DOTA 2 Vs. League of Legends: Answering the Eternal Question

The eternal question is now settled! Which game requires more skill: League of Legends or DOTA 2? DOTA is irrefutably the higher skill game, but League beats it in sound and graphics quality.

These findings are in accordance with players’ gaming tastes, and assume people play games that match their tastes. The data comes from a GameTree Gamer DNA sample of 10,000 players who play exclusively League or Dota. GameTree itself is a next-generation player and game AI recommendation tool + social network. The Gamer DNA model is one of its matchmaking criteria. You can read more about it here or watch a video here

Skill-Related Game Differences

In terms of skill, what are the biggest differences between DOTA and League players? DOTA players like more difficulty and complexity and also care more about status. League players care more about the feeling of domination and enjoy grinding.

Bonus Game Differences

Here are the differences between how much DOTA and League players care about different game aesthetics.

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MOBA Players Vs. Non-MOBA Players

While the competition is fun, we all know DOTA and League players are actually brothers and sisters – more alike than different. Here are the differences between players who play League and/or DOTA to those who play neither.

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The Data 

Graph 1

Dota 2

  • Status: +17.4%
  • Difficulty: +13.4%
  • Achievement: +7.5%
  • Complexity: +4.0%
  • Mechanical Skills: +1.7%
  • Critical Thinking: +0.5%

League of Legends

  • Grinding: +7.8%
  • Dominance: +6.3%
  • Practice: +1.9%
  • Teamwork: +1.9%

Graph 2

Dota 2

  • Roleplay: +4.4%
  • Lore: +1.2%
  • Agency: +1%
  • Artistic Creativity: Dota +0.4%

League of Legends

  • Sound: +5.5%
  • Exploration: +3.4%
  • Characters: +2.6%
  • Graphics: +2.6%
  • Excitement: +2%
  • Socializing: +0.7%

Graph 3

Dota + LoL

  • Status: +17.9%
  • Difficulty: +10.8%
  • Complexity: +6.3%
  • Practice: +5.6%
  • Critical Thinking: +2.9%
  • Dominance: +2.6%
  • Mechanical Skills: +1.0%
  • Roleplay: +0.4%

Non-MOBA Players

  • Graphics: +5.5%
  • Exploration: +3.8%
  • Artistic Creativity: +3.0%
  • Grinding: +2.8%
  • Socializing: +1.6%
  • Excitement: +1.3%
  • Characters: +1.3%
  • Agency: +0.7%
  • Teamwork: +0.5%
  • Lore: +0.3%
  • Achievement: +0.2%
  • Sound: +0.1%

Data compiled by Daniel Du with infographics by Jorge Varela.