5 AWESOME MMO GAMES You Can Play On Your Phone!

We are basically living in a 1950’s vision of the future — without the flying cars and robot butlers, sure, but a future filled with advanced, personalized technology nonetheless. For example, take gaming: just a handful of years ago, playing on your phone meant playing Snake or Tetris (if you were really lucky).

Snake vintage video game

(Move over, iPhone 😎)

Now, though? Our cell phones can run games to rival legit gaming consoles. Not just that, but we can play globally, anytime, anywhere — and there are so many game choices! Even content heavy rpgs and MMO games (free mmorpg ftw, amiright?). Below, in no particular order, are 5 of our favorite pocket-sized MMOs. 

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Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile Popular MMORPG

When playing an immersive game, graphics are incredibly important. After all, visuals are vital in the suspension of disbelief. And considering many of us hold the assumption that phones = sacrificing graphic quality, it is somewhat surprising just how beautifully rendered Black Desert Mobile is. With impressive visuals and gameplay packed with a ton of character customization options, Black Desert is easy to get lost in.

The mainline quests, side quests, and PvE dungeons raise this popular MMO from just being a beautiful game to one packed with dynamic content and gameplay. Best of all, this is free to play! There are other versions of Black Desert Online on PS4 and PC, yet the convenience of carrying such a massive game in your pocket definitely has a play anywhere appeal. And between its portability and a comprehensive tutorial, you can quickly get into the world of Black Desert.

Ragnarok M

Ragnarok M Eternal Love Free MMORPG

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a mobile port of the original Ragnarok Online for PC. It’s also somehow better than the original? (Like when does that ever happen?!) The graphics are super pleasing in this mobile iteration, and it has an intuitive interface that provides a lot of comfort and options for both automatic and manual play. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love offers enjoyable solo gameplay and more hardcore challenges that require coordination and teamwork. There are in-game classes you can level up and guilds you can create with friends. So you can play alone, cooperatively with friends, or challenge your friends to a bit of competition. 

Although there are in-game purchases, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a free to play game. Considering how much free gaming is included, you can fully enjoy the game without spending money on microtransactions. There is a daily limit for how long you can play; however, they give you so much time that is hard to run out. Additionally, if you don’t use your allocated time on a given day, it rolls over to the following one. This MMO is a solid choice for anyone who wants an impressively large game with mobile capabilities.

Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind 2020 MMORPG

Better known as “The Greatest MMORPG that plays itself”, Tales of Wind is the western version of Laplace M. While people sometimes joke about Tales of the Wind’s automatic gaming elements, you’ll still find a deeply satisfying gameplay experience — especially if you’re playing with a group. There’s a wide variety of quests to undertake, some of which can’t be done automatically, and even some massive quests that require a large group of people to complete. And unlike other free MMORPG, people buying their way to victory is not common with this game. 

With Tales of Wind gaining popularity, more people than ever are playing (and enjoying) this popular MMO. Now is the perfect time to find your guild and join in. GameTree makes this easy; using our gaming sessions, you can invite as many people as you want to take on a specific quest at a particular time. All from your phone. Bam, so easy.

MapleStory M

Maplestory M Fun MMORPG

You probably remember playing this game years ago,maybe even back to the original: MapleStory for PC. Now it’s jumped to mobile with MapleStory M. It’s the MMO champion for those who want something a bit more simple, nostalgic, and fun. This free to play 2D side-scrolling MMO still has many of the same jobs and customization options as the original, but it’s been redesigned for smartphone portability and ease of gameplay.

Fans of MapleStory probably remember this game as a bit grind-heavy, so the mobile version added Auto-Battle and Auto-Quest. You can more efficiently use your time by sending your avatar off to grow stronger and do its own thing (awe, they grow up so fast). No longer do you have to spend hours of game time in order to level up your character. Now when you play with friends, you can actually, you know…play, instead of grinding away.

Old School Runescape

Runescape Old School MMORPG Friends

Massive “old school” vibes with this MMO. Initially released in 2001, Runescape is the grandaddy of MMOs, and it is still being played today. Regarded by many as the example of a good MMORPG, Runescape maintains a strong base of players. And now that it is available free for mobile, even more gamers are discovering the appeal of Runescape.

Because the game has been running for so long, the amount of content it offers is dense. Whether you have a subscription or are playing it for free, you can spend years playing Runescape. Literally. Plus, with a massive, ever-growing community, you can access guides and tutorials for any game-related challenge you encounter. It’s basically impossible to feel lost with so many veterans playing alongside you.

The coolest thing about Runescape is that the developers pitch new features and changes to its fanbase and then let them vote on what they want to see happen. The developers actually want to know how you play and what you want to play next. This is changing the relationship between developers and players, making communication a vital part of the gaming experience.

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