everyone likes some new content to their favorite games. However, sometimes it can be frustrating even while being super well-created. How does it happen?

A couple of days ago Valve announced the fact that is going to bring two new heroes to Dota 2 with The Dueling Fates update, and while everyone is going to try and play them in a competitive environment, some negative consequences are inevitable.

     The day a new hero comes out every Dota player is excited to use him in battle, and ones that fail to do so will be incredibly upset and demoralized. Moreover, any player using brand new heroes will be blamed for each and every mistake they make, ruining the game experience for others. Further down the line, Dota’s “hero ban” system does not provide 100% chance to avoid select heroes, so this is going to happen in the majority of matches after patch launch.

To be honest, Valve is definitely unable to deal with this case. Toxic players are and will be existing in the community, so each and every one of us, players, has to deal with the issue himself. It is hard to remain calm during such cases, but if your entire team consists of select players, that are going to go soft on such events – you are set and done to try out new heroes and have fun.

     And it’s not only Dota that has such issues – most competitive games share them. However, free-to-play games are more prone to having team conflicts based on such scenario, because, let’s say, Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends have a system where a player needs to pay to acquire new characters, and further the game is balanced around it. Moreover, it can still bring negative experience to the gameplay and team creation is far more important during these periods of time.

     Luckily, anyone can avoid this situation by using GameTree app to connect and assemble a team of people that share your interests and views!

Have fun and good luck!