Activision redefines pay to win by rigging players to buy microtransactions

Activision redefines pay to win by rigging players to buy microtransactions

     Did you ever feel that you are really badly matched in multiplayer games? Well, things can get even more complicated in the future.

     Recent news shows that matchmaking in new (or even existing) Activision games could rely on the amount of money you put into the game to match you with other players. If one player does play, let’s say, heavy machine gun soldier – the game would try and match him up with someone owning any sort of skin or alternate art item in the same slot. Though this system can make company’s profits skyrocket, it may just as well disappoint huge amount of players and make them quit games in order to protest against this system by selectively ruining its review base, for example. As it looks, this system has been in development since 2015 and not connected to any specific games, however, it already shook our cute little worldwide gaming community. Well, what is the best way to prevent one from buying something? Force him to do so!


     Of course, this system has a positive outcome for players that actually buy something from an in-game shop. Gamers will be put into matches where their brand new sniper rifle can be used at its peak power, i.e. open maps and long-range engagements. Unfortunately, centering matchmaking around this factor can really destroy the competitive feeling and due to the patent saying it is suited for FPS games it can easily be adjusted for other genres as well.  

     We find this algorithm totally unappealing to a current state of the gamer community – to us games are created to bring people together and challenge their select skills. Moreover, if it is gonna be implemented to more games and all of them will, pretty much, force you to spend some money on the game, how will the community change?



     The best option during this ongoing issue is easily going to be playing with someone you know, and someone you enjoy playing with – they share your interests and, pretty much, can relate. And if you lack some of those – feel free to use GameTree to find ones that suit you best according to your personality type.


Written by GameTree Team in October 20, 2017 / 753 Wiews